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Transformative Angel Message For The Week #28

By on July 30, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening
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Transformative Angel Message For The Week Angel Message For The Week

by Elise Cantrell,
Contributing Writer,

Transformative Angel Message For The Week

You are love experiencing all aspects of itself. You are love ever-expanding. It’s by you and through you that love continues to live, grow and embody itself. When you find yourself in any situation, ask yourself, what would love do? When you are worrying, ask yourself, would love be afraid? Would love doubt itself?

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Anytime you find yourself departing from the energy and essence of love, in any moment, you are moving away from who you are. You are moving off the path into the jungle. You will know this because the further away from love you get the more uncomfortable you become and the more “un-you” your life becomes until it becomes unrecognizable chaos.

Chaos has its own way of bringing you back to love. It’s a built in safeguard, that sends you in search of the way back to love. Chaos is the deep dark woods where you become lost and afraid and forget the way. The discomfort of chaos sends you in search of love again like a lost hiker searching for the path, but it is really you in search of yourself and the love that you are. When you are in complete alignment with love the result is ease and peace. Love draws you into itself like a comfortable bed draws you into rest.

When you a respite from life, sink back and relax into the warm, comfortable, cozy, self-enveloping power of love. Let yourself be swaddled in your very essence and remember who you are. There is an ever present safety net of love forever there to catch you, support you and heal you. It is yours and it is YOU.

When you don’t feel it, it’s because it is you who has forgotten it is there. You forget to lean into the love that you are. It is not “cheating” to lean deeply into the support of love. It is winning the game! You resist the very avenue available to bring you the win at life.

Love is the “game changer” that you have been waiting for yet refusing to allow to work in your favor. Indeed, YOU are the game changer, because you are love. When you remember this alone, and stay true to your very essence, you cannot help but win at life! It is love itself that wins and raises you to the next level.

You have free will. We can’t make the win for you, but we can point the way. We can remind you of what you already know and show you how far you have come. You are very close to the finish line now dear one. You are in the home stretch!

Don’t give up now…instead stop “trying” and simply default back into the love that you are. Become one with love for the win…GAME OVER!

Elise CantrellAbout the author: Elise Cantrell is an author, teacher, healer, wife and mother. She has authored 6 books in the mind, body, spirit wellness genre including her award winning book 40 Days to Enlightened Eating. Elise has a master’s degree in education, is a ERYT 500 yoga instructor, Ayurveda Practitioner, and owner of Shining Lotus Yoga and Wellness in Kohler, WI. Elise has communicated with angels telepathically and through automatic writing since she was a child. She passionately strives to inspire everyone towards their best and highest self through living and teaching a variety of lifestyle and healing practices.


Image: Pixabay

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In5D Addendum

Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Founder, Webmaster, & Editor,

Angel messages are a powerful tool for those seeking guidance and spiritual enlightenment. These messages come to us in various forms, such as repetitive numbers, synchronicities, or even through direct communication with angels. The messages can be interpreted as signs of love, protection, and encouragement. By paying attention to the signs and messages, we can open ourselves up to the divine guidance and support that surrounds us.

To receive these messages, it’s important to quiet the mind and tune in to our intuition. One way to do this is through meditation, which allows us to connect with our angels and receive their guidance. Angel messages can also be received through divination tools such as angel cards, which provide specific messages and guidance. Whatever form the message comes in, it is important to trust in the guidance we receive and allow it to guide us on our spiritual path.

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