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Ant’s Energy Update – From Lead to Gold

By on August 18, 2017 in Energy Updates with 0 Comments
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Ant's Energy Update - From Lead to Gold

by Ant,
Contributing Writer,

From Lead to Gold

We are experiencing massive transformation through the alchemical process of spiritual enlightenment. The conjugation of the soul preceding the fiery Lions Gate portal dispelled and released much densely vibrating DNA caused by karmic wounds and traumas across our metasoul line. To transmute these facets of our being, is to feel through them during the experiences of massive release within the physical realm.

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As we surface these old thought patterns and behaviors, we allow room for the new to come flowing in. All that no longer serves our soul purpose leading into the higher vibratory energies of new 5D Gaia is released to embody our full love essence. As we clean out the inner temple in ordnance with the waning of the full moon, we can reflect upon our intelligent heart’s upmost desires and passions. The alchemy of the ascension process is transforming lead to gold through the embodiment of sacred divine wisdom and authentic truth. ? ?

As we have intended to progress amongst the divine plan upon Gaia, with the law of free choice, we have the divine opportunity to come home to all that we are Now. Quantum beings of Source energy we are. The astrological importance of the Leo Solar Eclipse is a means towards transformation and total awareness in ones authentic desire and truth. With the eclipse being in Leo, we can feel the urge to be courageous in bringing in new facets of our being into existence and alignment with the collective consciousness.

This is the perfect opportunity to reflect in the honest way of the existential Magician archetype. The Magician can honestly look within through introspection and meditation to surface the hearts purest desires and embody ones divine essence as a creator God. ??

Now is the time to get real with ones self and see the bigger picture as the collective merges to higher timelines of existence. 4D timeliness collapse and meld with higher potentials as the primary 5D timeline is embodied by those who have begun the process of alchemical inner work. The work to surface and release old patterns and behaviors that are caused by karmic wounds amongst the metasoul line is a necessary aspect towards coming home to all the we are. See the profundity in your organic nature and flow with the path of transformation and enlightenment. Surrender to the Divine with full faith and trust that your are embodying your purest self. Integrate the new Now as the heart can align with the intention of a new Earth. A new realm of authenticity and undying love comes online Now. ??

Golden love and light,


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