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Ascension Is The New Sexy

By on February 12, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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Ascension Is The New Sexy

by Wendy Hutchinson,
Contributing writer,

Ascension is the journey back to your soul.  It’s not the external package, but the process of becoming the gorgeous spiritual light beings we are, living our highest and best life.  It’s about waking up each day a slightly better person than we were the day before.  Ascension is all about raising our vibration and energetic frequency and making better choices about how we respond to our lives every moment of every day.    Many of us are on an ascension path without even realizing it.  It’s waking up a little better person than we were yesterday.  We’ve decided we want to live a healthier lifestyle, we are hiking or biking or surfing or snowboarding.  We are doing something that is impacting our soul in a positive way and it does not relate to finances or external circumstances.  It could be choosing to live with kindness over judgment as we relate to the world around us.

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There is nothing sexier than a woman or man walking an authentic path, standing in their power and truth and taking full responsibility for where they are in their life.   Ascension isn’t angels signing and the Red Sea parting.  It can be the slow crawl out of the gutter.  If someone is depressed and they shift to anger, that person is ascending.  They have moved the needle up a notch.  If someone is in a gang, and they decide to leave the gang, that’s ascension.  If someone decides to follow their intuition and better themselves in some way however big or small, that’s ascension.   It has nothing to with religious dogma or prayer. It has everything to do with YOU.

At our core, we are energetic beings.  Our frequency (or signal we emit) creates our reality.  Our energetic vibration and signature is being sent out into the world 24/7 whether we are conscious of it or not, creating a direct resonant echo that responds thus creating our reality.   Our beliefs fuel our truth, shape our reality, and can either create ascension or the slow descent into fear and chaos.  We are beacons that emit a vibrational signal.   The Universe in kind responds to that signal or frequency by matching the vibration perfectly.   It delivers the experiences, relationships and realities to match the vibration.  There is no “good” or “bad”, our reality is simply an echo and response to the signal being sent out.  Ascension is the conscious or unconscious raising of our personal vibrational frequency.    It’s an awareness of something within us that must shift to create a better outcome.  Many people expect the external world to shift to create better outcomes, those are the very people who remain stuck in the same patterns, wash, rinse, repeating the same struggles and outcomes day after day, year after year.

The only way to shift and create the sexiest, juiciest, delicious ascended life, is to raise your vibration!  The question is how to do it.  To raise my vibe, I started honoring myself.  I stopped doing things because of guilt or obligation.  I flat out do not participate in things that don’t resonate with me.   This created major push back from people used to me following their agenda, which sucked, but I didn’t back down.   Second, I decided to have FUN!!!  There is nothing that raises your vibe faster than joy.  Get out and do something.  Go dancing, go listen to live music, rock climb, do something new like paddle board yoga, pole dancing, play music, sing, and create.  Life is for living not dying.   This is the year of living for me.  I’m traveling to new places, trying out new things.  Last week I went to hammock yoga.  I had this thing about hanging upside down, like a discomfort around it, and I walk into class and some yoga chick is hanging upside down.  I was thinking to myself no way am I doing that, but ½ way through there I am hanging upside down and kind of digging it.   Meet new people!  We can get into what I call the friend rut.  We have our circle and just hang out with the same people doing the same things.  Wash rinse repeat.  Spice it up, make a new friend.  If chilling and reading makes you happy do that instead. The point is, do what sparks joy for you and raise your vibe.

The next step is honoring your body.  We get one body that is supposed to last us our entire life, but people treat their bodies like an afterthought.  We punish the body with alcohol and foods that provide zero nutrition.  We are in the pantry at the first sign of stress or pouring the wine.  I was guilty on both fronts and let me tell you I didn’t feel like shit, I felt pretty good, so I kept doing it.   It doesn’t seem to matter what we consume day to day, but over time, the cumulative effect is negative.  Something shifted for me as I went deeper into my work as an energy practitioner.  I realized my soul needed a healthy place to live.   I work with the energy of the universe and bring it in to run and align the energy of people on my table.  I must be a clear physical and energetic being to run this energy and to remain connected to the divine.   I can’t be hung over and doing energy work on people.  I gave up alcohol, sugar, caffeine, coke zero, I hardly eat fast food.

I shifted to a mindset of complete health and wellness, which meant things going into my body to nourish it.    I live this lifestyle to enjoy quality of life as I age.  I never get sick.  I completely honor the choices all of you make.  Zero judgment here.  Ascension relating to our health could mean making the decision to park a little farther away from the front door of the store.  Whatever works for you.  Even the slightest improvement is a start. We get one body, honor it.  Be the best you can be.

About the author: Wendy Hutchinson is a writer, certified level IV Marconics energy practitioner, and intuitive life and spiritual coach. In 2017 she was spotlighted as the Life Purpose Institute’s top coach. In 2017, she wrote for The Missing Piece Magazine and was also voted Life Coach of the Year. She is a contributing author to the 2019: Inspirational Almanac.

Passionate about walking people through the ascension process, she helps people overcome adversity, release karmic debris, and align with their highest potential. Contact her here: or blog: Her show The Path of Me can be viewed on her YouTube Channel Wendy Hutchinson:

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