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Love and Light – What is Divine?

By on August 16, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening

Love and Light – What is Divine?

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by Devapriya,
Contributing Writer,

Physics tells us that only 4% of our universe is physical, with atomic structures and photonic light; 25% is comprised of so-called dark matter; 71% is dark energy.


It’s dark because we cannot perceive it.

We don’t know what is in the 96% universe that we’re unable to see and measure. It has no light as we know it.

These 4% correlate with the fact that only around 4% of our DNA is structured, the rest is what geneticists named ‘Junk DNA’.

It also relates to us humans only using around 4% of our brain capacity, the rest lies dormant.

Thus, we have 96% unknown universe without physical light, 96% of our brains still at sleep, and 96% human DNA that’s supposed to re-organize through spiritual awakening and gamma ray influx from the Galactic Center.

If 96% of the universe is not photonic and atomic in nature, the idea that ‘the Divine Is Light’ seems hilarious to me.


Adding the fact that many so-called spiritual forces come with a huge amount of light – just think Lucifer, the light bearer, who often seems to vibrate an almost blinding light -, I now need to release the belief of light as a sign for benevolence.

If I stayed with the light concept – which is dual, as it has dark as an opponent -, I’d value the 4% physical universe of humanly perceivable light as ‘divine’ and the 96% universe as ‘dark’ (and not divine).

I sense, it might even be the other way around. The 4% physical universe is a construct in which we play out the physical experiment. The rest of the ‘real world’ is not perceivable for us, and we have no clue whether or not light plays a role in it.

In the past, I likened light to equal with consciousness. After realizing that the rest of the universe, the biggest part of it, is not based on what we call light, my ‘divine light concept’ got smashed.

Consciousness is certainly present in the 96% universe, even if there’s no light as we know it. Hence, light has nothing to do with divine consciousness but with humanly perceivable information. A being with a magnificent light vibration is not necessarily benevolent towards humanity; light is no proof for ‘goodness’ (not even if it appears in our meditation).

Ok, let’s move on to love now … Another spiritual hack needs to go …

What is Unconditional Love?

Many people seem to struggle with the idea of ‘unconditional love’ which we take as divine love. We interpret unconditional love as all-loving all-allowing, no matter what, and, when trying to implement it in our lives, often end up as other people’s doormat.

For us humans, whose consciousness is usually rooted in 3-4d, love is an emotion that can be given/sent or withdrawn/withheld.

From my point of view, this ‘love’ is dualistic, it’s being generated by liking, preference, attraction, and hormones. If I don’t like something, I cannot love it.

Universal love though – for me, a much less confusing expression than unconditional love – is a state of conscious being-ness.

When I’m in it, I Am Love; everything I put my attention on gets flooded with love, because, in this state, I cannot not love. No exclusion possible.

When I’m not in it, because my consciousness is rooted in deep density, I don’t love at all, not even my child, not even my Self.

While implementing universal love into my life, I had great difficulties aligning it with my preferences. More often than not, I ended up as somebody’s doormat, because I mistook ‘unconditional love’ as all-permissive all-accepting, no matter how somebody treated me.

Here’s the hack… I can love somebody without having to accept his bad behavior. I can love a friend without having to like everything about her. I can love this world and her people without having to agree on abuse, oppression, and slavery.

Love starts with Self

Let’s not forget, in universal love, we’re included. Service to Self anyone? (Another frocking hack!)

Only if we are well ourselves, filled with love and energy, can we be of service to others; it can only come from an overflow, not from lack and self-neglect.

Hence, universal love needs to start with Self first; not only for those aspects we like, but also for our shadows, those aspects that linger ‘in the dark’ and haven’t been accepted and embraced as yet. Only when we call them home into our Wholeness and ‘enlighten’ them with our consciousness and Self-love can they turn from burdens to assets.

Similar when it comes to relating with people; we can love them without welcoming their burdens in our personal energy field. In Self-love, I choose what I want to receive from others.

If others act out on me, or if they offer energies that make me feel unwell, my love for the being can stay untouched while my love for myself clearly says, “Stop right here. I love you but don’t like and accept this behavior.“

At times, this leads to people fading out of my personal environment. I cannot change them, I can only change myself. If they don’t get it and dismiss adjusting their actions so we can both feel well, I need to move on and away. I still carry them in my heart and dearly love them, but as long as they act that way, I can’t welcome them into my space anymore.

Love and Light

When meeting up with interdimensionals, my usual attitude was, ‘If I feel love and perceive light, it must be divine’. Not so anymore.

Many of us have heard or even perceived that ‘team dark’ does manipulate our emotions and siphons our energies.

This is not only so with so-called ‘negative’ emotions of low frequency and high density, but also with everything dramatic that’s not clearly directed anywhere, like passionate liking or sexual pleasure.

What I wasn’t aware of before is that we’re not only being manipulated into feeling ‘bad’, for their food fest; at times, we’re also manipulated into feeling ‘good’, loving, expanded, blissful.

Why is that so?

Well, we easily be-lie-ve a message to be of divine origin when it induces loving feelings in us. But is it really universal love we feel, or is it human emotional love? Does it really come from a divinely aligned source, or does it come from the one perceiving and interpreting the message, like the channeler or the listener? Could it even be a broadcast, designed to deceive us?

Strong Emotions are a Human’s Trait

My interdimensional communications show and tell me again and again that non-physical entities don’t possess such a wide range of emotions as we humans do.

Emotions are a product of body and mind, hormones and thought-forms. We have dense physical bodies with intense feelings and sensations, which the mind interprets and fuels.

Higher dimensional beings don’t feel so passionately because their (light)bodies are much less dense. The love I feel from them is much more cool and balanced than I know it from humans.

Thus, when I get suddenly flooded by feelings of great ecstasy and bliss while being in telepathic communion, doing energy work, or listening to a channeling, I need to look deeper – who or what is the source of these sensations? Is it me or does it come from the outside? How real is the love I feel? Does it really energize me? And, does the message that comes with it really serve my being?

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Discernment is crucial with everything we encounter. It becomes more important the more we awaken, because those deluding and deceiving us refine their methods, in order to align with our growing consciousness and expanded perceptions.

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The Myth of ‘5d Positive’ and ‘5d Negative’

Did we think all ‘negativity’ stops in 5d? Not so.

Ok, I know I’m contradicting established New Age paradigm here. I’ve heard countless channeled messages and personal accounts of people on the path who state that from 5d onwards, there’s no more duality and no more malevolent actions. Really?

In my perception, we’ve been greatly deceived by the ‘Law of One’ message of ascending to 5d positive (which can supposedly be reached by 51%+ STO service-to-others) and 5d negative (which requires 96% STS service-to-self).

This concept gives us the illusion that ‘negativity’ cannot exist when (most of us) humans anchor in 5d consciousness, which is usually called ascension or enlightenment.

First of all, the very idea of positive and negative is a 3-4d concept. Viewed from a higher perspective, there’s no such separation, so how can those dimensions be separated?

What I also used to ignore is that entities who’ve never incarnated in the physical and come from a ‘home’ dimension of 5d or above, are not necessarily more spiritual than us folks down here on planet. They haven’t ascended by raising their consciousness, the density they exist in is their nature and doesn’t require spiritual evolution.

The Galactic Wars raged (and still do in parts) in all densities, not only the physical. Some beings might be eighth-dimensional and are still warring, exploiting, and manipulating. Just look at all the myths about the ‘gods’ and their ego-trips and fights; they are extraterrestrials from higher dimensions (or lower densities) who, until today, play power-over-other games with us.

The idea of doubting ‘higher dimensional’ beings and their communication might be confusing. We’re so used, (ahem, programmed) to think that everything above 5d has to be benevolent towards humanity that it can be scary when this belief gets challenged.

Whom to trust? How to discern?

Gone are the days when I could completely rely on my gut feelings. My guts get stimulated by electro-magnetic broadcast because I’m probably not 100% free of implants and entity attachment (don’t know anybody who is).

Relying on my linear mind’s judgment is something I’ve given up long ago. The mind is a skillful servant and I cherish it; but when it doesn’t have proven facts, it’s at a loss, and left with belief and doubt.

Thus, it all comes back to the heart. The heart knows truth from lie. The heart discerns what is in alignment with our divine path and what’s not.

When we listen to the heart and from the heart, we’re not being deceived. No matter how ‘love and light’ a message appears to be, the heart instantly decodes it.

My learning during the past few months had my ‘love and light’ concepts smashed. I greatly enjoy when my illusions get destroyed, as it expands my perceptions and brings me closer to my true divine nature. But it takes some times of integration and balancing, and an individual re-definition of what is ‘divine’.

The Heart Knows

I had to dismiss ‘light’ as being divine. There’s divinity also in a dark night and a dark forest; and in the 96% universe that seem to be pitch-dark, by human perception.

I had to also dismiss ‘love’ as evidence for divine alignment. People love each other and still do harm. Emotional love is not foreign to beings who follow what we would call a ‘dark path’, they too love their peeps.

And same as we can be manipulated into feeling fear, we can also get manipulated into feeling love – simply stopping the ‘negative’ broadcast for a while would probably already do the job.

Again, it all breaks down to the heart. Specifically, the High Heart which is located in the Thymus area, not the heart chakra. The High Heart doesn’t process emotions – that’s the job of the lower chakras -, it’s aligned to universal love and our true divine nature.

Light can be faked. The pineal can be deceived. Love can be faked. The Low Heart and solar plexus can be deluded. If the input is dramatic, as in blinding light or ecstatic love, it’s probably fake.

At least, it offers an opportunity for the High Heart to discern whether it serves our path or not.

We are magnificant creator beings who embody all the love and all the light we require. It’s inside of us, it’s part of our true divine nature. We don’t need to reach out, in order to get it from others (people, god, angels, galactics, light forces). While receiving it from the outside can enjoyable if it’s real, we don’t depend on it.

Once we stand in that sovereignty, discernment becomes easier, and interference with our emotional and mental state is less likely. When We Are Here Now, hardly anything gets to us which is mis-aligned with our soul paths. We’re not anymore the play-ball of other forces, but we ourselves play our life game.

About the author: The closer I get to my Self, the lesser I can say about who I am. Thus, to keep it simple and down to earth: Divine Human, friend and lover, mother, homeopath, energy player, dreamer, love holder, co-admin of the Gaia Scene Forum… You can find more information on me by clicking on the Our Family page.

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