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Transformative Angel Message For The Week

By on January 16, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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Angel Message For The Week

by Elise Cantrell,
Contributing Writer,

Transformative Angel Message For The Week

As you coast forward into the new year, it is important for us to remind you that in order to build and create the reality you choose, you cannot remain in the passenger’s seat. It is time to take action now. A new way of living and being is not built on wishes and hopes, It is built by taking action.

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You can no longer stand aside and allow things to unfold as they will, or you will not be happy with the results. You have already tried taking a passive role and it hasn’t worked. You have primarily been a player in this game called life, now is the time to become the game designer and developer. You have the power to write the program, game plan and playbook. It is time to begin consciously choosing the reality you desire. If you want happiness to show up, you must write it into the framework… You must put a structure in place to support the vibration of happiness. If you are not in a happy place, begin to design the framework of happiness by choosing to add new elements of happiness into your existence moment by moment, day by day, and happiness will begin to build into your reality. In order to get happiness, you must deliberately invite it in. As a player of the game you only await the possibility of happiness to show up. As the designer of the game, you write the happiness, healing and peace into the program. It no longer serves you to sit back and wait for your desires to come to you by default. What can you do or be today that will allow happiness to begin to show up right away?

With this new awareness, you can carefully cultivate and curate the reality you wish to inhabit. Write into being the desires of your heart, and they are quickly realized. They are not the mirage…the old default reality is the illusion. Do not settle for the delusion and distortion you have been duped into choosing. Your power as the master of your reality has long been subverted. Activate your latent abilities to develop and design your world the way you desire it to be. As you actively set up the “game plan” yourself, you create new opportunities to come out the winner. Old programming has kept you locked into the player mode endlessly repeating the same algorithms. You are no longer the chess piece being moved around the board in an eternal match. You can switch roles now and become the one moving the pieces on the board however you want. When you do this, victory is finally at hand.

Elise Cantrell

Angel Message For The Week

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In5D Addendum

Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Founder, Webmaster, & Editor,

Angel messages are a powerful tool for those seeking guidance and spiritual enlightenment. These messages come to us in various forms, such as repetitive numbers, synchronicities, or even through direct communication with angels. The messages can be interpreted as signs of love, protection, and encouragement. By paying attention to the signs and messages, we can open ourselves up to the divine guidance and support that surrounds us.

To receive these messages, it’s important to quiet the mind and tune in to our intuition. One way to do this is through meditation, which allows us to connect with our angels and receive their guidance. Angel messages can also be received through divination tools such as angel cards, which provide specific messages and guidance. Whatever form the message comes in, it is important to trust in the guidance we receive and allow it to guide us on our spiritual path.

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