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Violet Flame As A Tool For Cleansing And Self-Empowerment

By on August 19, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening

Violet Flame As A Tool For Cleansing And Self-Empowerment

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by August Eden,
Contributing Writer,

How would it feel if you were able to rid yourself of all doubt, attachments, and overall suffering? It would be incredibly empowering for one to accomplish such feats; having the ability to blaze through life with utmost confidence. This ability to “blaze” through life can actually be achieved rather simply through the use of the violet flame.


The violet flame is a sacred tool in which a user can exterminate any conscious and unconscious fears, anger, insecurities, guilt, or feelings of unworthiness. The violet flame can be used to transmute any negative thought or belief system into a more harmonious pattern. It helps to heal all wounds and eliminate anything that is not of the highest good. The feeling of the flame is soothing as it works through unconscious emotional wounds and pain from the past. It helps bring to light that which we have ignored and allows us the ability to purify and transmute it in order to empower.

By using the violet flame, you tune into the frequency of the color violet, naturally. The frequency of violet is often associated with the Crown Chakra, located on the top of the head. The Crown allows you to open up and receive information and guidance from the divine, or higher realms of existence. Violet is sometimes referred to as the color of the humanitarian and associated with cleansing properties. The violet flame is an extremely high frequency tool that scorches, cleanses, and transmutes all impurities within the body. It burns away self-doubt and allows one to come into their true self. The true self is a sovereign expression of life force.

One need only think of the violet flame in order to feel it. One simple method of utilizing the violet flame more efficiently is to visualize violet fire descending down into your crown , flowing into your head, your neck, chest, arms, and into your feet, engulfing your entire body. Repeated use of this will eventually result in the purification of the self. Another method of using the violet flame is to visualize a violet bonfire and throwing any and all things that you feel need to be cleansed into it. Sometimes you may need to throw yourself into the bonfire!

The violet flame is certainly a powerful tool to cleanse and empower. One of the ascended masters, Saint Germain works very closely with the violet flame as a tool of transmutation. Calling upon the assistance of Saint Germain when working with the violet flame will greatly accelerate the cleansing process as he is said to be the keeper of the flame. When one is able to cleanse their self of negative thought patterns and beliefs, they become an empowered individual, a radiant light and holder of the flame, inspiring and awakening all they come across. They realize that they are the creator of their own reality and no longer adhere to a victim mindset. Once a person is able to hold the violet flame with stability, they become a conduit for healing energy for others.

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The violet flame not only has tremendous healing effects on the self, it helps to heal all other selves as well. As all things are connected, when one uses the violet flame to heal their self, they create a ripple effect in the quantum field, affecting all of creation. Healing thyself allows one to emanate that healing out into the physical. This follows the same concept of the law of attraction; by resonating with the frequency of the violet flame, you attract circumstances into your reality that are more in alignment with your true self. By becoming aligned with your true self, you become a creator being, able to effortlessly attract your ideal life situation and embrace your purpose on Earth.

Now is a time more than ever where the violet flame is needed. The Earth itself is shifting into a higher frequency plane of existence as can be charted by the increasing of the Schumann resonance, Earth’s electromagnetic field which affects the consciousness of all life on the planet. Humanity as a collective is also shifting with the Earth but it is up to the individual to do the healing work to be able to make the shift. The violet flame is an extraordinary powerful tool to assist in healing the collective, transmuting outdated systems and patterns of behavior which are destructive. As one manifests healing with the “inner-verse”, the “outer-verse” naturally follows in harmony with the principles of the universe. In order, to change the world, one need only change their self into an expression of the highest good.


About the author: My name is August Eden and my goal is to use my gift in writing to uplift. I Am also an aspiring spiritual teacher and entrepreneur with a vision to fund projects that are of the highest good for all of humanity. I advocate freedom for humanity through expression of my truest self.

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