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Archons Be Gone

By on January 26, 2015 in Awareness, Exiting The Matrix with 0 Comments

Archons Be Gone

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by Kim Hutchinson
Contributing Writer,

Last month, I received an impassioned plea for help from beautiful, loving Lightworker who felt her skeletal system was twisting as though under a great weight. She was also experiencing vicious psychological attacks.


During her healing session I encountered a being that resembled a giant black spider. It was attached to her back, spanning head to toe.

As I was looked at this being, I clearly heard the word ‘archon’. Archon is a Greek word meaning ruler or lord. It refers to a group of interdimensional beings that have a long history of control and domination on Earth. The archons are parasitical beings that have enslaved history with fear for eons.

With the help of Archangels Michael, Raphael and Metatron, we were able to remove the archon and send it home.

We accomplished this by first setting up an energetic perimeter shield around the patient, the archon and us. Next, the angels activated an interdimensional vortex of violet, purple and white light. The vacuum created by the vortex sucked up the archon and sent it back to its higher dimensional home.

After the archon left our realm, the vortex disappeared. In the silence of that moment, I received a surprising telepathic message. The archon expressed its gratitude and relief at being sent back to its home world and dimension. In retrospect, I can see how this makes sense. Given that this polarity experiment is winding down, the archons are glad to leave, even if they were the ones who created the system of fear-based control on our planet.

In light of the archon’s positive response to being evicted, I asked the archangels if we could help all the archons return home. I am very happy to report that permission was granted! So, on behalf of Gaia’s children, I told the archons to leave our world forever. Then I stood watching in amazement as the rest of the archons rose up out of the Earth and their human hosts, and ascended into the upper dimensions.


I was told that the archons were waiting to be officially evicted from Planet Earth before they could leave here. I was also told that a human had to give that eviction order. In other words, the angels couldn’t intervene on our behalf without our permission. Additionally, a human giving that order symbolized the return of power to its rightful owners – the citizens of Planet Earth.

The angels assure me that the eviction was complete and successful. All the archons are gone, never to return. (And there was much rejoicing!) That being said, the archons’ systems of fear-based control are still operational here. Some are overt while others you cannot see such as psychological implants. These remnants are quickly breaking down, though. Without the archons here to sustain them, they cannot last.

In order to hasten the demise of the fear-based programs, here are a few powerful techniques you can use:

Break vows – Renounce all past life and present vows that give away your power (i.e. obedience to a particular organization). You do this by stating that you are a free, sovereign being, and you are now free of all prior vows.

Own your power – Stand in your power, and do not give it away to anyone. No one has dominion over you. Everyone is equal.

Live your truth – Be true to yourself. Follow your inner guidance. Don’t let anyone pull you off your path.

Fill yourself with light – Draw down more energy from your higher self. Feel the strength and wisdom of your soul.

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Embody love – Your heart is the seat of your soul, and it affords you the greatest protection. Stay in your heart, and you will never feel fear again. Radiate love and you will not be a vibrational match for fear-based beings.

If these suggestions don’t work, I may be able to help. The angels and I offer Multidimensional Healing and Guidance. This connects you with your soul on all levels of consciousness (dimensions and timelines), and with loving guides such as guardian angels and soul family, to realign with your highest good, and to help you remember the truth of who you really are: a wise, limitless, eternal, divine Being of Light and Love.

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About the Author:
Kim Hutchinson Kim Hutchinson is an intuitive spiritual healer and teacher who offers Multidimensional Healing and Guidance worldwide. She is a certified Angel Therapy Practitioner® and Chios® Master, with training in Reiki, Crystal Healing, Angel Readings and Crystal Reading. For more information, please visit

Image: Pixabay

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