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Felicity Butler Channeling – Humanity Is Raising In Consciousness

By on November 2, 2020 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

Felicity Butler Channeling - Humanity Is Raising In Consciousness

by Felicity Butler,
Contributing Writer, In5D.com

Rest assured my dear, all is going to plan, have faith that the outcome will be glorious and the new earth will be lighter and brighter.

People will shed their burdens and see through new eyes.

People will and are rising up, like a seedling stretching towards the light.

People are moving through the grossness and separation of duality into oneness.

People are waking up to the grossness of deception and are rising above it.

Each individual has their own journey. The Creator will not allow this genocide to take place. People have free will and will choose how they evolve but in the end everything returns to the Creator.

You are being watched over, cared for and protected, keep studying, it will help you immensely and by doing that you will help others. Try not to get caught up in the drama that is going on and keep your attention on the future goal, which is already here, people just have to catch up to it.

Humanity is raising in consciousness. There is only the spiral of Creation and it is always expanding and raising. The whole Universe is on the same journey and the beings of the Universe are working in harmony to achieve the same result of love and bliss.

We surround you with much love at this time, know that there are thousands of us that are working for the good of all humanity. Some of us walk on the earth amongst you doing what we can from the ground level. Things will start to be seen in March 2021 to be improving and the grip of tyranny will be released. The dark forces have been banished, but it takes time to trickle through the system.

Each person has his or her own part in the jigsaw. Each person is doing their part in the plan, like the role play in a movie.


You know stress affects you, your body is telling you, maybe you are being shown that by going inward and raising your vibration it will help raise the whole.

Enjoy the studying, food, art, channeling, plants, your friends and family. The heart breath is very important. Be present in the here and now, so that your energy isn’t scattered.

Read this message often.

Love and Light to you and many blessings

I think this message is for all. Keep your vibrations raised as it helps the whole.

Love and Light

About the author: Felicity Butler is a multi-talented channel to help humanity expand awareness and consciousness into the higher frequencies of light. www.angelicartanddivinemessages.com | FaceBook: Your light will set you Free & Raw Fan Django Fusion

Image: Pixabay

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