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How To Build And Trust Your Intuition

By on July 31, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening
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by Meashenu,
Contributing Writer,

Building my intuition and trusting it has been a process. Throughout most of my life I really treasured ration and logic to the point that it was out of balance. Only looking back now I realize that my intuition did play a big role throughout my life even when I was unaware of it at the time. When you start actively working on becoming aware of and building your intuition, it’s a magical feeling!

Instinctive Gut Feelings

The very base level of intuition is the instinctive gut feelings you can have. A lot of these come instantaneous. Try to pay attention to what you immediately experience/feel/sense when coming across something. It could be watching something on YouTube/internet, you could see/meet someone, and whatever else it may be. If you suddenly have a bad feeling or good feeling, be aware of that and let it guide you. When I looked back at my life, even in my dark phase of drinking and doing drugs I noticed this. I remember one time having a strong feeling not to go to a certain bar then finding out weeks later that night I decided not to go, there was a shooting there. There were other times I seemed to not be present somewhere I normally would have been and finding out later that something bad happened there. The difference now is that I am much more consciously aware of these feelings now.

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Receiving Information Through Thoughts

Receiving intuitive messages in your thoughts is extremely common. This is why meditation can be so important. I was someone who constantly was thinking a million things and had a racing mind that wouldn’t stop. After getting back into a regular meditation practice this cleared up a lot. At first I had to do guided meditations that had self hypnosis type of techniques. Then moved into my own meditations with a lot more success. Overall the result of daily meditations and healing has me to a point that my mind is much more relaxed overall. I can feel more at peace and more in the heart space. This has also made it much easier to get intuitive information. I am able to ask a question to my higher self then clear my mind and thoughts. That way whatever thoughts and information pops in from that point is generally the answer. This has taken a lot of practice, but I’d say that meditation was the main contribution to it. When you meditate in general and clear your thoughts, you can receive messages without asking. For example you may be having financial issues and confused as to where to go, then in meditation you suddenly just get an idea of something to try or a new direction to go in.

Getting Through The Doubt

It can be really easy to doubt when you first start tapping into your gifts. My main clair ability I’d say is claircognizance, where I just suddenly know something. It took me awhile to trust the information I was getting in both my own life and assisting others in healing sessions. When something really out there just pops into your head it’s not the easiest thing to just say “ok I accept this.” This doubt can happen however you receive intuitive information. You could start to have visions and see things that are really out there. You can start to feel or sense things or hear things as well.

I understand doubt as a close relative to fear and is often linked. Doubt to me is the opposite to trust and fear is the opposite of love. To get through the doubt, I just kept working at it and practicing. I also worked on clearing any fears related to it as well. Eventually I started to have the intuitive information get confirmations. Once you receive information and trust it and find out that it yes it worked out or became a truth for you, it becomes easier. I still had experiences along the way that crushed my trust and put me into a huge state of doubt again, where I had to slowly build my trust up again. Those experiences ended up teaching me a lot though and often resulted in me knowing something didn’t feel right but decided to keep going along with it.

Yes/No Answers & Confirmations

I really developed much faster when I started using a pendulum as a tool to confirm what I was receiving. A pendulum takes some practice to use it and to feel it out as well. Overall it helped me a lot with just being able to have a way to get a yes and no answer. That way if something I was really doubting popped into my head I could at least have one additional method to ask if what I was receiving was accurate and would always put intention to ask my higher self and guides.

Figuring out a system that works for you to get yes and no answers can help tremendously. This can be done in many ways. You can try a pendulum and see how that works for you. You can also start to develop a system with your higher self and guides. It took me some time to get a system down for me, but was able to eventually. What ended up working for me is on the top of my head/crown chakra area. I asked my guides to set up a physical sensation I could feel. When I feel a strong sensation, it’s kind of like my hair tingles on the top of my head. When the sensation is in the middle or to the right side, it’s a yes answer and confirmation. When the sensation is on the left side or I don’t receive any feeling, it’s a no answer. I will also use this as a confirmation to initially connect to my guides or higher self. So I ask that when we are connected energetically to give me a physical sensation and know that if it’s in that location and feel it, then I am connected to them.

The sensation/feeling you will have to play around with. At first I tried some other ones like feel a sensation on the right side of my body for yes and left side for no. Since that wasn’t specific enough it was too easy for me to doubt since I would kind of feel a sensation in different spots all the time. I also tried a spot on my forehead that never worked out either. So if you do try this method with your higher self and guides, I would recommend asking for a specific spot or type of thing. You can ask initially that whatever would be the easiest/best for you to have them do and see what you feel. It could be a heart chakra/space feeling. You could feel pressure on your 3rd eye whenever that is a confirmation.

I remember reading a book where the author as a kid used a rock he found in the backyard. Then said, ok if the rock lands on this side when I toss it up, then it’s a yes. If it lands on this side, it’s a no. And that is how he first started getting yes and no answers. So you can use a coin, object, or method like that as well. At one point I remember I made a bunch of index cards with Yes and No written on a bunch. I think I put the word Maybe on a couple of them too. Then I would ask a question and say, ok if I pull two yes cards then I will take it as a yes/confirmation answer. So I’d mix the cards up and pull cards and often they would work out just as intended/programmed. So you can get creative with how you will find yes and no answers but it does work on your intuition and energy through you.

Other Forms of Intuitive Feelings & Confirmations

Once you intentionally start paying attention and raising your awareness of the thoughts, feelings, and sensations you have in your body you will notice a lot more synchronicity and confirmations. I started noticing that another form of confirmation I get is a sneeze. Sometimes I will be wondering about something in my thoughts then suddenly I just sneeze one time. I realized this was a form of confirmation, especially since I am someone who rarely sneezes and doesn’t have any allergies. Other forms can be feeling heart chakra energy or other tingly/sensations somewhere on your body. Earlier today I clicked on someone’s instagram profile that liked one of my pictures. When looking at their account my heart space started vibrating and feeling high frequency energies. I felt really good energy and that was a good intuitive confirmation for me. Intuitively I even felt that energy was known to me like we had been connected in other lifetimes. That came more as a feeling/knowing and not a vision/memory.

Number synchronicities and other types of synchronicities can also be your intuition giving you messages and confirmations. You could be thinking a certain thing then see 111 or 444 and that can be a confirmation for you. I had another really strong intuitive message come to me recently. It was after midnight and suddenly I just thought about ayahuasca and felt the urge to look up an ayahuasca ceremony. It was out of nowhere, as that wasn’t something I normally thought about and haven’t experienced nor planned to any time soon. After a short amount of research I found a 2 day ceremony that was a month away, that was only an hour drive from me. I sent an email to the people asking if they had any spots left. The next day I was wondering if I should go ahead with it if they have room. On Facebook I saw several articles pop into my reality specifically mentioning plant medicine and Ayahuasca. Then that night I was reading through some channelings and one popped out at me. I clicked it and in one paragraph further down the person specifically was talking about Ayahuasca and how it helped open 3rd eye abilities for him. So at that point I had received all of these synchronicities and confirmations. That is a really good example of how something can enter your thoughts that is guidance and then how you can get confirmations as long as you pay attention.


Keeping your awareness up and setting your intention to build your intuitive abilities will be what helps you the most. Simply setting your intentions to accomplish something is a huge part of the energetic shift to make anything happen. From there you can experiment and try different things out to see what resonates with you the most. Intuitive messages can take many forms and come when you least expect them to. Although I am a strong proponent in going within oneself for answers, I also believe that nothing is outside of oneself. You are me and I am you and we are everything. In that sense nothing is ever outside of yourself, as we are all source and one. Jesus was wanting to connect with me one day and I walked into the grocery store and heard someone say loudly “Jesus!” I knew that that was partly a message to connect with him that day. So even when things appear to be outside of yourself, I’ve found that they are still within my reality and coming from within as well.

Love & Light,


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