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Peace Can Solve The Problems Of Earth

By on August 19, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening

Peace Can Solve The Problems Of Earth

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by Angel V. Ornedo Jr.
Contributing Writer,In5D,.com

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God.”


One of Sananda-Christ Beatitudes is a secret of graduation of earth to galactic partnership with our spiritual guides. When we think and work for PEACE and we can attain this everlasting desire of man on earth to transfer to higher consciousness if we can start peace within ourselves. Think and pray for peace and ask our leaders to preach peace.

All leaders of the world will campaign for peace, sign a peace treaty and we are in for a surprise of our lives on the planet. Love and light will follow and we will be joining our universal brothers and sisters from nearby constellations who will share their technology with us on travel to the outer skirts of the universe with the desire of sharing love to all, the unique emotion present on earth. It is knowledge Now that our leaders during WW I-II, the darkness puppets dark group 13 (DG13) chose to accept nuclear technology instead of outer space anti-gravity and plasma powered travel, outer space or inland. President Truman bombed Nagasaki and Hiroshima knowing the war is over and the allied forces won. How can a man of his stature massacre more than a MILLION Japanese in the guise of war? The truth is darkness want to inculcate fear to human consciousness.

NASA has shown us that Europa and ten moons of Jupiter, 628Mkm from earth are both like the conditions of Alaska or Siberia based on their satellite space analyses. Good they know how to analyze despite being puppets of doom, knowledge 35 years ago. We can jump start world space cooperation thru establishment of space stations for new areas for earth humans to live and share our million years technology with any beings there, if any. We are not alone in this universe, that is the truth as accepted by the Roman Catholic Pope who maintain two major space telescopes at Vatican and South America. These settlements will be another human abode of peace and cooperation of forgotten warring tribal leaders. We are on this world to teach other 3D planets of the unique emotion of love, and how we won peace, our share of emotional and practical knowledge from this part of the edge of the Milky Way galaxy, again practically one of the learning planets in this universe as we are one of last with Arcturus and Pleiades star systems who have graduated to the fifth dimension, the heavens we believe.

The head of the dark group of thirteen families (DG13) are thrown out of the planet by the incoming pure white light and the photon belt violet, gold and blue fire, all very intense energies. These energy forms are unbearable for the dark forces and they have no choice but relocate to another third dimension-3D world of the Milky Way Galaxy or perish on earth. They seem normal for Middle East citizens. Their remnants and puppets are making the last stand of chaos and wars. We see them every day. Do not listen to the chaos when manmade wars are reported by main stream media-MSM, another source of darkness propagation.

Technology has caught up with DG13 and the leftover of the light led by starseeds, lightworkers and spirits who took human form-shells are all here to assist Gaia raised to higher frequencies with qualified humanity to fifth dimension(In 5D).

Scientists are watching the development made by Keshe Global Foundation who has organized a space station in Ghana, Africa with the nation’s atomic energy commission to jumpstart technology use in space travel using the Magravplasma science and technology providing livelihood to Ghana citizens in this technology transfer to African nations, a first. His concept of plasma energy is the same concept of Dr. Georgi Stankov of Energy exchange and Tesla who declared that world leaders are puppets of DG13 creating wars, chaos, and commercialism using monetary controls. Visit India’s perpetual energy generator and semblance of technology are the same both on sale to the world.


Mr. Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, a nuclear engineer graduate of London University, born in Iran, explained that KF SSI Education is delivering multiple study programs in public and private teachings. Technologies like this are ripe for all but dangerous to inventors as they are liable to assassinations by the seven sisters so invested to fossil fuel to the tune of more than $4T US dollars who propagate DG13 fossil fuel and refinery technology to destroy earth in the process as her blood-fossil fuel and gas are sucked out by greedy humans of the dark.

Keshe kept alive the original inventions of Tesla, developed them, distribute products around the world and still escaped risk compared to others who perish instantly when similar inventions are announced, says my Compadre Sur, American. With the hard work of volunteers writing original subtitles and translations to other non-English languages, knowledge is spread. They will help deliver important life- saving data to many different “language” speaking communities. For our information, truth is sound and music are very strong modes of transfer of technology.

The plasma academy will provide both theoretical and practical knowledge about plasma technology as it will offer workshops and events in every state. And I quote his concepts: “Imagine there is a technology, which cannot only balance your physical body, but also help you find out the root of your own disease or that of your patients! This technology and knowledge is already available and is in every section of the Keshe Foundation, the knowledge is free for everyone, you can use it for yourself, you can build the devices for yourself, or the Keshe Foundation manufacturing group produce it for you”.

An initial 3KW generator utilizable for remote areas for reading use at night and even the urban areas where a single LED light can be powered is enough. It is available and capacity can be improved by an electrical or inventor human engineer by simple multipliers of the same system. The space project in Ghana, Africa in coordination with Ghana Atomic Commission, a technology that is now being developed will allow Africans- humanity to be members of the space community. They are real words of wisdom from Mr. Keshe, another person campaigning for world peace for humanity to jumpstart membership to the higher world of wisdom, the Higher Realm of Beings. I quoted him as HE is a being of peace, a nuclear engineer, a peacemaker, what the world needs this time of awakening where inventors of his kind are aplenty amongst humans. There are several of them promoting generators of the perpetual type, be it started by gas, solar or air, even fossil fuel type, just to start the machine, the Dr. Bearden type.

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The universe is an energy exchange; thus, energy is everywhere coming from the Central Sun, stars, sun and are limitless, above, below, on sides, yes limitless as stars live more than a million years if not billions, we call ours Sol, Sun. J P Morgan made a mess of our lives for money, greed and Tesla died a pauper of depression abandoned by his financier. Find the truth about Tesla who has more than 30 US patents bought by greedy financiers and hidden to humanity. DG13 is still in control as marketing of alternative energy exchange machines are of naught.

Energy cannot be destroyed but only change form, the popular teaching of Dr. Georgi Stankov, universal law” proponent, another theoretical genius. Mehran Keshe, inventor and doer, has partnered with Ghana Atomic Energy Commission with an initial $21M seed capital to jumpstart the use of plasmatic technology for space travel to provide livelihood for Ghanaians. This sounds very familiar to me as I have lived 70 years of my life thinking of livelihood for my country PH, still unknown in geographical maps by whites I talk with. This means each human individual has an individual purpose when living incarnate on planet earth. Learn the mechanics of plasma technology at Keshe academic educational school or the Indian energy counterpart and each citizen of the world can start building their own prototypes of transport or energy systems that uses this technology and many other applications in medicine, agriculture, standalone generators for your homes……. With DG13 thrown out, we can solve problems of the world as balance will come into form, solve human diseases, transport and food production. Emotional and potential food and health abundance will start on earth and no human will starve on the planet. A new dawn begins on Mother.

Magnetic and gravitational energy is a technology provided our leaders but Truman chose nuclear technology, used it as atomic-nuclear bomb to threaten the world to extinction, a puppet of the dark to continue their reign of terror of wars and destruction of earth. Other nations followed and produced their atomic and nuclear bombs thru espionage or similar dark ET transfers threatening each other in the process and put sanctions to others who will produce similar technologies. There is no need to use nuclear or fossil fuel, we have free energy or a simple generator without fuel at every home, no battery to boot. India and Ghana have their own production systems which can be bought from distributors worldwide. Humanity is joining the galactic world of free energy. For loving humans of Earth, real industry donors who are pure at heart, help the Indian inventors, Dr. Bearden, Mr. Keshe and propagate free energy. Distribute at least a million units to the world and the inventors can live in peace and safety, partly secured from assassination by competing technologies. You cannot bring a dime to the heavens as abundance is the character of IN5D. You help cleanse the world of pollution and prepare earth rising to higher consciousness. Otherwise, finance your free energy technology for the benefit of incarnates, your heirs, who will try Earth as a learning experience for their souls. Read and learn and there are similarities to their technology. Better still, send your nuclear nominated engineer and study from Keshe, Bearden and India and be a distributor of products, you help earth and her citizens live better productive life experiences.

Christ has another Beatitude for the 21st century- from the original “Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.” The next Beatitude for our generation 2000 years after Christ: “Blessed are they who thirst for knowledge and wisdom, for they shall be filled and satisfied.” If I can add mine, blessed are those who analyze and think and believe what is good for earth and themselves for they shall feel and see love, light and collective consciousness. Humans have started to analyze, observe and think deep. We are no longer theoretical physicists nor believers of false religion; we are the humans who are doers, seekers of truth, knowledge and wisdom, all seeking Oneness with Source. We have graduated from ‘doubting Thomases’. We execute our thoughts and do. We think. Aside, all information is within you, the moment you awaken.

We are the generation of analyst, doers and executors of ideas, original fragment of light wisdom as they are all within us, within each of our 3.5T+ cells, living beings, bonded together to make what you call yourself, the human shell of experience, mobile transport, of the light being-spirit within all of us. All information is coded in each cell of a human being thus a cell can be any part of the human body.

We have connected our hearts and minds and are no longer subject to the whims and caprices of the dark. We analyze, think and awakened. Some of us have removed implants of the dark in our brains, reduce control of humans. We know what love, light and unity consciousness are all about. We welcome and absorb the pure white light and intense blue flames from the Central Sun, God, the SOURCE which opened our eyes, our feelings, our love to the light of Supreme Creator.

Love and light,


About the author: ANGELCCJR., shares acts of love, light and unity consciousness. With capitalists, created livelihood in Estates in South East Asia-Middle East. Link with him at or connect at Barnes and Noble, Xlibris and ‘Knowing the Infinite Creator.’

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