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The Meaning Of Life, And Your Life Purpose

By on August 4, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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The Meaning Of Life, And Your Life Purpose

by Emiliya A.,
Contributing Writer,

You have probably wandered at least once, what is the meaning of life and your life purpose. There is a wise saying.

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Those who go searching for the meaning of life, never find it. But those who search for life itself always find what they are looking for.

If you are searching for your life purpose, it is wise to consider all the options before choosing a certain path. Below are described all known possibilities of why we are here, why we were born and what we are supposed to achieve. They have been gathered from the most logical theories that have been proposed since the beginning of written records. This understanding may help you deal with any mistakes you have made in life, or any emotional pain/grief, which you have trouble releasing, and it may also help you get on the right path in your life.

Each of these theories alone is just a piece of a puzzle. But once you read through all of them, you will start to notice the general pattern of the meaning of life.

I. Earth is a Bootcamp

Adopting this theory helps to detach yourself from anything negative that has happened to you in the past or is happening now. I’ve gathered from multiple sources that it is believed that we (our souls) of unknown origin have many incarnations, with the life purpose of each incarnation being to learn something. According to general principles of reincarnation the life we are currently living was shown to us before the incarnation, and we chose it, knowing what we would learn through it. By choosing it, we understood that any hardship or pain in this life would lead to a greater understanding. Once we were born, we forgot all past lives (this is for our own good), however it is said that through deep meditation we can remember our purpose

From my experience: In order to remember why you are here, this is what you have to do. Think (or write down) all the major events that happened in your life. Not just events that happened, but also the state of emotional being that we experienced and what we learned from it. What you don’t have is what you have to learn to get.Then think what you have learned from these events. If your first impulse is to answer “pain” or “that life is pointless”, think very hard.

First thing: whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.( If you choose to learn from this experience instead of self-pity.)

Second: every person that we have come in contact with changed us in some way or another. Some changed us so little, it is barely noticeable. Others may have had a major impact on our life. I once read a book that said that our personalities were composed of little parts of other people’s personalities put together.

Third: You never know how strong you are, until being strong is the only option you have left. Only when you learn to let go of your fears, step by step, do you begin to truly live.

So one could deduct that if Earth was indeed a boot camp, and the meaning of life was to survive, then our life purpose is to learn through our mistakes and the mistakes of others, to observe people and study them, to learn as much about this world as possible and then to live to the best of our ability. Buddhists believe that life is suffering, and the reason is because people have egoistical desires which never truly make them happy. Buddhists believe that physical and mental pain is necessary in life to learn to let go of our material desires, and instead search a path to enlightenment of the soul.

II. Karma

Karmic laws state we are re-born again and again until we have paid off all our previous karmic debts. The life we got is a result of how we lived our previous lifetimes, so all we can do is make this one better so the good karma comes back to us. Our life purpose is to advance in mind, body and spirit as much as we can in this life. If a lesson is not learned in this lifetime, then you will have one more re-incarnation, until it is learned. If a person commits the act of taking their own life, they will be set back a few lifetimes, and will have to re-live through more similar experiences in each incarnation, until they learn to be happy. If a person takes the life of someone else, the law of Karma will punish them either in this life or in the next. The basic rule of karma is to treat others like you want them to treat you, and to remember that all thoughts, desires and intentions that you release into the Universe, come back to you.

III. Higher Purpose

Whether we have only one life or many, it is wise to focus on the current one, as this is where we are right now. We can choose to either go against the grain (for example to be miserable because of external circumstances) or to be proactive and to find true happiness.

What this means: In the life of an average human being, many hardships are met. A person who chooses to react to them negatively, no matter how bad they may seem – is going against the grain. For example: You got fired from your job, your girlfriend dumped you, your family hates you, and your feeling of self worth is equal to that of a potato. If you choose to sit on the couch and be depressed and miserable, you are going against the grain, because the natural state of being of a human is joy. Likewise, if you have made some mistake and are currently facing the consequences, feeling self-pity is going against the grain. Instead you can choose to analyze your mistake, understand what you did wrong and then take a different path, find a life purpose which you choose with your heart, and not with your ego or other people’s opinions.

To be proactive: This means bringing your own weather with you. Everyone has the ability to do this, every single person. But very few people do. Here is how a proactive person would react to a situation described above: Instead of sitting around eating chips and feeling sorry for themselves, a proactive person would decide to start their own business with whatever little resources they have, make money and perhaps move to another town. Start a new life, a much better one. There are opportunities every single day, and if you learn how to recognize them, you will be able to seize the one that feels right for you, the one that you want.

Almost every single person who is successful in life follows a higher purpose. The truth is – we all have a higher life purpose, but not all of us choose to follow it. That is both the light and the dark side of mankind – we have the freedom to choose how to live our lives. We can either resist happiness, or we can accept it. We can either choose to help people with our knowledge, our skills, our smile, our experiences, or we can choose to be indifferent and self-centered. There is a reason why you were born the way you are. Your true life purpose is doing what you love to do, to contribute to the world in some way, to make this world a better place, in a way that only you can.

IV. The Universe and the Law of Attraction

The universe is a friendly place, ruthless and unbiased. It can give you everything that you want, if you know what that is, but to connect to its power, you have to stay true to your heart. Very often our minds have ways of fooling us into thinking we want something, which in reality brings us only more pain and suffering, as it is not your heart’s desire, but your ego’s desire. To feel the power of the universe, you have to open your mind and your spirit. You have to let yourself channel the energies of Earth so that they can help you on your journey to life, freedom, love and happiness. The Law of Attraction dictates that like attracts like, so everything that surrounds you at this moment in time, is what you have attracted with your feelings, thoughts and actions. There is a saying; you can’t keep doing things the same way and expect different results. So to harness the power of the universe, you should begin by changing yourself. Identify who you are, what surrounds you now, and what you wish to become, and your life purpose will begin to form.

There is a mystic religion called Thelema, based on the Greek word ‘desire’. The life purpose of this theory is True Will, which is one’s calling, or purpose in life. It states that when someone is following their true will, the universe assists them. Thelemites eliminate or bypass their false desires, habits and conflicts in the outside world, and they align themselves with Nature, with neither resistance, nor attachment to outcomes.

V. Wicca – Mother Nature

Contrary to popular belief, Wicca is not so much about magic and rituals, as it is about the connection with nature. True Wicca is feeling the morning breeze on your skin, listening to the sounds of the river flowing, watching a beautiful flower or the flight of a bird in the blue sky. The Wiccan life purpose is freedom and true happiness, and the only law states ‘An it harm none, do what ye will’ – which means you are free to do what you want, as long as it harms nobody. Wiccans believe in accepting responsibility for any aspects of your life, without whining, and without blaming an external entity. They also believe that the human soul reincarnates in order to learn lessons and to advance spiritually, but, they are not concerned with past or future lives. They choose to focus on the present, on the divine beauty and power of Mother Nature. The eight virtues of Wiccans are mirth, reverence, honour, humility, strength, beauty, power, and compassion.

VI. The Path of a Warrior

The teachings of Don Juan is a great step towards freedom. The most important lesson I have learned from his teachings is that the ego, or self-importance, is a man’s greatest enemy. The life purpose of a warrior is to become ruthless, to seize every cubic centimeter of chance, to stop the world, to find inner silence at any given moment (only when you can stop the internal dialogue can you really listen to the world), and to recover our personal power. Don Juan teaches that 80% of all our energy is consumed by self-importance – and self pity is merely the other side of the coin. All negative emotions stem from the feeling of self-importance, for without it, we would be impervious to all external events. We would go from being a leaf which trembles with every blow of the wind, to becoming the wind itself which is free to move through space. If you choose to follow the path of the warrior, you must begin with erasing your personal history, because then people will not be able to judge you based on your past.

When I erased my personal history, I released myself. I stopped identifying myself with things that had happened to me in the past, the events, the people, and the feelings. I suddenly understood I could be anyone I wanted to be. The next step was to stop the internal dialogue. Once I learned to stop talking to myself constantly, I realized that anything is possible. In order to stop talking to yourself, your inner dialogue, you need to use the same method that you have used to start talking to yourself in the first place. The best practice is meditation but if you don’t fancy it, I have another method. Choose an object, like a tree or the shadow of a flower. And focus on it for as long as you can. Relax your body once, twice, seven times until you have relaxed more and more. Any thoughts that enter your head, just wave them away like flies. They may pass through your mind, but don’t focus on them. Keep your eyes on that object. This takes practice, and after a while you will notice your head is very quiet. That’s when you truly become connected with yourself, and your inner power.

The hardest step is getting rid of one’s self importance. As Carlos Castaneda quotes in one of his many books, ‘Self importance is the monster with three thousand heads’.

VII. Conclusion

Conclusion: You might have noticed a general pattern, a connection between all of these teachings. The meaning of life is to find your inner power, to find freedom, to eliminate every single obstacle that stops you such as negative feelings and false desires, to gather strength from every mistake that you make and to learn from it, and to renew yourself every day. So, what is the meaning of life, you ask? Well that’s easy. The meaning of happiness. 🙂

About the author: My name is Emiliya Azayeva, I’m a freelance photographer and translator based in Czech Republic. I love writing articles about spirituality and psychology! Hope you enjoy reading 🙂

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