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Ant’s Energy Update – We Have Entered The August Gateway

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Ant's Energy Update - We Have Entered The August Gateway

by Ant,
Contributing Writer,

We have entered the August Gateway of 8/3 carrying us through the full moon and eclipse energies.

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Much geomagnetic activity is occurring amongst Gaia Now as the energy moves into the physical. This photonic light energy is currently emitting off of the sun in the form of solar flares and massive CME’s as a fast track towards unifying the crystalline consciousness grid on Gaia. Through these light body processes and energetic upgrades, we ascend into higher vibrational frequencies that directly align us with higher vibrating timelines. Align and ground into your full potential Now. What does your heart yearn for that you can manifest into reality?

All souls are advised to stay deeply grounded and surrender to the divine with faith and trust as everything is coming into fruition Now. As we surrender with integrity in all that we are as conduits of this Divine Plan, we can lighten up and relax. We can allow our manifestations of new 5D Gaia to come into the physical with grace and ease. ??

We are in a zero point moment of timeline alignment as souls take a breather to stop and reflect upon where they have leaped energetically. How has the inner work began to reflect into your experience on a day to day? Upon reflection, we can then delve into what we do want and manifest that into the physical, aligning us with higher potentials of being. Surrender with faith and trust in the Divine as your life begins to reflect your pure heart and soul.

As we become vocal and make the leap to stand tall in the Divine Plan and ascension of Gaia and her inhabitants, we shift into a higher timeline of being. We walk the talk as high peers of this ascension process. We are each a hero on our path towards self discovery and personal mastery. This is home dear ones. Honor the process with grace and ease.

Coming home to ourselves as mind body soul beings. Walking the talk and being vocal about our truth here Now. Integrate and ground into this energy gateway with divine trust and faith that everything is unfolding just perfectly! Reset and calibrate to the timeline of your highest potential and purest authenticity as a conduit of light on Gaia. ?⭐️?

Love and light,

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