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What The Matrix Doesn’t Want You To Know

By on November 3, 2018 in Exiting The Matrix
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Do you believe the sky is blue? Do you believe that humans are naturally violent and abusive? Do you think that without laws and government that the world would go berserk?

All of these ideas are beliefs: beliefs are just concepts that we have thought over and over again; like a path worn in our brains, we never question them or where they lead. Many of our beliefs are not even personal—they were inherited, passed down from generation to generation. They form a tapestry to life, a background structure that we don’t realize doesn’t serve us or our evolution. And what is really nefarious and subtle is that most of these same beliefs support a structure that we have come to call the Matrix.

The Matrix is an artificial world that enslaves and exploits us for our energy.


The Matrix is set up to benefit only those few at the top of the pyramid. All exploitation, greed, and life-negating expressions are allowed, while life-affirming expressions are downplayed or even actively discouraged. Those at the top would have you believe that this world is the only world possible; they would have you believe that humans are naturally violent and destructive.

But these are only convenient lies designed to support the Matrix, while disempowering the humans that supply the Matrix its power. The world of the Matrix is based upon a paradigm of ever increasing enslavement and exploitation. It is an alternative “reality” or timeline that runs alongside of several other parallel timelines, some more destructive, and others more benign.

We have been taught that the artificial reality of the Matrix is all there is; we have been taught that we have no power to change it. But the truth is that you do have power—in fact, you have the power to create worlds.

The Matrix uses your innate creative power to sustain a world that doesn’t benefit you. The Matrix is set up to control and dominate us; we are its subjects as long as we remain ignorant of our own power.

Once we are fully conscious beings the Matrix has no more control over us; it requires unconscious participants for its victims. A new, amazing future is arriving. We are all facing a decision: we can choose to stay in the Matrix or leave it for a life of freedom.

—Copyright Aliyah Marr

About the Author: A creative consultant and creative coach, author of 11 books on creativity and personal empowerment, including Unplug From the Matrix, The Tarot Key, and The Avatars of Eden: her mission is to help people achieve the life of their dreams. She uses the Tarot as a tool in her coaching practice to help her and her clients access their intuition. |

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