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Channeled Messages – Who or What Is A Channeler?

By on July 31, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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Channeled Messages - Who or What Is A Channeler?

by Angelina Stojic,
Contributing Writer,

Who or What is Channeler? –  I have been led to write about channeled messages and talk about those “messengers” who channel information this way.  What are channeled messages?  Who are channelers? What on earth are you talking about?


Yes, I do get all of these questions, so here I wish to pose some answers for you and express them in a way that is simple and how I see channelling through my own experience.

As with all my communication, I insist that you, the reader, must be discerning with all information you connect with.  What you read, see, hear, know or told by others, it is very important that YOU feel whether the information feels right for you. Does it connect to your wisdom within?  Does it feel right even if you cannot explain or understand it completely?  Or does it not feel that the information sits well within you?

What may be right for one may not be right for another. Whatever the answer, remember that is what you need to follow. It is called your intuition, your wisdom, your innate knowingness.  It is what we are born with, held within our DNA, within our makeup. It is your navigation in life.  So, with this, start to really be discerning with ALL information that is coming to you in all forms, and start to work with your innate knowingness and feel if it is for you at this time or not, regardless of those that insist they know best.

At present in our world of much change and expansion energetically, on all levels, this practice of discernment is of great importance.  It is what connects you with all that you are.  If you have been led to this information, it is to show you whether you connect with it or not.  Either way is fine.  Just listen to YOU.

However, be open to expansion.  Allow your mind and heart to be open to information that may be new to you.  Be aware of the belief systems and patterns you hold that is old thinking, religious thinking or family patterning. For these patterns are not your INNATE KNOWINGNESS.  They are learnt patterns that keep us locked in old ways of being.  You know that saying “If you keep doing the same thing, you keep getting the same results.”  So be open to new information coming your way to expand your YOU, your TRUTH, your WISDOM, whilst being discerning to this new information that you connect with.  Absorb it or disregard it. This is how we build our intuition.

I would like to start with one of my favorite channelers, Lee Caroll who channels Kryon from Magnetic Service.  I know right! I have taken a few excerpts from his book Kryon – The Twelve Layers of DNA- Book 12ir?t=bcp11wh33 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B00FFHOBQ2, as his explanation really resonated with me, therefore, I share with you.

“In Channeling, many feel that the Human Being’s consciousness is supplanted by another entity, and that during this time the Human has nothing to do with anything.  It’s a “takeover” and often is supernatural.  This also gives the idea that somewhere, somehow, this is an occult experience and, therefore is a very strange and odd.  In fact, all of this is incorrect.

I would like to tell you that it requires a total meld of everything the Human knows and believe, combined with a sacred permission to join together a consciousness from the other side of the veil with a Human.  In effect, the channeler becomes a translator, who translates multidimensional messages into 3D.

There is no right or wrong, and there is no empirical manual on channeling.  It’s personal and private, and each person who does it knows how unique an experience it is.”

Lee Caroll

In my own words, channeling is a very unique experience.  It is just about being a communicator or ‘messenger’. Communicating information through us as we translate it in a way that we can understand at this time.  It is like tuning into a channel or radio station that we watch or listen to.  It is a frequency.  Depending on the information depends on the way it is received.  Words, phrases or concepts are given to me in various ways.  I either directly put them into word form or I research information to ensure I can communicate it as best as possible.

To express or communicate a channel, you could say it is a bit like dancing. We all can dance if we choose. Most of us have seen examples of it.   How we choose to express it is unique and personal to us.  It may just depend on what music is on the station we have chosen.

A channeler, to me, is not a medium or psychic either.  Words and definitions are so dense and heavy, but this is how we discern what is what in our world at the moment.  We like to put labels on things so we can understand them. It is a very linear 3D way of being, and that is ok as we are gently evolving past all this. So, for that reason, I will explain in my words.

A ‘medium’ connects with the frequencies or energy systems of those passed.  Loved ones that may wish to connect with those ‘left behind’ or on this plane.  A ‘psychic’ connects to your energy system or frequency.  It is more of a connection to your sphere or realm to hear, see, feel what may be occurring within your life experience.  With a medium or psychic, there is a type of proof showing us there is life after death connecting with names and events of loved ones or the connection with situations, thoughts or events happening in your life and how it may unfold.  It is a type of ‘proof’ that we like to validate it exists.  That is just the human in us.

A ‘channeler’ is a person that brings through messages, information or transcribes NEW information that may not have any proof in our world as yet.  This is the difference.  It is not about proof but a knowing.  A trust.  An innate knowingness of the truth within these messages.  The way we know it is our truth is that it resonates within every cell of our body.  This is how we truly know.  This is the new way of being on our planet.  Living life from knowingness and trusting that information.  It is new information given to us for that moment in time, for that is all we truly have, and all the possibilities that may unfold with the information received. How we choose to move forward with this supposed ‘new’ information ( I say ‘new’ for it is not new, it just needs to be reawakened from within) is still our free will to choose the next step.

All the information is just floating around us waiting for us to connect to it.  All the information that comes through is already within us.  It is a matter of aligning to the same frequency of the information. Like tuning in to your favorite radio station.  The energy system we wish to align with is our own truth, intuition or innate knowingness.  This resonates with the ancient information held within our blueprints, DNA or light codes and can be brought forth to be activated in this life if we choose.  All this information that is just waiting for us to align with, is just on frequencies we have not vibed with or tuned into yet. So, we, the channelers, communicators or messengers have tuned into these different stations, bringing forth this new information for ALL OF US TO KNOW.

However you wish to see the messages from these messengers that channel information is up to you. But there is no right or wrong way, there is no one specific way to do it. From my own personal experience, it has taken time to discern the information coming through.  I would have much information that was being made present in my mind that I had to express. Much of it has been kept private over the years and now as we evolve and I am comfortable and confident working with the information that is opened up within me, I am happy to express and explain it to you, as we are now in a time for these new frequencies to be acknowledged and shared.

The energy system that I unite with, that holds the information I share, is called the Allegiance of Light.  It is not just one person or form, but a collective of all.  I am, we are, all part of the Allegiance of Light.  It is an energy system that include love, light, truth, peace and compassion.  It us up to us if we wish to connect with the information for free will is our right.

At this time in my life experience, I feel very blessed and grateful for being able to honour the light within all that is. Within you, within me, within life itself as I continue to share the information that I connect to, with intentions always centered into the heart of pure love, as this message comes through for us all today.

May your journey filled with expansion, love and light.

In Pure Light

Angelina xx” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>



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