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The Graduation Event Is Here!

By on November 5, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening
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by Sean M. Akers,
Contributing Writer,

What serves as the seat of consciousness?  That’s an old-as-time question.  Is it the synthesis of our combined anatomical senses?  Is that consciousness?  Is it some part of our brain that produces consciousness outside of the senses?  Is it something else different entirely?  Is it an independent entity that sits at the center of our minds, as if on a throne?  Or, if one were to look at it in another way, as if in a prison?  I would be inclined to say throne.

The spark of intellect, regardless of how it’s measured by people, is the soul itself.  It’s the place of consciousness.  By that extension, the spark is just energy or a ball of light.  A tiny bit of light.  Really tiny, but it’s there.


Have you ever felt somewhat disassociated with yourself?  Have you ever felt while staring out through your own eyes, or at least tried to imagine, that you’re viewing reality as though it’s separate?  Perhaps another analogy is required to explore this idea.

While sitting, have you ever felt the act of being mindful and calm?  Felt as through that what you see is almost like total immersion viewership?  Another way to describe it would be as if a T.V.’s 2D glass panel were permeable and you chose to get up, walk towards the TV and stick your head through that “permeable” panel and witness in 3D the scene that you were previously watching through a “window”.

If you were able to immerse yourself from one world into another, you would realize quickly that you have control over your environment, and you have this body that requires you to take care of it.  Some people are aware of this and do so with the greatest of diligence. Some people aren’t even conscious enough to know they have a body through which to navigate reality.  They’re just in it for the ride, and I think that’s alright.  We’re all developing at our own pace.  But taking care of your navigation vehicle, your body, is a real chore, isn’t it?  If you desire for your body to be in a state of optimal performance, you must make deliberate, conscious efforts to take care of your body.  It is constantly leaking, it requires energy (food), has aches and pains, demands breaks (sleeping).  It’s an amazing vehicle for your consciousness, but it also distracts you from the fact that you are here, right now, conscious, and are fully capable of manipulating your environment if you so choose.  Choose being the operative word.

Of course, you do manipulate your environment around you simply because of the demands of your body.  You must take care of its needs to suitably operate to avoid reaping negative societal judgment and consequences.  There is magic though in the awareness of the fact that once you satisfy all those demands, and those demands then take a nap of their own, you are then temporarily free to manipulate the environment around you as you wish, in your own vision and image.  In steps creativity, art, music, ingenuity, philosophy, and ultimately passion.

Recently, I am feeling that while we are all different people, it’s only because we all are wearing differently tailored light robes.  These light robes are made of atoms.  When you combine many together, they form “meat” layers.  They form a shell, an operative shell that enables your consciousness to manipulate the environment around you by receiving and transmitting information from within the light source of the meat suit.  But aside from our individual light robes that provide a living, breathing, material experience, we are all the same and come from the same Grand Source.  We are consciousness that is separated from itself and is/are experiencing itself/ourselves.  We are a spark of consciousness of the ultimate consciousness.  Some of us have forgotten this or are still asleep, dreaming that we are separate individuals.  Some of us, many of us at present, are waking up and remembering that while we each have our own light robe on and are exercising appreciation of the gift of individualized experience within The Source itself, we are also all of the same energetic signature; Love, Compassion, Humility, Empathy, and the desire to create a network through which to share these key signatures with and obtain new perspectives.

We look at each other as though we are separate.  And while yes, in this present “game”, in this existence of 2018, so far, you could technically say that we are all separate.  But, we are all an individual spark of the grander spark, setting ablaze new fires into the minds of our soul family brothers and sisters.  We have our own experiences, and our bodies are our light robes for our spark of individualized consciousness.  But when it’s all said and done, the lisp of fire within our light robe is part of the big raging inferno.  It’s beautiful when you think about it in this manner.   Hopefully you are also conceptualizing and visualizing it this time around because you are reading this entry.

Our bodies are our light robes of our consciousness.  Our brains and bodies are amazing machines that permit us to electively do what we will, at times.  Our brains, amazing machines that they are, are like hard drives in a way, as they store our memories from birth onward, in this life, and help to mold our behavior, and cast a customized personality in this material reality.  It gives us unique character.  When looked upon the variations of character as a whole, I am inclined to describe the depth of such possible character as a rainbow.  Remember what the rainbow represents in biblical terms?  It was a promise by “God” to never destroy the flesh, again.

Have you ever heard of an artist struggling to create something if they have no rules, boundaries, and has access to any sort of medium they desire?  But, if you impose certain boundaries and take away certain choices, in a given moment, the are inspired because they understand their initially defined limitations.  Then they find a way to transcend those limitations through their creativity.  As they say, “Necessity is the mother of invention”, and “Rules are made to be broken”.  Note to awakening self:  PLEASE exercise caution and make sure you are coming from a place of love, humility, compassion and empathy if you ever choose to exercise those two prior sayings.  With great power, comes great responsibility.

Maybe one day, society will have a collective consciousness awakening, or collective realization might be a better phrase, that we are all the same divine energy spark.  It is wonderful to celebrate and embrace our differences, because there is only one copy of each of us, ever.  There is only one light robe made like the one we are wearing, and then nature starts over with a different design for a light robe.  We can look at each other, and respect each other’s unique differences, and embrace those new perspectives that we each bring forward.  Sometimes, admittedly, it is very difficult, if not seemingly impossible to transcend our ingrained beliefs of separateness and cultural differences.

Life, reality, perception, engagement with the environment, what a weird funky trip we’re on right now.  Do you think that if or after the physical body moves on, that the conscious spark ceases to be aware?

I do not.  I also don’t think we go to “heaven” or “hell” or whatever the next “mind-control tool of the month” someone is attempting to sell.  I think we are aware, but engagement is no longer possible.  Manipulation of the environment is not possible, temporarily.  At some point, I suspect that there is another moment that captures the spark of consciousness you are experiencing, that we are experiencing, into a new and different light robe of some sort.  Maybe it’s not direct to human reincarnation, but a recapturing of some sort that permits the engagement of this multi-planar existence that we define as our reality in a new body type.

Take care of your Light Robe.  I doubt we get to have this type of experience ever again.  You know why?  Because there are too many possibilities in this universe to ever duplicate itself.  There’s too much to experience.


Or!  Or is that repetitious cycle happened so many times over the past 14 billion years that we’ve decided collectively to say, “Enough is enough, it’s time for us to elevate our consciousness with our light robes intact!  We are ready to move into the next dimensional challenge and be immediately conscious, aware, respectful, humble, empathetic, loving and embracers of the next level of experience minus, but not forgetful of the consequences, of our negative experiences from the previously perceived from our human perspective 14 billion years.  We will bring with us our 14 billion years’ experience, and apply the lessons learned in this new age of 5D living, and beyond.”

You and I, we are the same, we come from the same energetic source.  You are divine, I am divine, and we are surrounded and composed of divinity through and through.  What we are doing is remembering, or “discovering”, whatever your perspective may be, that there is real magic out there, and that we continue to push the boundaries of what is impossible back further and further, faster and faster.  We are in some very interesting times right now.  I am anxiously awaiting the moment when I can look at you and say, “Hello!  We made it!  We did it!  Can you believe it!?  Someone believed it because HERE WE ARE!  I can’t wait to find out what’s next!” and then embrace in a familial hug, cry temporarily with joy, and engage in the celebration that represents a rite of passage for the evolution of the human spirit.  We are walking through the veil consciously this time, and we will wear our individualized Light Robes as part of the graduation celebration.

Welcome to 5D!  We are just witnessing the energetic waves first crashes upon our shores of consciousness!  Some have the wet-ear syndrome.  Some are literally seeing the waves of energy in varying indirect colors.  But have no doubt, the Graduation Event is here!

Fully surrounding Love and Peace to you all!

sean akersAbout the author: Sean is a researcher within many avenues in need of exploration. His passion is to discover and share the actual, real truth in order to catalyze the betterment, empowerment and mass self-actualization of love, compassion, empathy, remembrance, healing and humility to all conscious persons engaged in this experience we are collectively sharing through life. If you wish to contact him, please send an e-mail to His written materials and additional shared resources of inspiration can be found at

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