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Human Protection And Casting Off Dark Beings

By on April 1, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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Human Protection And Casting Off Dark Beings

by Angel V. Ornedo Jr.,
Contributing Writer,

One of the most difficult trials to men is realization of truth as we have been brainwashed by beliefs of our ancestors implanted and controlled by alternating Archons and dark beings for a million years. The reason is simple, we have the gold, silver and earthen materials these beings desire and need for their planets. When you awaken to the light and learn universal laws of Source Energy, you start to be the moving target of the negative beings. Truth and positive deeds become a reality to a person’s daily life and you learn to continuously absorb the light of All That Is emanating from the photon belt. After passing service to self, the greed type, you move to service to others thence unity consciousness becomes your primordial desire. You are now awakened of your choices. Choose well and do not be afraid of the dark.

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The Photon Belt

The dark shadows made humans fodder, their source of photon light to survive after being cut off from God. On the fifth year after March 12, 2007, I acquired knowledge of universal laws and truth at 3d life from God, the Source fragment within me. At this point, the dark shadows came to threaten my existence. I had shed during my waking time fear and anguish, the number one weapon of the dark evil beings which I fought directly, the first truth that we should know. Fear is the major tool of the Archons to keep you controlled. They used institutional methods of control from religion, politics, monetary manipulation and lately consumerism economics, deadly as they are all addicting!! Ideologies call these systems food of the dammed.

At night, awake before bed time or asleep, I had more than two years of sufferings from attacking and threatening monster animals and dark devilish shadows. 2007 is the glorious start of ascension coupled initially with light body processes and sufferings, says Dr. Georgi Stankov, advanced soul who brought to us the “axiomatics” of Universal Law, a precursor to the law of One, or ONENESS of Christ Consciousness. He champions Service to Others-STO as the collective consciousness of light warriors coalesce and gather to ascension. I had that service to others orientation since I was a child and need no orientation on this aspect of choice. What humans choose collectively will make our next vibratory consciousness a reality. We have to choose at this God’s programmed period of time as we pass the photon light belt of Pleiades seven-star cluster and from there humanity’s destination is programmed to a raised consciousness given an appropriate choice that resonate with the Supreme Creator.


Human beings are provided protection, cleansing and healing lights as we pass this belt of seven stars Pleiades with her Central Sun Alcyone, the major sun provider of cleansing light passing thru the portals of Sol-our sun and to the planets of the solar system. As we gather and absorb pure cleansing light, darkness come to us at night and feed/suck the incoming light we absorb as they have been fully cut off from God’s light. When you wake up tired in the morning, the dark have fed on your energy, where humans are unknowing of these nightly rituals. These dark beings have the decision to join the light as a flicker hits them but they have decided to be negative and dark as they have ‘enjoyed and like’ greed, vices, control of others and negativity.

Every night dark beings in various forms mostly of shadows of killer animals or demons are all ready to attack awakened persons. As for myself, I can see them fully “awakened.” But God’s mysterious ways are always present. Six months before these events, I had dreams and visions of photon diamond light overflowing my whole being. Prism divides the incoming light to rainbow colors showered to humanity coming from the consciousness of Christ-CC. The visions of CC, the anointed one a million years ago, the Sanat Kumara and family says Ascended Masters are very clear on how to cast out these beings from your presence. Sky Blue comes as protection from the effects of darkness and you can absorb it as it comes. Look at the clear blue skies during the day and understand. Ask the Source to fill you with sky blue light flames and let it envelop you in a circular form of a sphere acting as your shield covering you and your family. You can pray yourself or with the family. There will be no darkness that can come near you as the light within your beings shine flowing from your hands and bodies. These negatives will scamper back to their dark pits.

At night as dark beings lurk and approach you, Christ Consciousness will come to you instantly when you ask for his assistance and will provide you laser form of golden light flowing to you. As golden light fire flows in your right hand strike the dark shadows lurking and poised to attack you. At your left hand you will see violet flames flowing laser light known for cleansing and healing and you can use it to strike at the dark alternating with the golden yellow laser light. In less than a minute of your strike, darkness and evil shadows are gone. Say your appreciation and gratitude to the Source Energy after every evil encounter. At 6:30 AM look at the sun for a few seconds and you will see every where golden white light circled by violet flames being showered to all of us. That is the gift of CC to humanity. The sun has blinding effects and you must never stare at it after 7:00AM. That is the way to cast off evil and the dark and all your fears will be gone as you know God is within you always. Realize you are a fragment of God.


Every day these demons keep on coming and my wife is so bothered with these nightly trials. As I sleep she makes her daily prayers to remove all these dark spirits, never to bother us. She refuses to believe that there are negative beings and emphasize to me that this is the product of my mind playing tricks on my brain disregarding the shield I have from CC. But she believes in prayers and she prays over me as I sleep, as she told me after these agonizing years are over. She never realized that daily these beings come, try to suck light energy from within me which I cast off with the methods taught, telepathically transferred by CC. Violet and golden flames of fire are my companion energy, laser lights that I use to strike dark beings. I now pray that you will not be attacked by these evil demons that live on the energy of others. Belief in Christ compassionate love of men and learn his mysterious ways. To emphasize, this is the reason why after your sleep you awake still tired as your energy have been sucked by these demonic beings and it is time for you to recharge with God’s light energy. That is life’s reality, humans are fodder, energy provider of Archons. Master this casting of darkness and demons and you grow stronger every day. Other diseases are common caused by fear and stress, now known as LBPs. The big pharma and government both controlled by the cabal 13 families are reasons of these inaction on human problems.

As we pass thru the photon belt, the diamond brilliance of white light, the source of the seven powerful colored lights will start overflowing your whole being if you have awakened and it is your time to share these daily wealth of abundant overflowing pure white light with your fellow men. You can be the source of awakening and knowing for other persons. With our collective consciousness we will be joining other 5d beings and races of the universe living at their homes and light ships at the outskirts and atmosphere of Mother Earth. They assist us at request, ready for ascension, that is being raised to higher dimension of vibratory consciousness. We are being transferred to the 5th dimension, heaven the first step of transmutation/transformation onwards to 6thd. Our universal neighbors, our nearest family are ready to embrace us returning home.

I am sharing my experience as these are trials, sufferings, light body processs-LBP mankind and our Mother Earth pass while evolving to higher consciousness. In fact it is only the beginning to reach another vibratory dimension, a life of compassion and unconditional love for each other as we experience for All That Is, what is in his thought. That is what we really all are, a thought of God. We are all ONE in a mere thought of God.

Summary: After all these trials and experiences, it is up for us awakening humans to know what is commercial, what is ‘control’ and what is the universal truth at our level of 3d-4d consciousness. We are carbon body humans who came to raise the consciousness of the planet and save Earth-Gaia and humanity as you realize who you are. The metaphysical world call this raised vibration consciousness as the New Earth or the Golden Age. Spiritual guide visits from Christ is an invitation to join the sages to the Golden Galaxy but this moment, is not my scheduled time as I have to complete my service to others first in this lifetime. Should there be a choice of conversion of carbon bodies, mind-body-spirit complex-MBS to crystalline light, I will opt for it and multidimensionality is within my reach on my way to Source.

After these events, during the last decade, I have surrendered my whole being-MBS to my Higher Self and the Source of All That Is. After all these fantastic trials, what I am saying is it is best to surrender and ask your Higher Self to care and guide you than ask other guides I do not recognize, who may turn to be dark Archangels or Archons out to suck your light energy as you sleep.
Sometimes, great caution, positive, righteous deeds and acts are wisdom and virtue. Our olden beliefs should be analyzed and examined for truth and resonance to universal laws. Our ancestors have been controlled by the dark and they transferred beliefs that allowed us to be fodder of dark beings. The belief and talk of existence of 2,000 AD years are nothing to a million years of control and slavery of men by Archons. Take it from Sanat Kumara who placed his causal body on Earth at the Gobi desert to save us from ‘fall’. It is only your higher self and God, the Source of All That Is that we should rely on guided by Christ Consciousness and our Guardian Angel as we seek God in our lives as humans, the riders of planet Mother Earth.

Love and light,

Angel V. Ornedo Jr.

About the author:   ANGEL V. ORNEDO JR.,  MBA, CPA, teaches acts of love, light and unity consciousness. With capitalists, he had created livelihood in Industrial Estates  in SE Asia and Middle East. He hails from Philippines.Link with him at or connect at  Barnes and Noble, Xlibris and  ‘Knowing the Infinite Creator.’

Image: Pixabay

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