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Ascension – Ancient Times vs Modern Day

By on May 10, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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Ascension - Ancient Times vs Modern Day

by Alisha Braché,
Contributing Writer,

In our history, the world has gone through many cycles of planetary Ascension and during those times the wisdom keepers and the ones who had the foresight and the knowledge knew that the change was coming. They also knew that moving into a higher level of existence meant that they wouldn’t be able to move through it without transforming the lower levels of emotions with fear being the primary source which would hold them back.

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Because fear cannot exist when moving through to higher frequencies, for the pure fact that when you move into the higher dimensional levels our thoughts, feelings and emotions become an instantaneous manifestation. By having fearful thoughts and lower level emotions you would rapidly manifest that into your own reality.

So, during the ancient times they would go through a series of initiations which would help each person transform and evolve beyond their human limitations and fears.

Of course, during these times the fears which they had were very different to what we have present day. And the societies in which they lived were structured very differently to where we are living currently.

These initiations can be seen throughout many ancient cultures in Egypt, and the America (Inca, Mayan & Aztec) each different in their own ways and designed for what was needed in their own societies at that time.

For example, let’s look at the Ancient Egyptians they had initiations chambers designed for each level of human fear and lower emotions. Each would correspond to a Chakra as through each of the Chakra system resonates with different aspect of fears and emotions. The Base Chakra being connected with our survival and security, the Sacral Chakra connected to our feminine aspects and sexuality, Our Solar Plexus which is connected with our sense of self and personal power, the Heart connected with unconditional love and it goes on into the higher Chakra levels.

These chambers which were set up for initiations were created almost a maze which were inhabited by alligator’s and snakes, which posed very real threats to personal survival. Many people who went through these initiations would go through them and come out surviving and then be told that they had failed only to repeat it again. In most cases, there would be no real physical threat to the person, it was completely set up as simulation so that they would face their fears and transmute them exposing that their fears are simply an illusion projected by their human minds.

A lot of their initiations would seem quite barbaric in the way we view of today. However, they were very effective because it allowed these people to go through terrifying experiences and come out stronger and would have transmuted fears and shed a layer of emotions which were holding them back. And simply see beyond the illusion of human fears.

So, when we look at where we are in our present day, once again going through this cycle of planetary changes and ascension. We are all going through stages of initiations which are enabling us to let go, heal and transmute our own fears and lower level emotions.

And part of this process is very different and we are living is different times, in a completely different era, where things that potentially pose as threats back then aren’t valid in our current day society. Even though our core fears and emotions may be the same they are exposed to us in variety of different ways.

So, many people have had to go through enormous amounts of change, restructuring in their lives. From losing loved one, people passing away and the pain and hurt associated with great loss, this could also be through the end of relationships. Other aspects could be losing money, homes, and businesses. And many people feeling like they are losing their sanity and that is all part of this process, as we lose our minds we can attain a higher level of consciousness.

This current day Ascension has been set up quite differently to what it was in the past, at this time is a great reminder that we are the creators, we are the one who have already written this story line, even down to the very small details. We are the script writers, the casting directors and the main star of this amazing story of our current lifetime.

We have set up our own initiations knowing how we would most benefit, how our souls growth would most benefit from letting go of old programming and old ways which no longer server as we move forward into New Earth.

We knew before coming here what would be for our highest good, and we knew what type of experiences we would need to go through to be able to attain our own level self-mastery. Our Higher Self always knows that everything is going to work out and everything is going to be fine. We just need to get through this transition phase.

So, when you reflect back on your own life and look at what has turned your life upside down and inside out and back around again, just know that it is restructuring in a way to create the most idyllic life you could possibly have.

This is such an incredible profound time in Human Evolution, however as we are going through the transition and we try to cling on to our previous lives and human emotions it can be incredibly painful and challenging, however it all for the benefit of our highest potential in this lifetime. So, whatever has been taken away, it’s simply creating space for much better, much more serving and more prosperous and fulfilling experiences and future for ourselves and all humanity.

As we go through what would be sometimes incredibly intense times, remind ourselves that what is inevitable are changes and things are constantly changing around us in every moment. As we go through these heavy emotions and purge them out remind yourself that you are doing an amazing job and look at just how far you have come. As we are shed lifetimes of pain, trauma and undesirable experiences all for the purpose of soul expansion.

So, honor where you are at, wherever that might be. And in the hard times try to detach yourself from what you are feeling and by looking at objectively as though watching a movie. Simply asking yourself what am I learning from these experiences? How have I grown through this journey? And it can be a lot easier to find the clarity we seek in our uncertain moments. As once we understand the lessons that we have set up for our own personal and soul development, we can move forward and no longer do we need to have that experience presented in our lives again.

For most of us who have the foresight and wisdom of the new Era, it’s possible we didn’t at first see the transformation as it happened. We didn’t know that it was occurring and have been finding ourselves in all sorts of situations. Such as impatiently wanting to move into our wider communities and work together for the benefit of all. Our strong desire is to engage in meaningful work, based around what we love and use our gifts and talents. We are getting there and we are all contributors to this new Earth. In each moment, we are going through our own internal growth and personal shifts, we make space for humanity to shift and grow. This is all through what we are experiencing in each moment as we are deeply connected in unity consciousness.

So, as we collectively go through shifting and working through releasing and letting go of our lower level emotions and fears, we are fully embodying what it takes to transform these emotions. And a lot of the fears which we have in our present day aren’t necessarily around being attacked by Alligators and snakes, they are more in the sense of our Modern-day experiences which are presented by loss of money or homes. Losing friends and family. And one of the biggest ones for people who are contactees and who are having these interdimensional experiences is personal reputation, that can be massive for many going through the awakening process especially if it happens quite rapidly.

They start to have other worldly experience that many of the people in their lives simply cannot to relate with as we are all at different levels soul development and awakening for now…

As human beings, we hold such importance to ‘fitting in’ as that what society has taught us to do over generations. Yet we are at a point now where it’s just about truly honoring who you are and what you have come forth to do for this time of expansion.

This is a tremendous opportunity to fully transform and to become who we truly are, our soul essence and be the best version of ourselves so we can in order to serve others in the highest form in whichever way we chose to be of service.

So no matter where you are in your journey, no matter what it is that you are currently facing look at what you have already overcome through shedding the lower level aspect of ourselves, step-by-step, day-by-day polishing that beautiful diamond one facet at a time, becoming that brilliant beacon of light that shines deeply within all of us, and we are just polishing off some of the residual so our collective inner light can shine much more brightly and illuminate for ourselves, for the planet for the people around us and becoming whole in the process.

About the author: Alisha is a Holistic Counselor, Intuitive Empath, Energy Healer, Writer and Entrepreneur of spiritually based and Fair Trade Products. Visit her at Cosmic Heart for Insightful articles, and energy updates and Holistic Services: Alisha also has a keen interest in how planetary Ascension is transforming the way the new generation of children are coming into the world as she writes more extensively about this at her blog.

Image: Pixabay

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