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Are Divination Tools Beneficial And Why Don’t Some People Use Them?

By on June 1, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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Are Divination Tools Beneficial And Why Don't Some People Use Them?

by Meashenu,
Contributing Writer,

Each week we ask a question in the Bridge To New Earth Facebook group and like to share the question and answers we get. We will be sharing the admin’s answers here, but Feel free to join the group to see answers from everyone in the group who participates:

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The answers may come from automatic writing, meditation, intuition, higher self, guides, channeled, or from soul group.

Divination tools such as a pendulum and tarot or oracle cards are very popular. Are they beneficial? Why do some use them and others don’t?


The use of any divination tool is purely up to personal preference. There are both positives and negatives for using them and for not using them. In the early stages of awakening a pendulum is a common tool used in an attempt to gain verification on information received. This can greatly aid in advancing ones gifts and helping them to understand how they receive information. On the other hand, the pendulum is the most easily manipulated divination tool that there is. If our energy is strong enough we can seduce the answer we want out of it with little or no effort. If we deeply want an answer to be so, we can unconsciously maneuver the pendulum to provide that answer. Tarot/oracle cards are less easily manipulated but all of the information they provide is completely based on personal perception. Now, personal perception is not necessarily a bad thing. We all learn how to read our own cards and develop a personal type relationship with them. Our deck may convey a message to us with one card while someone else using the same deck would receive a completely different card. The troubles can begin when we are looking at the cards from a biased personal perspective. This is again where if we truly want to hear that something is the way we want it to be so, we can read the cards that way. The best source one could ever go to for clarification is their own internal knowing. If we do want to employ the use of divination tools we must remember to approach the situation with completely unbiased feelings and no attachment to the outcome.


Absolutely! Divination tools are helpful in allowing a person to focus their energy. They can channel their higher self and/or guides to get the message across to a client with these tools.

The reason some people use them and some don’t all boils down to how confident a person is with their abilities. You are all creators and you can all channel a higher consciousness without having a physical object to help.

There is no one way of doing things, nor is there a way that is better than another. What matters is that the message gets across. Divination tools allow a person to fine tune and hone in on a different vibration that is higher than the 3D.

Everyone has the capability to tap into the infinite consciousness. It’s all just a matter of preference and style in which one chooses to do so.

We don’t mind what you use to communicate with us. All that matters is that you set the intention to access us.

Love and Light is with you always.

-Higher Self


Yes, I believe that divination tools are beneficial and can serve many purposes. The same month I awakened I was given an Oracle Deck. I would play around with it and pull one card a day. Since it was a deck based around healing, it helped me figure out what healing I should work on next and did end up guiding me to do various healing, including shadow work. Aside from that I have gotten a handful of oracle decks just to play around with, but I haven’t used them much anymore. I can say that the one I used originally did serve a purpose and help me along!

Oracle/Tarot cards can be used in a fun, light, & casual way or they can be used to the point where you can make a business around them and give others in depth readings. I really haven’t done much with tarot at all, aside from receive some readings here and there from them. I found a lot of the readings to resonate and be accurate depending on the reader and their experience.

I held off on getting a pendulum for a while, but when I finally got one it helped me jump levels really fast. Claircognizance was one of the first clairs that came in for me and one of my strongest and still is. It can be extremely easy to doubt intuitive/claircognizance information when it suddenly appears. Especially when it’s stuff that is more “out there” like entities, ETs, and that sort of thing. I was finding that I was receiving a lot of information but I really just needed one additional method that I could confirm it. So I only have ever used a pendulum for yes and no answers. I still like to use it and although I have a way to physically feel a sensation for confirmation, now I can do both and get a double confirmation.

I’d say that divination tools can help develop intuition very well, depending on the person. Just by starting with something, you are practicing and building those abilities. Then as your abilities get stronger you can decide whether you still want to use them, go further with them, or stop using them. I can say for me the pendulum helped develop my other abilities much further because it helped me trust the information.

Divination tools can be manipulated very easily, which is why some may not be comfortable using them. You can make the pendulum swing a certain way with your thoughts and energy. So I’ve found that I have to get nice and relaxed and clear my thoughts and just put myself more in a present moment state when confirming. In the end I just that just ended up developing my intuition further, because I would intuitively know or feel if the answer I was getting from the pendulum didn’t feel right.

There are a lot more answers from the members of the group for this question, so feel free to check that out in the group!

To participate and see the answers from others, join our group here:

Love & Light


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