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A Starseed Awakening

By on November 2, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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A Starseed Awakening

by Odette Loney,
Guest writer,

She sits next to me on my bed, telling me her memories of the Star System, Sirius. Not the typical eight-year-old in my book, with her face resonating more Amerindian ancestry than the Afro-Caribbean and Irish that is also in her DNA. “We never used to pay for anything on Sirius!” she says assuredly. “You never had to steal anything on Sirius because all you had to do was go into a store and ask for something and it would be given to you, as long as you ask.” Her voice is so sure I accepted her story as the truth.

A few months before this meeting she told me she was from Sirius A: Room One. “What room are you from aunty?” she asked me. I thought about it and said I did not know, not thinking I was from a room per say. Then I heard a still small voice inside telling me that was exactly where I was from too. It was as if it should be common sense for me as the elder, if this little girl knew she was acquainted with me from Sirius then we must be from the same place!

Like duh, right?

She is very active and all girly, loves the Korean group BTS, as well as those intricate computer games where the male and female ‘snip out’ characters cut pieces off of each other, fitting themselves into different shapes to assist one another to achieve certain goals. She also remembers the men on Sirius to be tall and attractive, something that I envisioned as well. The only thing is I never told her any of these thoughts!


Resa’s seventh year in school was a bit tough. She had been home for almost two weeks with unexplained fever and skin rashes. She is literally a very hot skinned little girl and her grandmother always tells her to keep out of direct sunlight. She also complains of headaches and muscle aches at times.

Worried, her mother took her to the doctor who diagnosed it as an allergy, possibly to something she ate. Resa was prescribed some medication, you know the red cough and fever syrup and so forth but I realize it could be the first signs of Ascension. Another time, she had to stay home some after having a vomiting episode while out in the school yard.

When I thought she missed too much school  I started to get a little worried as a person still busting out of that  ‘old world British’ colonial model education. A system where, though bright, I was continuously bored.

In lower standards I was beaten by the teacher as she forced me to write with my right hand, something that I feel, ruined up my sense of direction.

I am a natural left hander as far as I and my mother are concerned. Even if I could dismiss all the negativity of my primary school days, as well as Resa’s episodes as growing fever, common cold or allergies, there is still more evidence of Ascension: The GLARING TIME synchronicities she shows me. “Look Aunty, I got 08:08,” she points at her mini-computer tablet. At other times its 07:07 or 3:33 or 15:15 on the twenty-four hour clock. But it is always those double and triple digit numbers.

We mark these occasions with happy smiles. I keep tight lipped on this issue after seeing the reaction of her grandmother to my argument that she had ‘Ascension Flu’. Good ole grandma stood stock still with a mocking face akin to the cartoon character Goofy, with a ‘where in the world did she get that from duh huh, duh huh,’ look.


What Carissa described about not having to pay for anything on Sirius struck a chord with me. I have always wondered why we had to pay for every god living thing on this planet. I still dream about walking into a store and just asking for something you like, not being greedy or gluttonous, then seeing the clerk just give it to you with a welcoming smile. Now, weeks after Carissa mentions this, it jogged at this embedded desire. Was it some type of memory of an experience I had, echoing in me as a wish?

The other day I took a star seed test online. From thirty-three different star systems I had to write the number of the system I either remembered or which resonated with me in some way. I thought they would jar my memory by attaching lines to the main suns to form a shape so I could recognize Canis Major, I tried to identify the dog-like outline which indicated Sirius. No such luck! However, after all thirty-three choices had passed a list of star system names came up and what I chose was star system Sirius A!

This is baffling, troubling and exciting at the same time. I always wondered how come we were in this watery world hurtling through space-time with no other perceivable life on other planets. It just did not make sense that Prime Source Creator, being a “Creator” would just stop creating after us and leave these billions of galaxies uninhabited. Now I have an inquisitive and loyal child telling me she followed me to earth from Sirius and I laugh in delight at her quick wit.


You see, before Resa was born I wanted a nephew so badly. However, one day as I was asking God for a nephew I heard in my spirit “She does not have a penis!” Then I knew it was going to be a girl. The plot thickens too, for during my sister’s pregnancy I was standing at the kitchen sink washing dishes. My other sibling and her partner sat at the living room table. Suddenly I heard a voice calling “Aunty! Aunty!” as little hands press against my lower knee area, you know the way a child pushes against a taller adult with a tiny hand.

A bit chilled with fright, I turned to my sister and her man and told them what I was experiencing and they laughed engagingly while not taking me too seriously. Later, as Resa grew I noticed her sensitivity to light and sound, she would run screaming away from noise at the mall. Her grandmother dismissed this intolerance to noise as Resa being too young to go out in public due to narrower ear canals.

Years have passed and Resa is a lively and intelligent girl. She absolutely loves eating organic fruit from the tropical plum tree and would have these as breakfast if we let her. Despite the fact that she missed school due to fevers and doesn’t really like formal schooling, she continues to do very well in class. She corrects my English and just the other day mentioned that she did not think she had a ‘third eye.’ “Yes you do,” I corrected her “it’s called you pineal gland, we all have it and it is very important for knowing things, it’s called intuition,” I said laughingly as her mother looked on.

Her grandmother, on the other hand, does not believe that children should be exposed to knowledge of these things. I told her no one spoke to Resa about having a ‘third eye,’ Resa was an internet savvy eight-year-old and probably learned some things online, or maybe her more enlightened mother is discussing these issues with her. My other eighteen-year-old sister with ADHD and dyslexia began noticing synchronicities this year too, although not as often as Resa. Knowing my own tumultuous issues, I continue to guard them as they grow up playfully. Resa has given me a gift of more gnosis.

Her mother admitted that Resa worries about me. I had to tell Resa that I loved her and that she had to stop doing that “I trust God to take care of you when I am not around, so you have to do the same. God will take care of me,” I say. Good naturedly she admits she cannot wait to go back to Sirius. She wants me to hang around after I die so that when she is old and dies I would lead her back there. I assure her she will find her way back to Sirius when the time is right. I also let her know we cannot leave this planet just yet. “We have to live a full life here first,” I say. She is full of laughter and fun. So far, so good. (names changed to protect privacy).

Much love

~Odette S.P. Loney

About the authorOdette S.P. Loney is a citizen from Trinidad and Tobago, she holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree (Hons) in English. She is a teacher, poet, light worker and adventurer. Although she does not consider herself to know much about being Indigo or the Ascension Process, waking up one day and feeling herself entirely out of her body lead her to realize that the metaphysical world was more important that the religious system that sought to suppress the knowledge of it. For several years she has experienced much phenomenon which lead her to note she is a Type I Indigo and the unexplainable body discomfort she felt was part of the Ascension process. She is a small but vital part of the Universe of Love’s Double Diamond Crystal Sun Matrix and would love to learn more about energy work to heal and inform others. She enjoys sharing her experiences and learning from  In5D readers!

Image: Pixabay

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