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Service To Others Is The Way To Unity Consciousness

By on April 6, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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Service To Others Is The Way To Unity Consciousness

by Angel V. Ornedo Jr.,
Contributing Writer,

Some of us wonder why we live a life of service to others and service to self has been a second fiddle, always on the sidelines.  As a kid at five to twelve, every time our playmate ask for something, anything, I run home to get what he desires.  We find happiness, satisfaction and deep fulfillment when we have given something, a gift, a favor, a service to family, friend or an acquaintance. My friend is more advanced of help to family, he assists his father at a young age to fish and sell  them to buy necessities for home while I get it from our household to share with friends.

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We never tire of giving to help someone, even a new person introduced to us by a friend limited by our meager resources.  We favor them with that little attention, that little something, a gift that will make them happy and fulfilled at our expense.  As a little child up to the age of 72,  this has been my life and even my wife asks me why I do this,  give to others, provide and use my limited working time to help others. In a few instances these assistance led to the detriment of my family finance due to  trust afforded others who turn out  to be  a perpetrator or an element of dark beings.  I have lived in the most urban of all areas in PH with a college buddy, intimate of  friends and the two of us turned victims to people of this type.  We had at least  three major  bad personal investments and a lot minor due to what you may call our “trusting behavior to others”. Our innate trust on others turned sour even at our senior years that cost us part of our retirement provisions.

We lived trying years of perseverance what you call hard work and development of professional skills, practical experience or academic, all these years and we still cultivate new skills today. As a door closes a new window of opportunity opens says my friend, Domingo.  As a child,   teenager, collegiate student, professional  and businessmen,  we  have been too trusting.  My close friend-fraternity brother and myself lived the same lives, educating others as child teacher and university lecturers even funding minor scholarships. We have been benefactors despite our shortage of funds to family and friends and sending them to schools even funding a home for them. We gave gifts that we feel we can afford even at times we have to borrow or sell our personal belongings.  We share the same behavior. This must be out of norm  our times,  this 3d timeline as  greed is the number one trait of people I see,  all benefits for themselves, manipulation of men, power over others especially those in big business and the practice of profession. The fact is some of my neighbors question my habit of caring and planting trees, caring for birds, animals  and why I do it.  For me it is but natural to take care of nature as we live with them and  earth carry us, our ever loving satellite.

Service To Others Is The Way To Unity Consciousness

Look around and everything work in reverse,  some doctors do surgery on patients without the need for it, lawyers and CPAs maintain a case/client for years for self-benefit,  big pharma produces medicines that creates diseases,  government provides  utilities that slowly kills, politicians are corrupt,  run for their share in people’s taxes, endless examples.  What we really mean is we live in an insane society. The spiritualist call it a very dense environment and we should not even try to participate to live on it.  No one in his right 5d mind will volunteer to live in the puzzling  Earth to gain experience, even  raise the consciousness of sentient Mother Earth due to her dense environ.  But I know our deepest higher selves know this planet’s  position and we must have volunteered to raise her consciousness.  Grandpa Atlas-Adamu  says  these  volunteers  are foolhardy.

I happened to serve as glorified employee of two big foreign and four Chinese Filipino big businessmen now worth more than three billion US dollars each whose  workers cannot even meet their immediate needs when we know we are created  to live in abundance. That is power over others in the name of following legal man made laws to control people. How unlucky we are, we are living in a place of greed and  thieves in colored attires  and  handsome suits and the needy make God of them when they are given $10.00 once a year for any selfish reason by politicians.  Even in church pulpits they appear doing their dark acts.   The aggrieved parties complain and had them removed but instead promoted to a higher esteemed position in the church hierarchy or transferred to a third world living in luxury. We do not even need such organizations as they are leeches pretending to teach righteousness that siphons the little pennies of the poor and donations of the rich and send them to Rome and enrich their palaces. Tithing is their word to cover their tracks.  What poisonous organizations we have from time immemorial to 21st century.  Pedophiles in robes rape children and when discovered  the  Pope settle the case with money as they are the richest in the world or hide them in the inner sanctum of the church in the guise of asylum or an untouchable ambassador free from legal suits. The latter happened to one of their bankrupted banks Ambrosiano closed and chased for leeching their dollar deposits. The CEO is hiding to death in asylum at their inner sanctum.  The 13 families run by Rothschilds owe their allegiance to the RC Empire where the world wealth is  concentrated,  the creation of  the Archons and the Dracos exploiting humanity.  These are called acts of power over others or a perpetrator as some persons would like it sound  where some of us will have to pass and experience for a balanced life on earth.  That is what I cannot comprehend at this timeline.  I know I will understand it in time as it is called a balanced experience.

But we know if there is a beginning there is  always an end though it took us a million years living in this illusion,  God, the Source of All That Is has no time nor space  and a million or a billion years is a second in his thought will act on it.   Source noticed it in his game of illusions and ordered His co-creators,   His Evolved creator assistants to eliminate the dark perpetrators.  If they will not submit to positive and righteous actions and surrender to the light showering Earth-Gaia, Source actions will be done.  They have been evicted but some of their trained human cohorts are still in place and trying to prolong human agony of fear thru war, government and monetary control.   The Source programmed Earth to pass by the Photon Belt in the next 2,000 years. We are inside the belt showered  and provided with cleansing light.  For almost 15 years we pass the cleansing and healing zone.  Diamond light and violet flames continuously fill our bodies from the Central sun of the Pleiades  seven stars  system.  Her Sun  Alcyone  supplies Sol-our sun  the glorious  diamond brilliant lights thru the Sun’s portals  that cleanse and heal  the shattered mind-body-soul spirit-MBS  of  humanity, veiled,  who  have been living as perpetrators and or victims in their incarnated lives as an experience for  God.  Notice that men of our times, NOW questions everything and a lot of my acquaintances have turned non-practicing religious. The same is true with myself as I question religious practices and inaction in their helping people especially children of the streets. Subservience has been a good trait in the olden times. My best half, partner for life 24 hours a day  still sticks to her beliefs and the RC religious routine service. The good thing is she starts to analyze her beliefs, asking questions, a sign that the light is creeping to her senses.

NOW,  I AM,  as my friend and myself  proceed with our lives, we  asked the question why our  lives are lived for others  resulting to a time and place  of  shortage of that little comfort and family finance and why are our hearts and minds are designed to perform  this service to humans! Today,  the basics of human wants come in food,  clothing, shelter and at least an education to support ourselves and our families  and these basics are sometimes sacrificed in servitude to  “neighbors.”  We understand that the Source of All That Is provides abundance to “invited”  compassionate and loving beings in all parts of the universe,  in any planet where  3d existence evolves,  is prevalent  as  the Supreme Creator  has directed his Ascended Masters  to invite 5d-6d beings  of different types of frequency vibration  to render service  to these planets. They come from our nearby stars within 100 light years,  like Pleiades, Sirius, Arcturus and Aldebaran, Earth volunteers to raise Gaia’s consciousness. The soul-spirits of 5d-6d beings are innately compassionate, loving and are living their lives in their homes in unity consciousness. We call their homes heaven but they still hurdles challenges in a different scale of frequency. That is the reason and their soul-spirits are fully evolved still seeking Source, God.   Some of us must be a part of this invited sacrificial souls to visit and serve on the planet but we are afraid to go deeper to truth as this may traumatize  our Earth families.

Let us now clear the mysterious I AM  as there is no fantastic thing on it as it is who you are,  your vibrational energetic frequency which is your omnipotent, omniscient, transcendent and perfect self  which we are all seeking to attain or the appropriate word is remember. If you are a volunteer, you have it, a matter of awakening to truth.  Further it is you, a focused human being where God, the Source of All That Is created you as a fragment of light existing in synchronicity with a perfect energetic frequency.  We have approached service to others after passing thru service to self and we are on our way to unity consciousness.   Let us all get prepared as it is our destiny to join the Supreme Creator after an arduous evolution in this very dense planet.   Earth is a sentient being evolving on her own to the stars with the assistance of  collective consciousness of humanity and our  Ascended Masters and Spiritual guides.

The service of evolved beings their “soul-spirits” invited to raise the consciousness of planet earth to 5d and humanity is required.  Their sacrifice are much more in need to Earth  as there is an  “ In-Situ  Ascension” programmed by Source that will be a cog to the raising to a higher vibration of other planets in the universe. Masters have written this message a century ago. That is how unique and important the planet is to the galaxy.   Earth is apparently one of the most difficult assignments in the universe as this is an experiment of free will, live as perpetrator or victim, a test of unconditional love to flourish and her acceptance  and worst  it is  a testing ground of duality and separation from God. Worse and much worst we have dark beings, other alien races, all around wreaking havoc on Gaia.  The human body  ‘benefits’ however are there when you turned out to be a perpetrator with all the benefits of  vices  and power over others unknown to 5d-6d compassionate beings that may sink a good man to the dark pits  making it difficult to recover in a thousand years of incarnated lives.  To top it all, this timeline, the Archons/Dracos are out on this planet to ransack it of her resources and make humans slave labor  and fodder as their energy supply  as they have been cut off from the light energy of God.

We know why service to others is what we have chosen this lifetime.  God may have subjected us to service to self in previous lifetimes and we are evolving human beings on our way to Unity  Consciousness, that is Oneness with Source Energy. At last we can sleep happy and full of joy as the veil has been lifted and we have awakened. We understand we are not going crazy living these lives for more than seventy years, our lives.   Finally, we know  we are on our way.  At our middle age, at 40-50 years  old  we could have said  goodbye to these trials and sufferings had we known that our “contract” has an exit provision,  we could have availed it and returned  home to our beloved families at 5d without guilt or question. That means an accident or illness will befall anyone who chose this exit.  But we lived in duality and separation then  and we cannot place our families into traumatic experiences and leave them fetching for their individual lives  without our  innate love, deep concern  and the skills we have developed as human beings.  I had that personal choice daily for two weeks with two ascended masters at our bedroom every 9:00PM as I enter the room, asking me to join them, completion or exit, via tunnels of light and a final light staircase to 5d or heaven, that I do not know four years ago.  My captain, Dr. Stankov says my experience should have been a trip to the Golden Galaxy!  Wow!!  Is there a return ticket.

From nothing we evolved and learned thru perseverance, a lot of patience and action to make our dreams reality.  Today, we are full of hope, full of joy with our lives lived on this planet.  We are still dreaming of abundance as we have been subjected to theft and  untrustworthiness of scheming “others”  casual relations which in reality  are all fakeries of the dark beings.

We know we are on the right track.  We know we are on our way to Unity Consciousness as we are 71 and  72  years old,  partners on our path to higher  consciousness and we have lived our lives of trials and tribulations.  We know we are happy and full of joy in this very short life and we are both ready to graduate to a new level of vibration frequency,  to a compassionate and  transparent society  where light language, unconditional love and acceptance of each other is the norm.  We are returning  home  to our  soul families.

Love and light,

Angel V. Ornedo Jr.

About the author:   ANGEL V. ORNEDO JR.,  MBA, CPA, teaches acts of love, light and unity consciousness. With capitalists, he had created livelihood in Industrial Estates  in SE Asia and Middle East. He hails from Philippines.Link with him at or connect at  Barnes and Noble, Xlibris and  ‘Knowing the Infinite Creator.’

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