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The REAL Reason For Roadblocks On Your Spiritual Journey

By on August 4, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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The REAL Reason For Roadblocks On Your Spiritual Journey

by Nicole Strychaz,
Contributing Writer,

I see it so often. The excitement of awakening. The desire to do something meaningful, and often healing, with our lives. Then, everything falls apart. Illness or injuries stop our growth. Family members interfere or intervene. Jobs are lost. This idea to do something BIG is so consuming, but the resources don’t seem to show up.

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We hear a call, we answer, and then we may hit rock bottom. That rock bottom may be external or internal and no one else may even understand the darkness you are going through.

You may feel like you are losing it! You may wonder if others are feeling this too. And worse, you may be hard on yourself for not getting it together sooner and not being able to do what you feel you are here to do. Which is why I’m writing this to you. Which is why I want you to know what I know now. What maybe I always knew but didn’t really trust.

There are layers!

Our journey unfolds in layers of understanding so that we can gather the tools we need to forge ahead. This is so important. This cannot be skipped. And when we skip these steps believe me, we know! Things can really fall apart.

What happens on our spiritual journey is we start to take accountability for the good and the bad in our lives. Which means we can really be hard on ourselves for double the amount we were hard on ourselves before.

I’ve come to understand that while I was pushing for an end result and really beating myself up over not being able to achieve it, I was actually learning to manage energy. You see, I’m an intuitive channel. More specifically when I write I tap into a collective consciousness that is greater than me. But I didn’t know that.

I would write in the morning, be on an energy high, and then completely crash in the afternoon from exhaustion. I spent so much time trying to figure out what was wrong with me physically because I didn’t know I was managing this spiritual energy that can take you really up – and then as they say what goes up must come down.

Also, when you are an intuitive channel it’s like tuning into a radio station and you want the signal to be clear. It takes time to become a clear channel and learn to trust what you are hearing. It takes commitment.


In addition to the energy there may be an even bigger reason you are wondering if there’s some sort of self-sabotage going on. Most importantly, there are different parts of ourselves that may or may not be comfortable with what we are doing.

I’ve come to describe it as the “Big Me” and the “Little Me.” The Big Me just wants to write. I feel so safe and supported and fulfilled when I do. Then, the Little Me is saying “What the hell are you doing?” “Who are you to write that?” “Oh my God, someone might read it! You better unpublish it right now!!!!” “Ahhhhh……” Then of course she needs a nap, lol.

It’s complicated. Our child self can be rising up to self-sabotage, our adolescent might have something to say, and our ego may be freaking out. The only way to get everyone WHOLE and on board takes time. It takes patience. It takes really listening to what all the parts of you want you to know and heal.

Did I mention your shadows? Yikes! They need healing too. Which is why many of us need to baby step into our calling. To gather the support tools along the way. It may be time to meditate and listen to our fears. It may be classes to learn more about energetic boundaries and how to claim our space. It may be dancing around your living room to release the energy and bring in the joy!

Did I mention that when I thought I was “stream of conscious” writing it was actually automatic writing and my house became very haunted? The walls started banging at night and the lights flickering? Talk about scary. Once I was aware of the connection I was able to find the resources to help me but before I had no idea. So my inner child and ego threw in obstacles to keep me from writing and I have to say I’m grateful that they did because I needed to slow down and learn spiritual protection.

If you are finding resistance, hesitation, and road blocks I want to tell you that it’s okay to take it slow. To listen to yourself. To uncover whether it’s typical fear or if you are reaching further up and need new tools and skills to keep going.

To me a spiritual journey is one where we are always learning. I have yet to meet a spiritual person who wasn’t reading several books or so interested in open minded, high energy conversations. But we are learning to manage energy in this process. We are learning to maintain boundaries and keep the riff raff out of our fields.  We become more sensitive and need more tools and a support team of friends or coaches.

We need time to reflect, absorb, and listen to ourselves and guides. We need time to learn which ideas put into consciousness are meant for us and which we should let go for someone else to claim.  Which all cannot be rushed.  Which all should not be rushed.

You have time. You can fulfill your calling by being right where you are today. Present and living your life as aligned to your true self as you can be right now.

The REAL Reason For Roadblocks On Your Spiritual Journey

I had affirmations everywhere and then I changed it to just this one all-encompassing powerful one “I AM fully aligned with my life purpose. I realized that to be fully aligned, it meant that I had friends who fit who I am today, family who is supportive, good health, etc. It covered everything.

I find now I am fully aligned even though on the surface my life may look the same. But when I go to bed at night I think “I was true to myself today and it felt amazing” instead of that feeling that I’m missing something important and going to run out of time.

It took years to get here. To this point of just being me and speaking my truth. I wished I hadn’t been so hard on myself for not being here sooner. If can you learn one thing from my mistakes, I hope it’s to love yourself fiercely wherever you are TODAY.

You need tools and resources to grow and those take time to gather. The fact you are even trying to share your light is enough! It is enough to shine your light in the comfort of your own home or work space.

You will get to where you are going. It will take the time that it’s meant to take, so settle in. Relax. Enjoy the books and ideas. Learn how to lift, cleanse and clear your energy. It will serve you well. Grow and then absorb. Let it settle before you reach for more. There may be a good reason for your road blocks – As frustrating as they may be!

About the author: Nicole Strychaz is a former Corporate Ladder Climber who is passionate about the energy of business and the business of energy. She’s convinced she’s here to support Awakened/ Awakening Professionals. She is an Intuitive Chanel for writing and blends it with over 10 years of Human Resources/Business experience to offer soul support for those wanting to light up their work lives. To learn more visit: .

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