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Ascension Toolkit #2 – Intent

By on April 5, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

Ascension Toolkit #2 - Intent

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by Michael H Hallett,
Contributing Writer,

If breathing is the safety net of the Ascension process, intent is the fuel that carries you forwards. Progress along the path of Ascension is very much like a stock market graph. Little climbs followed by sharp drops and gradual recoveries, with the overall trajectory taking you ever higher.


In those many drops we lose pretty much everything—awareness, direction, motive power, desire. Sometimes breathing is the go-to tool because it’s all that’s left. But as soon as we begin to re-emerge one of the big questions of Ascension reappears: “Where am I going?”

There is no answer to this question. Well, no answer that our limited 3D minds can comprehend. How do we choose the right path if we don’t know—and have no way of knowing—where we’re going?

The answer is intent.

The crack cocaine of Ascension

Intent is pure desire for conscious evolution. It is the crack cocaine of Ascension. It’s a quiet fire in your heart that tells the universe: “I’m done with 3D. I will do whatever it takes to get out of here.”

The great thing about intent is that you don’t need to know exactly where you’re going. That desire—that flame—is enough. If you can fuel that, the universe will do the rest.

When it does, what it will show you is your next step. Not the step after that, or five steps in the future, or your end goal. The very next step… the tiniest forward movement along your journey. It’s all you are capable of perceiving right now. No matter how small that step seems your journey cannot be completed without it. You can take it later, or you can take it now. The universe is indifferent.


So take it.

Relight my fire

Where does that step lead? Why, to the next crash in your personal stock market graph. With every forward step you take, you release toxic 3D beliefs—and the unexpressed emotional pain that accompanies them.

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Each crash will extinguish the flame of your intent. Once you’re done processing it, get out your emotional flint or your kindling sticks. To paraphrase The Doors, “Come on baby, relight my fire.”

You may be desperate to know where you’re going. That’s just your mind trying to find some security to cling to. There is none, so forget about it. Focus on your intent. It will take you wherever you, personally and uniquely, need to go.

Michael H Hallett provides Ascension guidance. He writes on emotional intelligence and the mechanics of Ascension.

Published under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial (CC BY-NC) licence. Can be freely shared for non-commercial purposes.

Image: Pixabay

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