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Mayan Prophecy Connection To Kundalini Awakening

By on January 15, 2018 in Prophecy, Spiritual Awakening
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Mayan Prophecy Connection To Kundalini Awakening

by Deniz Ozdemir,
Contributing Writer,

In many religions they speak of an apocalyptic end of time or the day of judgement. The ancient Mayan civilization had an accurate calendar that prophesied that the end of time would be in 2012. (Note: the Mayan civilization used the same calendar as the Ethiopians, in which it currently is 2010 instead of 2017.) We commonly imagine this apocalypse to be something physical like a massive global destruction. Perhaps the end of time described in religious scriptures shouldn’t be interpreted literally but rather esoterically.


To understand what the esoteric meaning is behind the end of time we must understand what time is. The idea of chronological time consisting of an infinitely long past and future is an illusory mental construct. I’m not denying the existence of time on it’s own level but there is some deeper substantial reality beyond chronological time. It’s the very act of thinking that causes the illusion of time. When we think about something it is always about something in the past or the future since thinking is always ‘about’. The past and the future have no substantial reality outside our mind. You can’t breathe past air nor can you eat a future apple because they don’t exist. The present moment is all there really is. Yesterday it was now, so is it right now and so will it be in 2020. This fact is so simple and obvious that we tend to overlook it.

Now we understand that psychological time is a mental construct we can look at what the Mayans meant with the end of time. Modern human beings have been on earth now for roughly 200.000 years. The collective game we play called human culture however, has only emerged roughly twenty thousand years ago. Before culture we were just intelligent naked bipedal monkeys roaming around on the surface of the earth. The birth of culture meant the birth of human concepts like possession, boundaries, nations, wealth, social hierarchy etc. To give an example: before culture we didn’t have locks because there was no ‘my stuff’ or ‘your stuff’. The rise of culture made us more identified with the mind. What I mean with identification with the mind is that we identify ourselves with the voice in our head. In religious scriptures this leap in evolution, that caused us to be self-aware and identify with the mind, is referred to as being kicked out of the garden of eden. Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge (corresponds to intellectual capacities/identification with the mind) and became aware of their nudity (corresponds to self-awareness). Before the fall of mankind, we were as graceful as animals; not yet self-aware but in perfect harmony with the divine. This fall corresponds with the collective state of consciousness that we have been at during human history.

Where I’m trying to get at is that since the fall of mankind we’ve been suffering from a collective linguistic hallucination. Language consists of words which are symbols. These words are simply abstractions of the real world. What I mean by the real world is the actual world perceived in the ever-present reality that surrounds us that is devoid of mental labels. The word water, which is simply a mouth noise, doesn’t make you wet. The word/symbol/abstraction/mouth noise is always about something. Ever since language became a part of us we divided reality into concepts and past and future were born. This mental labeling disconnected us from the present moment and connected us to an abstraction or substitution of reality; a so-called matrix. This matrix is a collective hypnosis. Plant medicine like psilocybin mushrooms and ayahuasca have the potentiality to de-condition our cultural programming and awaken us from the matrix.

What the Mayans meant with the end of time is the end of time that’s caused by the mind, which means the awakening from the collective hypnosis that we suffer from. It’s the shift of our attention from being almost completely absorbed by thinking to our direct sensory perception in the present moment. People who experience this awakening suddenly see beyond the illusion of separation. In India they call the world maya, which means illusion or play. The world is a huge cosmic play or dance of energy that manifests as impermanent forms. It’s never trying to get somewhere, it simply is, which means it has no goal beyond itself. In our unawakened state our sense of self is derived from identification with one particular form within this infinite play of forms. To awaken means to awaken from the Maya and realize that your definition of yourself is arbitrary. You no longer solely identify with this particular form or body that exists only from birth to death but rather awaken to the fact that the real you is the entire fabric of this playful universe itself. This truth is even hidden in the word uni-verse. Uni means one or singular and verse is a part of a song. Therefore the universe has a musical or poetic nature. You are in fact the primordial energy of the universe that’s expressing itself in ever more complex ways. On the surface it indeed looks as if the separation between you and the rest of the world exists because we’re separated by space but deep down everything is one process. In the same way that a wave is what the entire ocean is doing in that particular place you are what the entire universe is doing in the here and now. Furthermore the awakened one has overcome the illusion of death. If your identification with a particular form is gone then death is not the end but rather a transition. Indeed, physical forms arise and die continuously but there is something which lasts and is not bound to the law of impermanence. This unmanifested everlasting iss-ness which underlies all forms is your consciousness. Every form that arises in this physical world then becomes an aperture through which the formless can experience itself.

Why do suddenly individuals all over the world experience this awakening of consciousness? Many ancient scriptures refer to a dormant energy in our body that’s called Kundalini energy. This energy is a dormant energy that’s located at the base of our spine. This energy is usually depicted as a serpent and it’s our sexual energy. This energetic serpent can spiral both upwards and downwards. Which direction it moves to depends on you. Constantly depleting your sexual energy by having orgasms depletes your sexual energy and makes the serpent spiral downwards. However, if we harness our sexual energy and transmute it mainly through meditation this dormant energy awakens and spirals upwards through the spine until it reaches your highest chakra. An individual whose kundalini energy has awakened reaches this higher state of consciousness which is called enlightenment and breaks through the spell that’s cast over the collective psyche of mankind. Many individuals are experiencing this kundalini awakening now because this awakening occurs not only on an individual level but on a larger scale as well. Many people say that earth’s Kundalini is awakening as a result of some bigger awakening from perhaps our own solar system or even the central sun around which our own sun spirals. We are all attuned to some energetic grid that affects all of us.


In order to survive as a species we have to make the quantum leap in consciousness and go beyond the mind. This new state of consciousness embodies a higher vibrational frequency. Once you tune into this vibrational frequency you’ll be able to see that the universe takes care of itself. Naturally everything falls perfectly into place unassisted by your mind or effort. You’ll feel a sense of weightlessness because it’s no longer you who pushes your body around but rather the universal flow or Tao that guides everything in existence with equal grace. All that’s left to do is internally sit back and watch how reality unfolds. You’ll find the perfect equilibrium between doing and non-doing which is called wu-wei in ancient Chinese philosophy.

To be in this state of consciousness means to merge with the divine. All the boundaries melt because in the real world boundaries are not. How can there be any boundary? Everything coexists in this universe – a so called mutual interdependency. Nothing exists simply by itself. Water doesn’t flow to hydrate itself, light doesn’t shine to light itself, foods do not grow to nurture themselves. The famous yin-yang symbol only exists because of the contrast. Both polarities are different aspect of the same process. To go beyond both polarities means to transcend duality (mind) consciousness and to enter singularity (heart) consciousness.

Much peace and love!



Image: Pixabay

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