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Operation Crystalline Grids Movement – Streaming Love Wherever We Go

By on November 4, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening
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Operation Crystalline Grids Movement

by Kim Semetis ~ Divine Warrior Goddess,
Guest writer,

All gatekeepers, gridkeepers, wayshowers, and lightkeepers are cordially invited to join me in what was previously called “Operation Crystalline Grids” to being called “Operation Crystalline Grids Movement”.

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This is the “story” of how this came to be and now has evolved to my universe calling in the troops, sort of speak, to come forth to contribute to the further evolution and expansion to higher consciousness for the entire collective by offering up what we can, in any way we can to assist in strengthening and further activating the crystalline grids of New Earth.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for your service for all of humanity as we ever evolve into higher realms of existence.

As always it is my hope to inspire others to share whatever they can, whenever they can. Whether it be your money, your time, acts of kindness and yes, even crystals. I have been sharing all of these things and started sharing my crystals for several months now as many of you may know if you have seen my live streams and pictures over the last many months. I had been hoarding my crystals for years because I love and cherish each and every one of them. I had gone to Arkansas to mine for crystals twice a year for about 15-20 years and have thousands of them. I carefully mined them, cleaned them, charged them in the sun and then they were placed in boxes when I had to move from my home around 9 years ago. I also left thousands of crystals at my home that were part of my landscaping. I was so attached to them that it broke my heart to leave them behind. But I also took many with me that were stored in the garage where I was living for all these years. I had received the message last December that I was to move to Florida this year, not really knowing where I was going and where I was going to live. So, this spring I took all of the crystals out of storage, cleaned them up, and charged them in the sun. Each one handled by me with love and care. Forgetting just how many that I had and how beautiful and unique each and everyone was, I was amazed and overwhelmed by their energy. They were so excited to be “woke up” and were humming with love and joy. I knew that I had not parted with them before because I honor each and everyone of them. But I also knew that I could not keep them all, as I already had hundreds in the house, in my bed and in my bedroom. I have to be around them and they “speak” to me vibrationally. They tell me where they want to go and even where they want to be placed in grids around my room. As my consciousness further evolved, I knew that I had to share these beautiful beings of the light as a wayshower/grid keeper/gate keeper/ lightkeeper of the new earth. On new earth we share everything that we have, we no longer attach cords to things, no longer hoarding all that we have. We share our light in any way that we can.

When I was inspired to start sharing my crystals, that are filled with my loving energy of higher consciousness I had no idea just how far and wide this would become. I not only starting leaving grids of crystals all around my town anonymously, I have been sharing them all along the way on my long drive to Florida from the Chicagoland area. For me it had to be mostly anonymous as I was gifting them. Humans can be greedy and ask for them or ask for more or specific kinds and that energy felt yucky and was of a lower vibrational bandwidth then what was my intention. This is why when someone asks for them, I will no longer share with that soul, offering instead to gift anonymously as a surprise to whomever may find them. I do not know their reaction and that is the point. I just spread my love and crystals and move along. In the higher realms we do not need recognition for our offerings of kindness, this is simply a way of being.

This brought us to 11-1, being an extremely important day energetically. This day is one of many 11 11 days this month and leading up to the 11 11 gateway. You may notice many synchronicities today and all throughout the month. Today, I was inspired to create this movement to spread this message far and wide. This all came about because of Halloween and I am staying at a friend’s house that so kindly has given me a place to stay as I venture into the unknown to make my way fully into 5D and higher, not knowing where I am going and where I will be living. Trusting my universe all along the way, all the while working on my programs and fears which can get pretty intense, but I also know that they are just coming up for release.

I was given a brilliant idea to hand out crystals for Halloween alongside my friend’s candy. So, when the trick or treaters came to the door, they received candy and then I let them choose a crystal, calling myself the crystal lady. The sheer joy and excitement of the children was intoxicating and so heart opening, especially after the higher heart activations from the last two days. We can feel our heart expansions as we share more and more. One girl even tripped and fell on her robe costume as she ran to her mom to show her the crystal. She skinned her knee in all her excitement but we fixed her right up and she went on her merry way to continue on trick or treating all the while holding the crystal in her hand. It was so expansive for me to see the children’s excitement and gratefulness in person as I was sharing anonymously previously so was not privy to each reaction.


The Mission/ Movement

This brings us to today when it was suggested to me to make a post about calling all lightkeepers to start saving/collecting crystals for next years Halloween so they can hand out crystals instead of candy. It has already been tested by me and the kids are ecstatic to get them and let’s face it, they receive enough candy from the other homes. So, let us assist them in eating less candy and instead activate the crystalline grids within them for years to come. These does not need to be a purchased and costly venture, as I did not buy any of mine, yet I did spend hours upon hours digging them up and cleaning them. This can be crystals, stones and minerals that you find along your journey lovingly provided by our beloved Gaia. All that we need to do is put in our request to the universe and all will be provided to us. This simple movement will ripple ahead for years to come these children’s fascination with crystals and ever evolving them to higher states of consciousness by activating the crystals already held within them. We already know that we are doing our part to create this beautiful New Earth in so many ways and this is just another way to assist if you resonate and feel compelled to contribute in this way. As always, we all serve in our own unique capacity as we are called to do so and this is just one suggestion. We also know that by merely existing, and working on our programs, we are affecting the entire collective in raising the vibration of all. This is just one suggestion of service, if you were looking for more ways to assist. Each one of us are doing exactly what we need to do and accomplishing what we need to accomplish.

We thank you all for your beautiful service in all ways!


Kim Semetis ~ Divine Warrior Goddess

Kim is a WayShower, GridKeeper, Gatekeeper of the NEW EARTH. She has dedicated her life to service of all of humanity.  She offers private sessions by phone or in person. Dubbed as the Divine Warrior Goddess by her guides in 2016 because she intuitively gets to the heart of the matter not only in herself but with her clients to get in there and identify the root cause of their pain and suffering so that it can be faced, healed and then finally released once and for all. This will also in turn, heal issues from past-lives as well and will affect all timelines of the individual in a very positive and profound way! She takes much joy and delight to see her clients learn, grow and heal! Kim also holds workshops to assist souls to move forward on their souls journey in this human incarnation as she guides and assists them in too many ways to list here.

If you would like to book a session or be notified of upcoming classes and or online courses please go to her website:

Quantum Transformational Sessions:

Website home page:

Image: Pixabay

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