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Angel Message For The Week #85

By on November 2, 2020 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

Angel Message For The Week

by Elise Cantrell,
Contributing Writer, In5D.com

Your purpose is to be YOU and to bring that essence into its truest and highest expression. You are the infinite light without restrictions of time and space experiencing what it is like to be in physicality and to work within a time/space framework and a physical/material field as a living manifestation of light. You are light solidified into density as a unique expression, a wave of light, an individual pulsation of light from the one true Source of light.

Light casts shadows. The sunlight casts shadows until it rises to its highest point. You too have your own shadow. You will continue to experience your shadow as long as you still have more rising to do. You too were made to rise.

You are ascending now. The shadow is the ego. The light is the soul. Many confuse the shadow as something real, but the shadow is empty, the soul is full. Your job is to remember that the shadow is an effect of the light, but it is not who you are. Your True Self is only light. The shadow follows the true self… a distorted image of who you are, but do not let it confuse you into believing that it is you or that it has any power over you, for the shadow is only an illusion.

The more you shine, the weaker the shadow gets, and the more it begins to dissolve. You can love the shadow too, for the shadow is also love.

You are safe. It is only the shadow you that does not let you believe it. The shadow feeds on fear. Fear is a trap of the ego.

Just like a sun shadow cannot exist when the light is at its highest and brightest point, the ego keeps you down with fear or it too will dissolve in the brilliance of your soul’s light.


The dark shadow of fear is an illusion that keeps you from the manifestation of love and light that you truly are… Your ego desperately wants to matter, so it casts shadows of fear to keep you under its spell… Your fearful self is your shadow self, and your soul self is your enLIGHTened self.

As you ascend and more fully embody the light and love that you are, shine love into your shadow and watch the fear dissolve and evolve into the love that is you.

“Rise and Shine!”

Elise Cantrell

Angel Message For The Week

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