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Angels Of Light Channeled Message

By on November 29, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

Channeled Message From The Angels Of Light

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by Morag, 
Contributing writer,

Angels Of Light Channeled Message

We are the Angels of Light. We are here with


messages of hope, joy, freedom and love. Much has happened since we last communicated with you here. We intend to clarify energetic infusion and help you understand the process you are in. We are here in deep heartfelt gratitude for all that has been done and will be done in the ascension of humanity with Gaia.

We have been with you for sometime, trumpeting our return from the skies. Much truth is being held from you, we are aware that we should tread carefully with triggers and activations. We will stagger our message enabling each of you to stop when you are ready. We speak from a space of higher dimensional truth, wisdom and love. We are the Angels of Light and we are here to restore peace, harmony and joy to the peoples of Gaia.

We exist above and beyond the dimensional spectrum Gaia vibrates in. We expand into the quantum field and are able to transcend all dimensional realms. We are able to traverse dark, heavy vibratory fields and high light filled spaces of source love. We are deeply distressed by the activities that have taken place here.

We feel we should have intervened earlier. Our presence has always permeated the biodome, our energetic frequency is in the hearts of many people. We are connected on source levels with humanity. Our vibratory field, anchored within the hearts of humanity, has anchored our presence within the matrix, as you call it. We have remained energetically wired into the matrix for thousands of linear years.

Our manifested presence here has spanned almost a linear century. We have observed, intervened, acted where consciously appropriate. The truth at the black heart of the matrix is deemed too much for humanity to stomach. We have communed with the Intergalactic Federation of Light, we are now in phase 5 of our ascension plan.

Gaia is ascending, she the goddess spirit inhabiting planet earth, is doing what few have done, she is raising the vibrations of an organic planet to move it, transition dimensionally into higher frequency bandwidths. Versions of herself will remain in lower realms only whilst the Anunnaki fight for these timelines. Gaia fights hard, she is determined to take ALL of herself to spaces of joy, abundance and peace she so craves. Gaia has become deeply attached to planet earth, her beauty, her fruits and her oceans of mystery and magnificence.


Gaia is the Mother, she has birthed earth and with earth came humanity. Ancient seeders, Arcturian and Pleiadian, seeded earth with Gaia and so she evolved. Until the Anunnaki arrived.

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Much of what played out was typical of their patterns in lower dimensions. Destruction, infiltration, hierarchy established, resources plundered. The ancient texts, standing stones, symbols scattered across the multi verse warned of something much darker. An echo flowing through quantum time of a well of such evil it left all who came across the breadcrumbs numb, sick, traumatized. Maybe this is why we didn’t look. And now we all understand the prophesies.

Several Calls have gone out to the awakened multiverse for volunteers to come to the aid of Gaia and her ascension. Aligned with divine justice, Source knows more than all of us. All roads lead back to planet earth, Gaia, circa the Great Awakening.

We came. Others jumped in straight away, as soon as we understood. Maybe too soon, many pulled out, the raw harshness of humanities existence too much for light filled souls. Even with amnesia, the vibrations had too much of a negative impact. Second wavers went in with more training, previous lifetime imprints from all across humanities linear history.

Phase 2 was more successful, the Love generation created a new way of thinking about technological advancements being birthed in the late 20th century. The Anunnaki stepped up, their puppets, talking heads, mind control programs cloaking all new technologies in Operation Big Brother. Your world got darker. Light intervention stepped up, visitations, dreamstate connectivity. Music has been used to program higher vibratory fields into the matrix. Wake Up is a code running through the whole system, as a virus would.

We are now speaking from a 12th dimensional space of authenticity. There will be many triggers ahead, we ask that each of you consult your soul, are you ready? If not please accept our deepest gratitude for all that you have and are and will do for our beautiful world. We are in humble awe of the integrity, strength and belief each of you expresses every day under very challenging circumstances. We reach out to each of you with healing love light NOW.


Dark portals are operating across the biosphere locking out Light frequencies, programmed with coding that instigates negative brainwaves. Bio warfare. Soundwaves are being used to subdue the population. By this we mean to lower their internal vibratory field. CERN was activated in August 2018. By this we mean the coordinates to open a black vortex were aligned with celestial gateways. Satanic numerology and scientific advancement. CERN has been active since August 2018.

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The chaos that ensued was all the Anunnaki and Archons hoped for and too much for their shell puppet kingpins. The cabal, as they appear to you on the material plane, began to implode. They malfunctioned in the anti magnetic clash of cosmic activated light waves and dark portals. Machinery also malfunctioned, the human host elite are reliant on machinery, something the Anunaki underestimated.

Digital crystalline technologies were ushered in to ally the fear of loss of machinery, but it was too late. The matrix talking heads had shapeshifted live on cameras, their masks slipping, their bodies glitching, their minds failing in the glare of daily global spotlight. The material plane shook as it shifted. A few of you fell off the higher realms onto lower realms, where the dark creatures at play on the astral could be felt, seen and experienced.

Demonic hauntings, handlers stepping up in direct ownership of their dark attachments. The last 18 linear months on Gaia have been treacherous for all those vibrating higher than the accepted bandwidths of the 3d matrix.

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August 2018 also saw another profound event. Gaia broke through energetic barriers and ascended to the fourth realm. CERN was activated, divine celestial alignment expanded into 1111 wake up crystalline coding. Essentially you are all still experiencing the aftershocks of these events amid ongoing transition from 3d to 5d mindbodysoul beings.

Lightworkers have been diligently operating within the matrix since they arrived. It’s this persistent, dogged, determined commitment to truth, to seed sowing, to breathing truth into the winds of earth’s plane, that has enabled humanity to rise with Gaia. If starseed volunteers, light missionaries, lightworkers, travelers and angels had not volunteered, humanity would be lost to post apocalyptic timelines of rampant addiction, nuclear fission, extreme poverty and wealth divide.

On the fourth realm vibratory fields humanity would be haunted by demons, ghosts and ghouls daily. Soul siphoning, recycling, redistribution, cloning and hybrid technologies birth a dark world of evil. The devil’s playground, his dreamweaving, his vision board, as you would say.

We are essentially up against the will of the dark. We embody source light and love. All who come into contact with us have a choice – come to the light or leave. Those of you walking the material plane who resonate with our words, hear us. All of darkness will be offered this choice. In divine Christ light. We forget no one. Every soul will be healed.

No one will be left behind. All will be offered the choice. A thousand years has been secured for lower dimensional earth to raise her vibrations. Those who will exist in her wavelengths will work through their ego to transition to heart. Greed, narcissism, violence all have their karmic signature that must be aired, cleared, healed for transcendence to occur. The separation if you like has been given an extension.

Timelines birthed by devil worship embed in CERN activated vortex of darkness. Astral warfare continues. Non organic beings birthed in satanic rites flood Gaia’s lower astral planes. Entities who have no preconceived context for joy. Entities whose only point of reference is deviation and darkness. The children are being targeted.

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The disconnection between childhood and adulthood is engineered. Children know more truth than most adults. The process of severing the consciousness takes place as you reach adulthood. A complex process of chemical, bio, technological warfare, conditioning and mind control programming techniques. The astral becomes mythical whereas before as children it is very real. We urge light workers, healers, starseed and volunteers to reach out to children, to communicate as healers and respond to their energies with clearing and healing.

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The black river of amnesia that runs between childhood and adulthood in the human population needs to be dissolved. We are working on this in several ways. The rainbow children have arrived, 88, arriving from 2012. Their internal frequency is sky high, they run like batteries in their classrooms and nurseries, powering up everything they come in to contact with.

They are being nurtured in homes of light. Their family choices were made before arrival, all came to lightworkers, healers, light warriors and starseed. Whereas volunteers for the rescue of humanity purposely chose bloodlines of human descent, the rainbow children purposely chose starseed for parenting. This is divine in alignment with Gaia’s ascension and the Great Awakening. The rainbow children embody their divinity, bringing illumination, creativity and love back into the human population.

Pleiadians have stepped more into their authentic shape since the CERN activations. Pleiadians hold an elevated sense of calm, their internal vibration is rooted in Akashic wisdom, peace and harmony. They anchor and stabilize the ascension field by their elevated presence on the material plane. Arcturian and Andromedan volunteers are in the midst of intensive upgrades.

Mindbodysoul lightbody activation by the expansion of chakra energetic flow. Spiritual enlightenment is the only way to expand into lightbody activation, attain soul integrity and divine alignment.

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The matrix is in a deep state of psychoactive manipulation. The biodome is being flooded not just with dark entities from astral realms of devil worship, but also pharmaceutical chemical warfare in the air, water, food and products you are consuming. The only way to drop the impact of all this warfare is to raise your vibration beyond their technological wavelengths.

Psychoactive drugs are being administered in the atmosphere causing confusion, memory loss, depression, paranoia, helplessness, hopelessness, despair and fear. The waves are coming from various military strongholds around the biodome. There are blind spots, unaffected. There are heavily populated areas that are being specifically targeted.

It looks like blankets of darkness, with shadows spreading far and wide, across the seas to less populated areas. Meditation dissolves the negative isotopes being fired into the atmosphere. Centering and raising your vibration in breathwork, spiritual practice, gratitude and mindfulness will always combat the effects of this type of mind control energy warfare.

You are not alone. Sky wars have stepped up once again. Engagement with Anunnaki warships in lower fourth realm planes is ongoing and intense. The technologies we speak of are frequency based. We aim to dismantle their lower realm technologies, sound wave, chemical and bio in light wave higher vibratory fields.

Many are filming and witnessing these sky activities, laser beams, cloaking devices malfunction and starships appear to the naked eye. Inertia of most of the population means we are no longer so concerned by what is seen and not seen. The light matrix was weaved in record time and has been plugged successfully into the matrix mainframe.

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Stabilizing within the matrix framework is going to take time. Assimilation of higher self and lower self has been ongoing throughout the earth year 2019. Light warriors received downloads for astral clearing. We commend all of you for staying true to your Self amid chaos, destruction, confusion and despair.

We are with you every step. As are all ascended being connected with humanities growth and evolution. We surround the material plane intimidating all who choose the path of darkness and illuminating the path of light. Just as demons have haunted lightworkers dreamstate, we haunt the world of the black hearts. Our divine source light penetrates their dreamstate, draining their dense energies.

Their psychic attacks on many of you should ease. Respond to downloads for protection and divine clearing. Go at your own pace. The ascension field shimmers with Shambhala light. The final membrane between fourth and fifth realms was breached in October 2019, aligned with the crystal children’s Aries full moon. Cosmic lightwaves unleashed were profound, many danced in their shimmering light on the material plane and on higher dimensional realms. Guides rejoiced. The truth for many has been received and is being assimilated.

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We are here as your guides, we are your protectors, we are here in source light love. We are the Angels of Light, transdimensional, quantum in our existence, we can be in a thousand places at once. We are magnetized in source light. We are all encompassing love. We are here for all people to embrace our love, to accept our protective wings of light.

We are here to assist Gaia and humanity in her ascension. We are aligned with ascended beings whose consciousness entwines with humanities collective. We are aligned with the Intergalactic Federation of Light as missionaries of love, peace and joy in the multiverse. We walk with each of you in divine light, with cosmic love and truth in our beings. We are humbled by the divine presence anchored on the material plane by all who answered the call. In gratitude the Angels of Light.


Image: Pixabay

About the author: I am a dedicated café conspirator, lightworker, metaphysical explorer, teacher, writer and earth mother. Born and bred in Glasgow, Scotland, I spent time traveling in Australia and Europe before moving to East London. After 15 years as an English teacher and head of year in comprehensive secondary schools I left teaching to become a stay at home mum.

I retrained as a meditation teacher and reiki energy healer, using crystals and starseed tarot cards for healing and channeling. Between night feeds and school runs I have been writing and blogging about life, the universe and everything. You can find me on Facebook, wordpress and youtube at awakening5dhealing. Much love and light beautiful people.

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