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Transformative Angel Message For The Week #42

By on November 5, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening
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Transformative Angel Message For The Week

by Elise Cantrell,
Contributing Writer,

Transformative Angel Message For The Week

We see many of you suffering and asking for relief. We hear you asking what is taking so long. Where is the help that was promised? Is there an end in sight?

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The light is coming. The light is coming. The light is coming. The light is YOU! You ARE the light!

It is difficult to transcend and break the momentum of the gravitational pull that holds you bound to the 3rd dimension. There are those working overtime to keep you here to serve their interests. We wish to assist you in breaking the bonds and making the quantum leap.

Stop doubting your own perception of reality and accepting the perceptions others are projecting for you. Use discernment as to what is real and what is false. Fear based thinking is always a “red flag” unless you are truly in imminent danger. Stop falling prey to and buying into to negative thinking. Anger, low vibrational thought patterns, and thought control are the tethers that hold you here where you know you no longer belong. Know you are being controlled when you fall in-line with “groupthink.” Think again. When you allow outside forces to control your thoughts, behaviors and beliefs, they also control your destiny. Don’t be told what is real or true. You are here to discover the truth within yourself!

You ARE the truth. Put down the illusions you have been buying into that come in the way of inner knowledge. See through the illusions that interfere with the reality you could be choosing! The truth can never be found “out there”. Everything out there around you is designed to deceive you into believing you are small. Buying into what is “out there” is what is keeping you in 3rd density. It is not real.

The biggest truth waiting to be discovered is who you really are. We cannot give away the answers, but within you is the key that unlocks the truth. You are the “wizard behind the curtain.” The moment you remember, the moment you realize, all the illusions, delusions and mirages you see before you crumble and fade away. The “holy grail” you have been seeking is simply the truth of who you are.

Truth is found when you stop believing in the false reality that is projected outside of you and you recognize that it is within your power to generate the higher reality you have been asking for. We cannot do this for you, you have to find it for yourself.

This hologram is deliberately designed to keep the truth hidden from you. This hologram is designed to keep you thinking small. This hologram is designed to distract you away from the answers that help you reach the next level. You came to play to game. You came to remember.

You create what you believe in. Ascension is about creating the world/reality/earth you WANT, rather than buying into the one you are being force fed.

Jesus gave the greatest clue when he explained that “The kingdom of God is within.” The kingdom of heaven already exists within you, and when you find it, there lies your “holy grail.” What you find existing within is the true template for the potential reality that can manifest all around you! That “inner kingdom” is the template for the new earth, the 5th dimension, a higher reality. When you begin to create your reality from the inner kingdom, your outer world will transform.

This is Ascension. This is awakening. This is the “kingdom come.” This is heaven on earth, the new earth you have been waiting for. Beware that the distractions before you are increasing in intensity, as you come closer to the answers. The game is designed to prevent you from reaching the inner sanctum. Stop focusing outside of you. Let the unreal fall away, let the “not you” be excavated, so that the real you can be uncovered. Underneath all the rubbish lies the kingdom. Deep within the pyramid lies the king’s chambers. The buried treasure is the truth you have been seeking. Take the inner passage. The light that you have been waiting for lives there… your own light. The event that you have been waiting for is your enLIGHTenment.

“Rise and Shine!”

Elise Cantrell

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In5D Addendum

Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Founder, Webmaster, & Editor,

Angel messages are a powerful tool for those seeking guidance and spiritual enlightenment. These messages come to us in various forms, such as repetitive numbers, synchronicities, or even through direct communication with angels. The messages can be interpreted as signs of love, protection, and encouragement. By paying attention to the signs and messages, we can open ourselves up to the divine guidance and support that surrounds us.

To receive these messages, it’s important to quiet the mind and tune in to our intuition. One way to do this is through meditation, which allows us to connect with our angels and receive their guidance. Angel messages can also be received through divination tools such as angel cards, which provide specific messages and guidance. Whatever form the message comes in, it is important to trust in the guidance we receive and allow it to guide us on our spiritual path.

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