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A Message Of Restoration From Agartha

By on November 22, 2016 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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A Message Of Restoration From Agartha

by Mandy Matthews,
Contributing Writer,

On 11/22 an energetic portal will be created enabling those in alignment to move into a new octave of experience. This new energy will shake off old attachments and deepen further into the new, which is not so much new but a restoration of the old, the original energy of the original blueprint.

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In these sequences the individual can experience a separation from what has been and find themselves in a space of white light that will illuminate within themselves the light of their own clarity and coherence. This is a space that will generate the key codes of enlightenment, the energy of expansion and understanding of what is, what was, and what will be.

This is an energy portal of change on the mental plane. It is a comprehension of the true nature of life and what it means to be an individual ascending within a physical form.

In embodying these concepts of enlightened existence there will be an activation from within that will ignite the light of comprehension, to awaken from the slumber of darkness, the higher purpose of physical life on Earth.

The Higher Purpose of Physical Life on Earth is the Key Code of Now

This is the key that is now transcending the lower planes of density and rising up to the forefront of humanity to activate within All Souls the Awakening codes of Truth. Truth is transcendent, activating the energies of change and bringing to the forefront for all to see and hear, what is really behind the creation of life in this realm.

We, the Agarthans, the Ascended Beings of Mastery and Mystery, are here to bring you this message of Truth.

Our World is Calling on Your World

Your world is the creative key to activating the codes of enlightenment, the key to initiating a higher octave of life for all mankind. We are calling on your world to call in, align, activate and ignite the power within. To enable the higher assistance of all Ascended Souls, Masters and alike, who are here to usher in the New Age of Golden Abundance for the infinite well-being and wealth of all.

In this mission we are calling on you. We are calling on All. We are calling on All Souls here to engage in the energetic Shift of the Ages to open up and expand their mental comprehension of life, to embrace the Truth of Life and what it means to inhabit a world on multiple planes.

The Inner Realm of our world is not separate from your world. We are One, we are unified, we are co-inhabitants of the same world. We carry the same essence as your Inner Light and it is through the ignition of your mental comprehension that you too will see this, you will see through what has veiled your knowing.

We, the Agarthans, are here to deliver to you these Light Streams of Love to assist in your expansion and reconnection, to assist in your elevation to this new octave of life that is awaiting your arrival.

We, the Agarthans, are here to be of service. To awaken within the Higher Purpose of transcending all you have known, to shift into the Truth of Knowing you are here to build a new platform of life. You are here to create through the Portals of Manifestation an elevated existence of balance and fulfillment, of support and nourishment, of fairness and equality for all.

You are here to elevate life into a new octave and it is through our unification that we will indeed unite our worlds in the true essence of Oneness.

It is the Agarthan way to illuminate the Gift of Life within and it is in this way we now offer to you, in all the Radiant Light of Expanded Hearts, our Gift of Life to you.

Travel through this Portal and we too shall travel with you, in Oneness, in Unity and in the enlightened spirit of the awakened mind. Travel with us and we too shall unite once more in the Higher octaves of our Divine existence. Travel with us we too shall walk with you on this New Earth we are building together in the Spirit of Oneness for all.

We, the Agarthans, are here to assist in your elevation and through this sequence of portals before you we are guiding your Inner Light through the realms of expansion.

Breathe in deep for this is the activation of your Higher Calling. This is the activation of your Divine Light signaling to your Inner Essence that the time is now. The time is now for all to be unveiled and revealed.

For the Truth is ready for Your World and Your World is now ready for the Truth.

The Agarthan Masters stand by your side and encourage you to activate your highest knowings, to believe in all you have learnt and all you have embodied. This is your time to step out of the cloaks of concealment and embrace your True Sense of Self for it is in this Enlightened State of Being that you excel in your Higher Purpose for being here and now in this realm of life.

It is our mission to guide and protect you through this process. It is our mission to steer you through these portals and allow your sacredness to be embellished through the Light of Love and through the Purity and Grace of the enlightened world.

It is our mission to restore within you your ability to shine your Light of Truth and guide you towards your Higher Calling of Restoring in All Realms the Natural Balance and Divine Unity for All.

About the Author: Mandy Matthews is an intuitive writer and channel and author of the blog ‘The 12th Road’ –

Image: Pixabay

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