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How To Become An Energy Healer

By on November 20, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening

How To Become An Energy Healer

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by Meashenu,
Contributing Writer,

First, I would like to share how I started as an energy healer and how that developed. If you offer energy healing and spiritual services yourself, I highly recommend that you also write up your experience and share it. It will help others that are wanting or feeling they should get into it.


In early December of 2016 I had my spiritual awakening. It was a very intense experience that I wrote up and have shared. If you are interested you can read that here: A couple weeks after I had the powerful experience I had entity attack experiences come up with myself and a family member. At this time of my initial awakening my 3rd eye vision was very strong and with my eyes closed I could see negative energies. I had a strong knowing I could help a family member remove the negative energy/entity. When doing it I just knew what to do and I remember how much energy I was feeling through my body. Also at the time when I removed whatever it was, my physical eyes were vibrating really fast back and forth when they were closed. I was able to assist with clearing out the negative energy. Then a couple days later I also helped someone else with an entity/negative energy removal. With that one a similar process happened where a lot of energy flowed through me and my eyes vibrated and I felt like I entered the person’s body and blood stream and pushed out the negative energy that was there. Both of those experiences in a short time were what flooded the doors open on my healing gifts.

I found out at that time from a reader/healer that my purpose was to be an energy healer and spiritual reader in this lifetime. I also had many other confirmations and other readers tell me the same thing.

In the first couple of months of 2017 I knew I was meant to be a healer but didn’t know how to start doing it. When my 3rd eye vision was very active in that initial month or so of my awakening, it was mainly to serve as an activation and to give me a brief experience of what my vision abilities will be like down the road. So essentially that level of vision went down and wore off. I will talk more about my abilities coming and going in a little bit.

Start of Energy Healing

Around March or April of 2017 I ended up being guided to an online Reiki course from Udemy. I thought it over for a few weeks and tried to decide if it was right for me. It was only about $10-15 or something at the time. The course was from Lisa Powers and that course is still available on Udemy if you look for it. Throughout the year Udemy offers courses very cheap at various times so if you see it as expensive you can check back.

I didn’t resonate very much with Reiki in general (and really didn’t resonate with any of the symbols used) but wanted to learn the basic formats and understandings of healing. I did get the attunements offered in the course and had an experience during the attunements where I met a few of my healer guides and a guardian guide. I never ended up finishing the course and getting the certificates as I wasn’t interested in that, but the course was good and included all of the understanding and formats I needed to start distance energy healing. In the course it had basic formats and hand positions for the in person healing and then there were several different methods given as ways to perform distance healing.

The method I ended up going with was the one where you create a room or space energetically to invite the person into for the distance healing session. I had created a space that was on top of the pool of water where a waterfall was and surrounded by woods. I had a crystal path that would go over the water and in the middle on top of the water there was a quartz crystal bed. So when I started the healing session I would visualize the person coming through a portal and entering that space and then walking over and laying down on the quartz crystal bed. Then I would run the session like that with me standing over them. I am very good at visualization though, so if you aren’t good at visualization then there are other methods you can utilize.


The course also had a Facebook group you were invited to and were able to get assistance and meet other people in which I met a few people that also passed along information that assisted me.

Before I get more into how I formatted the sessions at the beginning of my 30 minute healing sessions.. I want to share what I did at the very beginning for distance healing. I still had my doubts/fears about putting myself out there for healing. What I ended up doing at the very beginning was creating a username on Reddit and on another site (that isn’t around anymore). Then I would share what I wanted to do. I posted that I was a new healer just getting into practicing and that I would like to send energy to different people for about 5 minutes and see if they felt or experienced anything.

For the 5 minute test run, I would pull up the message/ interaction I had with them online (normally the people were just username’s with no picture etc). I would ask them to get into a meditative state for receiving the energy. Then would put intention on tuning into their energy and then I would say something like “I ask that both of our higher selves, healing guides, & soul groups of love and light join this session, protect this session, and assist in the session” Sometimes I would specifically ask a couple of the archangels to join like Michael, Rafael, and Metatron. At this time I wouldn’t really see those beings but it was an intention I set. After that I would visualize myself placing energy into a baseball and then I would visualize myself throwing that to the person and them catching it. I would keep doing this and holding the intention that the energy would go to them. Then when I was done I would give thanks to all involved and ask to be disconnected from their energy and have the session be closed. I remember that one of the people I sent energy to ended up feeling like they were having an out of body experience like it had initiated astral traveling for them. I had others feel the energy too. I believe there were some that didn’t feel it mixed in there too, but there was enough that experienced something that it was a good step in building my confidence to keep going. Also I didn’t use reiki energy but used my own soul type of energy that I had started to use that I visualized with 3 different colors and put intention that it was divine love healing energy that would go where it was needed most. If you end up trying that you can use Reiki energy, a different energy, or just set the intention that it be divine love energy in whatever form is for the recipient’s highest good.

How I Started 30 Minute Sessions

When starting out with a 30 minute session format, at the very beginning I started with the basics. The Auric Field, the 7 Main Chakras, and the Physical, Emotional, Mental, & Spiritual bodies. I ended up doing something like 5 minutes at the beginning for auric field, then 3 minutes per chakra which was already 26 minutes. Then would focus on each of the bodies for a minute each or so. I played around with the formats and eventually was something like 3-5 minutes for auric field, 2 minutes per main chakra, the 4 bodies, then I would leave room in each session for intuitive healing. So I filled maybe 21-23 minutes of a format then would just try to see what came to me so I could practice building my intuition.

To do these sessions, a friend I was introduced to in that course told me about this Insight Timer: that you can set up various bells at certain time frames. So I’d set up a bell to ring at 5 minutes when I was done with the auric field and then know it was time to switch to the 7 chakras and I would start at the base chakra and work my way up. A bell would chime after 2 minutes then I would know to move to the next chakra and so on. I highly recommend using that app or another one at the beginning as it can help a lot. If you wanted to do hour long sessions you can extend the amount of time on each thing and figure out a way you want to do it.

After I created a session format I would do the same thing where I would offer free healings for practice more anonymously. Most of the time I had great feedback and they went well. There were some people here and there that weren’t sensitive to energies that would say they didn’t feel it and I wouldn’t worry too much about that. I found out pretty quickly that those people either weren’t at a point they were able to feel energies or weren’t really ready to have healing and willing to accept the energy work. Running into people that say they are ready but then resist the energy work is common and part of the process. There can be other reasons too.

Now whether you are doing distance healings or in person healings, the same sort of creating a format is applicable. In person you can use the basic hand positions and then figure out the timing you want to spend on each area too.

From there it was just a matter of continuing to practice and building my intuition and abilities through various methods. As I would learn more on my own healing journey then I would add things into the session and change the formats around. So I would add things like a soul retrieval as part of it or past life as part of it. The healing sessions developed more and more as I practiced and eventually stopped using the app and having a set format and moved into just intuitive healing sessions. Another way to practice is to find other beginner healers and do an exchange where you do a healing for them and they do one for you. That also helps a lot as they are generally more receptive and sensitive to energies and can provide good feedback.

How I Would Visualize And Techniques I Used

So for the full type of session: I would do the initial asking of the higher selves & guides to join as mentioned above. Then I would bring the person into the sacred space. When starting with the auric field I would visualize that field of energy and run the violet flame of transmutation energy through there. I would also utilize water energy and flow it throughout the fields and put intention that if there was any holes in the auric field that they would be repaired during that process. I used different colored energies and types of energies here and there as I learned different ones.

For chakras you can start at the top or bottom. I generally would start at the bottom with the root chakra. So I would visualize the red colored root chakra and put intention that the chakra start spinning counter clockwise and when it did that, anything that was wanting to be released and cleared would come out of the chakra and be transmuted. Then I would leave that spinning counter clockwise for that process and move up doing the same thing for each of the other chakras. Then when finished they would all be spinning counterclockwise and clearing out. Then I would start back at the root chakra and spin the chakra clockwise and visualize lots of loving healing energy coming into the chakra for healing. At first I would use the Violet Flame & Emerald Flame a lot, as well as water type energies. If all you did was put intention to have divine love healing energy come into the chakras that would be more than enough as well, that way whatever is needed, the guides helping can bring in, as they do assist in the sessions too. Then would make sure to do that for all the chakras and that was how a clearing/healing of the chakras would go. Then more information would come or I would see/feel different energies being purged out of each chakra as information to relay back to the recipient of the healing. I highly recommend including the earth chakra (below the feet in the ground) and also the liver chakra in each healing session too to clear and heal.

For the 4 body healings at first I would just visualize an energy body (in the form of a human body but energy only) and say that body was the physical body, then would use the violet flame energy to run that through the body to clear and transmute any negative energy to love and light. I would do that for the other 3 bodies (mental, emotional, & spiritual). As intuition developed I would see specific spots or areas within that body that I needed to assist with.

And of course if someone had specific concerns such as a foot injury, then I would direct healing energy to the foot and visualize that the foot was fully healed while I was sending the energy there. And from that point I would do those types of things and step by step something would change and the healings would develop further. It was not an overnight process but took doing many sessions.

If I ever found myself losing focus while working on a chakra or certain part of the healing, then I would repeat affirmations with my intention for what I was working on. If I was working on the root chakra then I would repeat things like “Clear out **Name of recipient** root chakra” or “Clear and heal *name of recipient* root chakra” while doing the visualization. That I found to reinforce the intent of the healing and also would help keep focused.

Types of Energy & Healing

As far as the types of energy you should use and the healing modality to get into you… you will be guided to and intuitively feel what you should use. You can just try out a bunch of different ones as well and see what you get the best feedback with. Sometimes you may just use different colors or just the intention of the healing without knowing the exact energy.

Overall my recommendation would be to start with the violet flame energy. There’s a lot of information online about the energy and I have an article on my site about it here:  Anyone can use this energy and you can call in Ascended Master Saint Germain whenever you want to assist you with using the energy. It’s a conscious intelligent energy and will go where it is needed the most and you can direct it as in precise spots as you develop. Both beginners and very advanced healers use this energy and I still use it in most of my sessions.

Overall, I view Reiki as a starting point, the first step on a staircase to utilizing energies and healing. You can start there and even make a career out of Reiki though, but I’d say that most use that as a starting point then develop intuition and start utilizing other energies. Everything is changing so often now that different energies need to come in for different sessions and the guides can bring those in. It’s just being open and allowing what needs to come in to do that.

Reiki also introduces you to channeling energy which is recommended for most. That is where you channel the energy through you and then it goes to recipient. This is highly recommended opposed to doing more advanced techniques where you end up using your own energy for healing. When channeling energy through your own body you shouldn’t really feel drained from doing a healing session, but if anything feel energized and better since the healing energy also went through you and you received it too. If you end up practicing healing and finding yourself being really drained and tired, then make sure to switch your intention back to channeling and asking that the divine healing energies come through your body and be a channel for them.

There’s also forms of hypnotherapy healing, akashic records healing, and all sorts of other healing modalities. You can search for these yourself and if one of them is meant for you, you should be guided to them to learn and use. Many of us have been healers in many other lifetimes and will develop/remember our own style of healing. You may utilize various methods and make them your own.

My Healing Abilities

There have been phases where certain abilities of mine come in and are strong for a period, then it switches where another ability comes in and is strong. So as I mentioned there was a period where my 3rd eye vision gave me a test of what it would be like someday, then fizzled out. Since then my 3rd eye vision has had other phases where it would be very strong for a month or two then wouldn’t be very strong and would get the information in other ways. There were many other times where a special ability or something would come in and I would use that for a while then it wouldn’t be in my normal routine or be as strong. When that happened I felt my feeling energy ability and suddenly knowing information came in strong. So my healing sessions switched to feeling energies and moving them out and just knowing what to do as opposed to seeing what to do. In this lifetime it was planned that I would have to develop my abilities through practice to reactivate them.

Just recently I have been struggling as it seemed there was a dulling of most of the abilities I was using. I was getting bothered because of how reliant I was having to be on my pendulum to get answers and work my way through a healing session. I just found out that this was meant to happen as I’m being guided to go into dowsing (pendulum) work much further as that is a skill/ability. As working with a pendulum channels those psychic/intuitive energies (and energies from guides that work with dowsing as well) to develop intuition stronger and to lead into the next ability to work on for me. I’ll be looking into the book Dowsing Beyond Duality and going further. There are a lot of other resources available online about dowsing too.

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Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

How you become a healer, what methods you do, what abilities come in, and how you interact with energies will be unique to you. You may have special energies that only you can use and abilities that only you have. Trust that those will present themselves and be available to you when they are meant to. It’s extremely easy to have worked with someone more advanced that can see and explain things so clearly as to what is happening during a session or reading, then feel inferior because their skills seem so advanced. It’s very important to remember that all of us interact with these things differently. How they perceive it will be different than you do.

You may FEEL energy and be able to clear energies that way, you may see energies through your 3rd eye, it may just be a knowing/having information suddenly come to you, it may be hearing. These various skills can be the CLAIR type abilities like clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, claircognizance, and other ones.

Another factor I have noticed comes down to our individual soul/life plan for us in this incarnation. Some are born with their abilities fully activated, some come in young, and some come in later. Some seem to have their abilities come in effortlessly and had to put in very little work to really use them at a higher level, while others have had to put in a lot of work.


INTENTION is by far the most important aspect of healing. If you or someone else, with zero experience with energy healing, have the intention to heal a person or animal and put the intention that love/healing energy go to them, then some level of HEALING will take place. It may not be noticeable to you or them, but healing will take place as long as the recipient is receptive to receiving it.

During healing sessions INTENTION also is extremely important. Setting intentions of what you want to happen in the session from both the healer side and recipient side helps tremendously. An Example: “The intention of this session are to help ____ with removing emotional blocks, clearing/healing their chakras, and helping them recover from illness. Only love, light, truth, and positive healing energy can be exchanged between us.”

Before setting intentions I generally will ask that higher selves, guides, & soul groups of love, light, and truth join the session to also assist in the healing, protection, and guidance of the session.

Overall the most important part is your intentions. Even for becoming a healer, you have to set your intention that you want to be and will become an energy healer.

Having A Yes/No Confirmation Tool or System

As you meditate and practice building intuition you can develop a yes/no confirmation type of system with your guides and higher self. You can try to meditate and request something like “Please have me feel a sensation on my body for a yes answer” then see if you feel something. You may also request a spot specifically like “Please have me feel a sensation on the top of my right wrist for a yes answer.” This can take some playing around with. It took some time for me but now I am able to feel the top right of my head tingle with a yes/confirmation and the left side tingle for a no.

Aside from the method with the guides I would highly recommend getting a pendulum or utilizing muscle testing at first. This helps you verify information that you have doubts about at first and also gives you a way to do a process of elimination type of healing for yourself and others. If you feel something off with yourself you can check each chakra “Does something need to be cleared out of my root chakra?” and with a no answer, keep moving up and if you get a yes, then do energy work on that chakra and ask again until it’s clear. It’s more time consuming but it does work. And as you practice that sort of process of elimination method your intuition does build up. So then you will find you get the location of what needs to be cleared on the first try.

As a further example for self healing (that can be used for healing others too) I would go through a process like:

“Is there anything I need to clear/heal at this time?” Sometimes it would be “Do I have any entities, attachments, cords, implants, or interferences in my energy right now?” Then if it was a YES answer I would move onto the next question “Is it in one of my chakras” then if yes move onto asking about each chakra until I found which one. Then I would do energy work on that chakra and check again “Has the attachment been completely removed from the chakra?” If no, then I would keep working on it, bring in some other energies and ask for assistance, then ask again until I got an all clear.

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So you can start with more general then get specific. Is there anything I need to transmute or clear out or is there an energy blockage? YES. Is it in my Chakras? Is it in one of my Energy bodies? Is it in my electromagnetic field? Is it in my meridians? Is it a past life block? Then narrow down the questions from there with other questions as you feel fit.

Whenever I did a lot of these methods for myself and still could not figure it out or get something to clear, then that is when I ask someone else for help to assist me.

It’s just being smart and utilizing the yes/no system to its fullest. One of the pendulum methods includes making little graphs too. So you could have a lot of those options (chakras, bodies, fields, etc) written/drawn out in a circle/wheel with a ball in the middle and a line going outward where each is option is written around the circle. Then put the pendulum in the middle and ask what area it is and pendulum would point to it. Anyway I’m sure this is enough for you to get a basic idea and you can use or modify it however it ends up working for you.

Building Your Intuition

There are many ways to build your intuition, I will list some of the ways that helped me.


If you have trouble meditating, find some guided meditations on YouTube that do self hypnosis in them or learn self hypnosis.

Sacred Heart Space

There’s a great book by Drunvalo called Living in the Heart: How to Enter Into the Sacred Space Within the Heart. I first learned how to enter the sacred heart space via that book. Once I was able to get in there whenever I wanted that helped build my intuition and was a starting place for me in most things. I make sure I am always coming from that loving place from my heart when doing healings and spiritual work. There are other ways to enter the sacred heart space and meditations available out there to help guide you as well. So do some exploration and see what sticks out to you.

Automatic writing

There is a lot of information online about automatic writing, so find some methods that resonate with you. I will go into my sacred heart space and connect with my soul, then hold that connection and write out my questions I have then write whatever comes as an answer.

Oracle Decks/Tarot

I never got into Tarot. I did play around with some oracle decks. Doing card readings can help build your intuition, so if you look these up and they resonate with you they may be worth exploring. It’s also a good way to get confirmations and do readings for yourself to get answers.


This was a tool that for whatever reason I put off for a while. When I finally got one I made huge leaps forward very quickly. Since claircognizance (suddenly receiving info) was and is my strongest ability, it also is one that is really easy to doubt. It takes time and figuring out a way to really trust the information that comes this way. For me it was hard to figure out what was my thoughts and what was the intuitive information. I’ve found that they are often connected for me now, my thoughts can be the intuitive info or the message. A lot of the seemingly random thoughts, are not random at all.

With the pendulum I was able to simply get Yes or No answers to help me verify though. So in healings when I did come across something I could verify it. I may have seen or suddenly got information that there was an entity attached to a specific spot and then was able to verify it. So a lot of the struggles with doubt I was having, were turned around a lot by having one extra method of verification for me. I mainly have used the pendulum for yes and no answers, but as mentioned above have been guided to explore further. There is, however, MANY ways to use a pendulum and even healing/clearing you can do with that. There are also many different materials with pendulums (crystals, wood, gold/silver plated etc.) so go with what you are drawn to or if you feel one isn’t working then try switching to a different material pendulum and see if that works better with your energy.


PRACTICE – a lot of what I have listed here is practicing! Do these various things listed here, as well as practice on friends, family, people online, and whoever. Join facebook groups and find people that will be willing to let you practice doing a healing on them in exchange for feedback. You can start exchanging sessions with other healers that are practicing. Someone may want to practice readings so you do a practice healing for them and they do a practice reading on you. There’s a lot of support in the spiritual communities so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and see who comes into your reality. Don’t be discouraged if you run into someone is mean or negative to you, as there are negative dark energy/polarity players in the spiritual community that are there to discourage those of us of light. If you don’t feel love and support from a group you find, simply leave it and you will find what you are looking for in another group.

Getting Started Through The Fears & Doubts

There are many that do not end up becoming an energy healer due to fear and doubt. The ones that are able to confront those fears and clear them are the ones that end up helping out a lot of people. At first I did the anonymous method as a way to test the waters and practice. It was that sort of fear of “what if I’m not good at it or no one feels anything” type of fear. So I figured if I was anonymous doing it, then I could just never log into that account again and move on if something went bad. After doing that and practicing a tiny bit I did move onto doing exchanges and healings on facebook where it was more personal and confronted the fear of putting myself out there. Often times when we face those fears we end up finding supportive people and everything starts to fall into place. Any negative experience or interaction with someone I have had along the way, served a purpose to either help me gain knowledge, become a better healer, or learn to trust my own intuition when I initially felt something was off but then ignored it or doubted it.

Know that ANYONE can be an energy healer and assist others with spiritual healing. And so can you. If you have felt drawn to energy healing then that is for a reason. Most of us that are drawn to energy healing have had many lifetimes as healers throughout our soul’s history. That knowing that is within us does come back out and assists us along the way. We also are assigned spirit guides that help us with healing so you are always supported and assisted.

I also found and believe many others have as well, that the people that are sent to you at various stages of your development are ones you are able to assist with. There are some lessons that come up in regards to discernment and saying no, but that just helps you develop too. For example right after doing shadow work for myself, I found people being sent to me were being guided to do shadow work and that is what I needed to recommend to them. After I learned a method of doing a soul shard retrieval then people needing that work came to me. It went a lot like that for me, where I would get done working through something myself then would be helping others get through that. So for the most part you are always connected to people that are right for you at the time. That is especially true if you are just starting out.

Also you may not have had a big experience or huge sign to lead you into healing. I was one that had some experiences that opened the doors to it, but that is how it was meant to happen for me. Your guidance to become a healer may be much more subtle, but don’t think that it has less meaning. I have struggled with doubt throughout the whole process and really the thing that made it easier for me is simply because I never found anything else I wanted to do that held meaning and would actually help others. So energy healing was the first thing I ever came across that felt right for me and knew I was meant to do it. Again that could be much different for you, it could be that you have a main job and are guided to get into energy healing and assist others on your off time or when you are available to. Each of us has a unique path that will be revealed step by step.

Doing an online type course may not be right for you either. You may be drawn into doing an in person class in your town. If you feel an urge to search for a class try to follow that and see what you are lead to.

Last Note

When you learn the basics of healing and build a foundation you also realize that each person heals themselves and as healers we help enable and support that. I believe a lot of healing has to do with soul contracts and agreements in each’s life plan as well. At certain points in a soul’s development in this incarnation they may be enabled to have an experience that moves them forward. There may be someone you have a contract with who is at a point that is ready to be healed and the contract/agreement is that when you two do the healing together a miraculous healing takes place. Then someone else you do a healing for maybe nothing happens at all. The one where nothing happened most likely has to do with that person not being ready at the time or they need to approach it from a different method. It could also be resistance on their part on some level. I have noticed a pattern even with my own healing journey that for some things, I’ve tried so many things to get something to clear or heal and couldn’t get it to. For whatever reason when I get assistance from other person it clears pretty easily. I’ve found that same type of experience ring true for others. I think it’s important regardless of how you do the healing to try to pass along information and methods you have used yourself to others so they can learn.

I hope this helps some of you that are at the door, but haven’t walked through it yet on your path to assisting others with energy and spiritual healing. Again if you are a healer, reader, and offer spiritual services please consider to do a write up of how you got started and share it.

Love & Light

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