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Ant’s Energy Update – Splitting Of The Timelines

By on July 31, 2017 in Energy Updates
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Ant's Energy Update - Splitting Of The Timelines

by Ant,
Contributing Writer,

Clear splitting of the timelines (lower 3D and 4D transitional timelines) present upon Gaia is occurring Now within the physical reality. As we integrate and meld with the higher frequencies moving into our very cells to transmute from carbon based to crystalline, coming home to our energy. Coming home to ourselves as mind, body, soul beings.

For souls who have not yet embarked upon the internal journey of work and transmutation, major splitting and division is now being viewed within the “spiritual community.” The lower 3D/4D timelines of recently awakened souls, still working through the spiritual ego/head and not from the purity of the balanced heart center. Once we have done most of the inner work necessary to converge with the primary 5D tributary, we can discern and work from a space of pure unconditional love, truth, and honesty. Equal balance from the 5D conduits on Gaia with right and left brain hemispheres online with the heart! Mind body soul online! ⭐️??

For recently awakening souls, be patient and know that everyone is eventually converging to the primary 5D tributary. Do not get caught up in comparing, doubting, or any form of separate 3D/4D thought construct which will only hinder your spiritual progression Now. Inner work is mandatory for the convergence into the primary 5D timeline. Each densely vibrating cell within the body caused by deeply rooted emotional wounds amongst your metasoul line need transmutation and healing to vibrate at the resonance of 5D.

It is an inner verse. As above so below. What is within shall be cast in the sea that is the reflection of physical reality. Thoughts are things. Transmute, heal and converge dear ones. Integrate your fullness as your mind body soul system comes online. Upgrades galore now dear ones ???

Love and light,




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