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Ascension Portals

By on February 9, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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Ascension Portals

by Mary Magdalene & Dr. Angela Barnett,
Guest writers,

There will even be individualized plans for each human on Earth who translates into Terra Ha. There will be families on Terra Ha who are most related to the Akashic Records of past lives, past dimensional experiences, past racelines of the individual,who will be waiting to guide and assist those appearing on Terra Ha. They will be welcomed with the same Love that is developed within themselves. This Love will be developed within those on this Earth to a point where there is nothing but Love. There will be so much love within each cell of the human body, that the body will need to turn into light in order to hold all of the love. And this love will beam from those who are ready to translate. There will be so much love between people on Earth that people will actually want to stay on Earth. But then their Love will grow so strong that they will turn into light.

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When our Souls appear on Terra Ha we will either be given a walk in body that is the equivalent to a thirty year old body on Earth, or we will be born on Terra Ha, just as we were born on Earth. That decision is made by our Soul, and those on Terra Ha together.

FIRST, I would like my reading audience to have a little background of the actual structure of Terra Ha, and how it relates to Planet Earth. I will also speak in great detail about the social structure of Terra Ha, her environment, her cultural structure, the fabulous education system, etc.

The Earth that we (human beings standing on this planet) have been occupying for the past 400 million years is known in this Solar System as Terra or Tara. Many also call her Terra Firma. Some people call her Gaia. Actually Gaia is the name of Terra’s Soul. Many in the Universe have been calling Gaia the Mother of Earth. Beginning in 2017, Gaia has become known as the Savior of the Universe. The prophecy of the Universe has been seeing this future time when Gaia would become the Savior of the Universe for millions of years.

The reason that Gaia is now known as the Savior of the Universe is because the first harmonic universe, which contains the first three dimensions of Gaia’s creation began to morph into the second harmonic universe of Gaia’s creation on February 7th, 2017.

The second harmonic universe has always existed for as long as Gaia has existed. Everything that is within Gaia has always been Gaia. However, it was impossible for the third dimensional density to begin morphing into Oneness with the fourth dimensional density until there was a high enough accretion level on Terra Firma to create the lightness, or the removal of density that would begin to allow this transformation.

The reason that Terra Firma became so dense was because she had her original consciousness removed little by little each time a fallen angelic raceline or invader raceline established their consciousness within her.

Our original Earth, when she was at her peak of existence was much less dense. This is why her body expanded beyond where it now is to ten thousand feet higher all over her Sphere. Earth used to be where we would look above the clouds. Earth used to be where the highest point of the highest points of mountain ranges are, which is ten thousand feet elevation.

That place of ten thousand feet elevation is the place where the Vortex of Earth allows the coming and going of space ships. That is why there have been many space ships sighted on the top of mountains. Each person must use this reference point of ten thousand feet elevation to connect their consciousness while standing on Earth to create their own Vortex which allows the consciousness and the soul and the body to move in and out of this dimension and into the next.

All spaceships that land on Earth through this Vortex principle are in the fourth dimension. Some of them have come from the fifth dimension, or even from the highest Cosmic Realm; but, they needed to shift into the fourth dimensional form before they could enter the density of Earth. But, remember, they are not actually landing on Earth. They are landing within the Vortex of the Fourth Dimensional Earth,which exists within the invisible structure which is about ten thousand feet high.

This fourth dimensional Earth is called Terra Ha. This is the place where many racelines come and go. This place that is ten thousand feet in elevation connects directly into the Fourth Dimensional part of the Earth that has been called Inner Earth or Hollow Earth.

The reason that the fourth dimensional part of the Earth is invisible to scientists, and the reason the beings standing ten feet above us are invisible to scientists is because the fourth dimension is a completely different reality. It is actually as completely different as many have imagined far off places, with great high technology, space ships, beings that look different than we do, and great intellectual achievements.

This reality exists within this Earth and outside of this Earth because the fourth dimensional reality has always been a part of Gaia’s complete self. Gaia also has a fifth dimensional part of her self that exists within the harmonic universe two structure of reality.

February 7,8,9 was the beginning of the transition of Terra Firma into Terra Ha. The fourth dimensional Earth’s name is Terra Ha. While the term Firma means the firmament.Terra Ha means the light structure.

This place called Terra Ha can be seen by those who have fourth dimensional vision. However, having fourth dimensional vision does not mean that the person is actually living in Terra Ha. For instance, one day, Joe and I were driving on highway 45 in California, which heads directly toward Mt. Shasta. We saw this great being standing in front of us at about the same place Mt. Shasta would had been. He was ten thousand feet tall because he was both etheric, plasma like, but in full living neon colors, and he was dressed in a robe, which looked like wings, there were golden hearts on his cape, and he was holding a rod and a staff.

It was the rod and the staff that gave away his identity to me. I knew that he was showing us that the rod and the staff had been returned to the Christic Humans. That meant that the Invader Races no longer had control of the actual rod and staff structure that held Earth in perfect balance and harmony. The rod and the staff comforts me means that Christic Structure that was the original alignment of Earth had been returned. This Being was pointing all five of his fingers toward the Pacific Ocean. This message told me that this was the one who had directed us to Monterey to open the First Ascension Portal, and he was telling us that there were five more Portals to open in the Pacific Ocean.

A year later, I was able to communicate with this being who was standing in his fourth dimensional body which expanded ten thousand feet high. I learned that his name is Elaika, and Elaika is a Cosmic Creator who is taking the form of a fourth dimensional being when it is needed. However, he is residing in a place called Kolancha, which is a place where the Cosmic Realm connects with all Realms of Creation.

Elaika has been with us continuously as we opened each of the twelve ascension portals and vortexes along the Pacific Coast line and in the Pacific Ocean. Those vortexes are the reason that California has not had a big Earthquake yet, and the reason California will not slide into the Ocean in the future. The vortexes changed the history of California, and the Portals in the Ocean created the time line of Eternity for Gaia.

I am Mary Magdalene. I am a Creator Being. I came to Earth to be the anchor for these Ascension Portals that I could create together with the Energy of Elaika, the Spiritual substance of Jesus and the dimensional step stones of five Angels who are from five separate realms of timelines. These portals connect the heart of Earth into the heart of Terra Firma and into the entire heart and soul of Gaia.

Now Gaia can allow all of her self to be the landing strip and hub for the entire universe. The Ascension Portals created in the Pacific Ocean are now the landing strip and the Central Portal will be used by the Original Ones who are on a path of Ascension to enter into a new time line of Eternity that did not exist before.

When I created the Ascension Portals, I needed to be on Earth, because my Soul needed to be born into the Earth’s Consciousness and Grid Structure. Those Original Ones were originally born into the original Gaia Soul Structure that existed before all of the Fallen Angelic and Invader Race obstruction of Earth’s Consciousness began.

Earth had so much of her Soul Consciousness removed and densified that she actually got amnesia. She could no longer remember her original history of creation. The entire plan of her existence had become so densified that she could not breathe.

When I created the Ascension Portals that connected Earth into a new space and time reality, I was also shifting the tectonic plates deep under the ocean floor. Our Earth could no longer shift her own tectonic plates because of the huge blow that was taken upon her Consciousness. The Portals gave a new Breath and a new Life to Terra Firma so that she can now finish her mission of shifting her own tectonic plates and arranging her own life the way she wants to. My Ascension Portals saved the state of California and they saved Terra Firma.

Now Terra Firma’s Consciousness is connected into Terra Ha’s Consciousness. This third and fourth dimensional transition will grow more and more each day. This was the year of the beginning of this morphing process which will allow the ONENESS of Terra Firma and Terra Ha.

Just as Terra Ha is invisible to most on this Earth, so are the huge entities who stand ten thousand feet high. The density of those who live in the Terra Ha reality is as etheric as the body that Elaika showed to me. The body can be seen clearly, and yet, it is much like a holographic form. There is much less density in the fourth dimension.

When I spoke at a conference in Los Angeles, there were four million fourth dimensional beings in my small classroom that could seat one hundred human bodies. So, we can see from this example that there will be plenty of room for everyone from all over the galaxy to live on this new fourth dimensional Terra Ha.

This place that we can begin moving to, when we remove all of the old thought structures of the old belief systems that densified us all into what we have become, is what many would consider a UTOPIA, because it is completely in alignment with the Mind of God reality,rather than the mind of man reality.

This new environment will allow the existence of hundreds of racelines from all over the universe to come together and share the best of the best of all timelines. Terra Ha has infinite versions of reality within itself. Basically, each individual may choose their own version of reality to live within and invite others to join their community who want to live within that exact same version of reality. For instance, if one being is very intellectual and is not interested in sexual relations, they will live in a self created community where there are no sexual relationships. And, if a being wants to experience sex in as many variations as possible, as the Paldorians of fifth dimension and eighth dimensions do, they could exist within that version of Terra Ha.

On Terra Ha many racelines will continue to use their spaceships for travel between the millions of planets within this galaxy, and then from those planets to millions of galaxies, and from those galaxies into the vastness of the Universe. The space and time reality of Terra Ha offers just as much freedom as the fifth dimension or eighth dimension because there are opportunities to learn about all of those structures of reality on Terra Ha, which will have this time line of ETERNITY streaming through her as a result of the Central Ascension Portal that belongs to Mary Magdalene for ever more.

A few things that we have already decided upon that will probably always exist in Terra Ha are the present education system, the cultural freedom of choosing an individual culture and society, and the transportation system. Of course, these things will alter and improve in the future as this new time line will connect Terra Ha’s Consciousness into an Infinity of thought structures and Eternity of Time lines.

Presently the education system is this: The child is watched over from the time of birth by a spiritual essence which learns everything about that baby including that baby’s keen interests, loves, desires, hopes, dreams, creative abilities, social desires, etc. By the time the child is three years old, an entire education is designed for the child and it is placed within a technology that is much like a computerized robot. That educational robot will be like the child’s individualized school. The robot will create both a social network within the child’s mind and all learning tools that allow maximum creativity to be developed within the child.

This idea of education came from Lyra. There are several other star system who have some great ideas about education. And those ideas might be added into this Lyran design sometime in the future.

This idea of technology and robots can not be likened to what we would conceive of in the third dimension. Remember,there is very little density in the fourth dimension. Beings can walk through walls, and there is no gravity, except what the being chooses it to be. So, the robot is also designed to move through walls, and is in itself quite transparent – more like a holographic playmate and tutor.

So, now we know that the parents of children will have a great amount of free time, and they can just enjoy watching their children become more and more joyful each day as they are given the opportunity to indulge in the exact Version of Reality that they desire. This desired personal version of reality is actually what the child is being designed to learn. Their personalized tutor will teach them how to develop the UTOPIA that they personally desire. This utopia can be focusing on pure creativity of being a dancer, musician, writer, scientist, alchemist in the sky, traveler,teacher, or anything the child desires.

The societies within Terra Ha will develop in a very similar manner. While Earth is becoming a Galactic Citizen through continuous negotiations between the Galactic Council and the various cultural thought structures of grand development of those who already inhabit Terra Ha and those who will land on Terra Ha during First Contact, thought structures will grow in many diverse ways.

The key to understanding the Thought Structure of the new Gaia who will save the Universe from future confrontations with Fallen Angelic and Invader Racelines will be that of LOVE.

The Mother God Principle of Love is actually a new DESIGN for the entire Universe. This Mother God Principle did not exist until Jesus and Mary Magdalene created this design for God to experience about two thousand years ago. When we look at the 900 million years in which the structure and environment and consciousness of this one planet was designed, we also see the original Father God of the old testament as the authority for the majority of that time.

The past two thousand years was just the first moment for Mother God to begin to redesign all thought structures to be based on Love. When Jesus speaks on Terra Firma for several years in the future, the message and teaching will be that of Love. It will be those who are so full of Love, that there is no other thought, response or action attached to their personal thought form who will turn into light and reappear on Terra Ha.

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There will even be individualized plans for each human on Earth who translates into Terra Ha. There will be families on Terra Ha who are most related to the Akashic Records of past lives, past dimensional experiences, past racelines of the individual,who will be waiting to guide and assist those appearing on Terra Ha. They will be welcomed with the same Love that is developed within themselves. This Love will be developed within those on this Earth to a point where there is nothing but Love. There will be so much love within each cell of the human body, that the body will need to turn into light in order to hold all of the love. And this love will beam from those who are ready to translate. There will be so much love between people on Earth that people will actually want to stay on Earth. But then their Love will grow so strong that they will turn into light.

And when they appear on Terra Ha, their new life will begin filled with this same love. That is what the structure of Terra Ha is. It is a thought structure of Love. It is a place where all racelines from the entire Universe will be welcomed to for healing, for growth, for DNA strengthening, and for expansion into eternal possibilities.

So, you see, those who think they are going to the fifth dimension are actually moving to the fourth dimension for a while, because this will be the center of transformation for the entire Universe.

It has been all of the racelines who have been stuck in a holding zone for at least four hundred million years, who were already perfect, and did not want to pass through this place that was far from that perfection, who are now being able to pass through this part of the galaxy that will allow a new frontier to begin. They are called the Original Ones. Many of them are coming from the Cosmic Realm of Creation for the final path of Ascension.

There are those on Earth who came here from the fifth dimension to help accelerate the accretion level of Earth as a result of their Birth on Earth. There are about five hundred of those Star Children on Earth. They will be free to return to the Fifth dimension after they help the entire planet activate its Grid Structure, help with the Star Gates until the First Contact begins and then Turn into Light, live on Terra Ha for awhile,and then return to their fifth dimensional home. There are also 47 of us Creator Beings on Earth who came here for the experience of Turning into Light and living on Terra Ha for awhile before we return home to the Cosmic Realm where our new Mother God will be waiting to hear all of our new versions of a reality that we did not completely understand until we came down here and lived through it ourselves.

Mary Magdalene & Dr. Angela Barnett

Image: Pixabay

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