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Energy Dips – How To Keep A High Vibration

By on August 16, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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Energy Dips – How To Keep A High Vibration

by Cate Phillips,
Contributing Writer,

We all have emotional triggers, and these things appear in our outer reality as difficult relationships, interactions, and circumstances, but what if those difficulties we have in our outer reality are really just the end result of the programming we have that says “Certain things cause me unhappiness”. As long as we have programs that effect our emotions and cause them to drop due to an unhappy thought, or an unhappy interaction, we can’t keep our vibration high enough consistently to be the conscious creator of our reality.  These dips in our energy takes us out of alignment with the attraction to our desires over and over again, causing us to keep going back to square one. In an effort to manifest our desires, we need to keep our vibration high and steady, and to hold the alignment to the life we truly desire in order to manifest it.

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Finding our emotional triggers and unbeneficial programming and clearing them out, help us significantly on this journey and allow us to finally attract what we truly desire. If we only use our will power to keep our energy high this will just naturally cause resistance by denying what is there and forcing ourselves to ignore it, which in the end lowers our vibration as well.

So what is causing these triggers? We are each born with our own energetic load, what I call our energetic backpack.  These are the energies that we are carrying in our energy field and many layers of our Being, originating from our ancestors that they were not able to transmute.  So just like a baton in a relay race they are handed down to the next in line to carry the load.  For many our energetic backpack is so heavy that even simple chores feel like too much, as those suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome would tell you, or for others they are easily overwhelmed by difficult circumstances and people and eventually withdraw from life, as a means of self-protection and preservation.  Whereas those with a lighter load may not be as effected by pressures coming from their external environment. They are able to withstand more difficulty, yet have no desire to go any deeper into what is truly causing these unwanted experiences, because their backpacks aren’t heavy enough yet to really cause them to question their beliefs and their reality.

Beyond the heavy and dense energetic load many are born with, we also have programs stemming from our DNA, the collective unconscious, and our own subconscious mind that we accrued from our past lives.  These programs determine what is possible for us, or said more accurately, what we believe is possible for us.  So if our programming says we are limited and we are separate, most will take those internal restrictions and readily accept those as beliefs.  Their acceptance will cause this programming to become a limiting part of their own reality that they will experience as a confirmation of the perceived truth of these programs on a daily basis.  Those individuals will be shown over and over again that “Yes, I am limited, Yes, I am separate, Yes, I must do with they tell me to do, and Yes, Earth life is tough, Yes, lack exists”, if that is part of their unquestioned programming.

Just remember, that if it’s in your life and you are experiencing it, then there is a deeper reason why, and most likely there is something subconscious at play that you aren’t able to see and therefore clear.

The majority of us will be born with those programs, because they are just part of the energetic soup here on planet Earth, so the ones who release these are the people who through their desire and determination for more love in their life, and more loving relationships and experiences, they challenge their very  own belief system. They challenge those beliefs that seem so accurate and so innate because they want to believe in love, and they want to believe that they are in fact free.  This intense desire for more love and to feel good propels us forward and through the process of following one’s own bliss, we can break out of these seemingly real programs by questioning their validity.  Once we begin questioning these programs that is a giant step forward, but unfortunately we aren’t home free yet, clearing the energies that these programs bring and clearing the programs themselves, and our dense energy backpacks, is the necessary component to prevent the downward spirals from reoccurring.  This clearing will allow us to finally move forward easily and effortlessly like never before into a reality of our own creation, our own choosing, and our own design. There are many energy clearing modalities available on the planet right now for those that want to take their life to the next level.

About the author: Cate Phillips is an Energy Healer/Intuitive and the creator of the Soul Connection Method, a Revolutionary Healing Modality, that works like a laser to find and release/ clear unbeneficial programs, patterns, emotional triggers, low vibrational energies, and unbeneficial beliefs, messages, intentions held deeply within the heart, mind, subconscious mind, body, soul, spirit, energy field, inner child, and all levels of Beingness, which prevent us from living a life we truly desire. Contact her for a personal healing session at

Image: Pixabay

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