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Steadily Increasing Frequencies Are Bringing Us Closer To Unity Consciousness

By on January 15, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening
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Steadily Increasing Frequencies Are Bringing Us Closer To Unity Consciousness

by Gabriel F. Duran,
Contributing Writer,

When we came here, most of us had to “dawn the band of forgetfulness” in order to enter our incarnation. However, the Earth has been steadily increasing in frequency since our beginning of this recent incarnation. And this may not be so for those that come forth in their incarnational experience, presently.

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As many are noticing that our children are coming in with a lot more memory. As well as already “knowing” certain things that we used to have to “learn.” And this will become increasingly the new “normal” for children starting out their incarnation experience.

As there is a frequential magnetic band that dissipates/integrates as our planetary body increases in frequency. And this allows us to bring forth more of our memories and knowledge with us, when we return. Many do not realize that in the past this “band of forgetfulness” did not exist.

And no doubt, we can “tie-in” the reasoning as to why this magnetic band was put into place. In either a “positive” or a “negative” light. Some would speculate that the Anunnaki put this in place to get humans “in-line” with their goals. Others would stipulate that the idea came from “heaven” when we decided to see the world anew through an experience of “forgetting” who we truly were. And as usual the “truth” is usually somewhere in-between.

I myself will always choose the “empowered” version. As we truly “create” our experience at all times. It truly matters not where one is in the experience, when we realize that we can change to a version of a “parallel” reality in which the expressions are more resonant with our desired experiential choices. And this is 5D living. Living through manifesting the reality of choice, by knowing and consciously choosing to “create” the reality of our preference.

As we decide to go through an experience, it is brought forth as an expressional manifestation of our desired plan. And this can take any number of “parallel” realities that are ever changing or bringing forth different expressions of the same theme. And we “traverse” these various expressional realities based on our beliefs. Ever shifting through these parallel realities until we find the one that is representative of our “truth.” At least that is the goal.

So, since our planet is returning to her “higher dimensional” expression. We get to see this transition and experience it, first hand. Which is a “rare” experience to be had within our part of the universe, at this time. Hence, there are many that truly waited in-line for this experience.

However, priority has been set for those that have been here the “longest.” And while those coming in now will have more of a “head-start” on those of us that came before them. We have the privilege of transcending from lower to higher frequencies, in our ever-changing now moments. And we have been able to “draw this out” through a perceived “linear-time” sequential experience. And this too is/has been a rare experience to be had.

When I came into my recent experience, I didn’t have to “learn” to speak. As I can clearly remember understanding all that was said. From before I could even speak. And I can still recall when, for whatever reason, I suddenly recalled that I could talk. And I began speaking. Without having to “learn” what the words were. It was more like, turning on a light. Suddenly the switch was on and I knew I could talk.

I’ve read stories of how our Pleiadian “parents” noticed that their children born to them were unable to bring forth their inherent knowledge. And this was entirely “foreign” to them. The bringing forth of a child that didn’t already have their knowledge brought forth inherently, was a very unexpected change when they arrived here on Earth and this began occurring. As it was unheard of to have to “teach” a child from the very beginning “all” that it had to “know” to survive.

Well, we are returning to this state of reality once more, here on Earth. Those that are coming into incarnational experiences will be returning with “wisdom” already in place, more and more. As this was our “truth” before we took our sojourn into duality and forgetfulness of the 3D experience.

All that come forth now, start their experience in the mid to higher 4th dimensional realms. Unless “purposefully” choosing to experience the tail-end of 3D on Earth. And these ones will truly get started and are already getting started on their life-plan very early. Remember the scripture from the bible that states, unless you become as one of these (referring to children); you will not enter the kingdom of heaven. It is because they are already coming forth in higher dimensional resonance with Gaia/Earth.

Many that are choosing to transition now, are doing so at this time so they may get a new biological experience in the higher template form that all are now donning. They’ve timed it perfectly for their soul experience to quickly transition and start anew with a higher form. All by choice.

While a great many of us are choosing to transmute and transcend our bodily form to that of the higher dimensional expression, while not having to transition in order to gain the new expressional form/template. I was shown clearly in a vision in 2007 that I would be fully conscious and functioning while all this transitioning occurred that would normally merit transitioning from one incarnational experience to another.

As above, so below

As we are being given a “new” experiential template to operate in as we transition into the higher frequencies, so is Gaia. Gaia is transmuting and transcending all of her “past” 3D experiences. Cleansing and starting anew. Just as we who inhabit her body are accomplishing. As there is no one left out on this experience.

And those of us that are going through this experience “consciously” are being given that comforting assurance as we are doing this through “knowing” and remembering. Though the vast majority of humanity is going through this “unconsciously.” And this can be rather difficult at times. Even going through this consciously.

And this mirrors our individual consciousness states. We still have “much” unconscious energy to transmute and transcend and integrate into/with our consciousness. Just like the majority of humanity is unconscious. When we successfully transmute and transcend our inner unconscious and align it with our outer consciousness. We will see society reflect similar. And the vast majority will be conscientious of all that is occurring, with very little being unconscious as to what is occurring.

Thus, we should have great compassion for our fellow brothers and sisters that are going through this with no awareness as to the truth of what is occurring. Or in some cases even worse, they are “falling” into the negative “propaganda” from those that are opposed to this process and are trying to retard the process in any way.

As our frequency increase greatly, this year. For this year is a “master” number. The year 2018 amounts to 11 in numerology. And the dual numbers are considered master numbers, i.e. 11, 22, 33, 44… So, this year being an 11 master number, means we are able to bring about our manifestations more quickly and concisely. Know this, and live this. Practice this with the intent that this be mastered this year.

Remember, where our thoughts are there we are. What we dwell upon, we become. So, our thoughts should be on our mastering our four lower bodies. Mastering the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies. Aligning with our Higher Self through our Higher Heart and our Higher Mind. Picturing the purity of Divine Light emanating from our crown chakra all the way through all of our bodily forms. With that pure white/golden Divine Light with sparkles all throughout.

Intend for our inherent “knowledge” to be expanded and brought forth through remembering. As we activate more of our crystalline and light bodies. As we bring more of our DNA online. As we align to our truth. As we merge with our Divine I AM Presence. And as we bring forth ever more of our Christ Consciousness.

All from our own Divine light, comfort and presence of our ever-eternal here and now moments. Expanding into more of who we are. Bringing about the ascension through consciously creating our reality ever from the here and now. Joining in the Divine choir of Unity Consciousness. With the diversity and strength of All That Is. This year is our master year. Master all that matters. Eternally in the here and forever in the now.

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran &

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