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Re-Emerging Into Ourselves During Ascension

By on March 22, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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Re-Emerging Into Ourselves During Ascension

by Kalayna Colibri,
Contributing Writer,

It’s as if I have been wrapped in a self-made cocoon for the last couple of weeks. I’m still feeling some pieces in my heart and auric field that have yet to move, but I do feel them moving. There is much that is being removed from my way of being in this life now that I am no longer choosing to energize it. Sometimes setting a loving boundary with yourself is the best way to move on from old conditioning that seems to be sticking to you.

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I feel how this re-emergence place I’m feeling in myself right now, is the place where we are all being asked to go. The programming from culture, birth family, and old friend and romantic connections, is so very strong within each of us. There are so many ideas and points of view floating around in our fields and in our chakras… not just the body chakras either. There are many chakras above us that also hold onto conditioning from every way we have been “en-cultured” to believe one thing or another (or not believe, as the case may be). It was always important to begin to individuate, but now that we are trying to all become “one” again in a sense, through this process of ascension, it seems that paradoxically, it has never been so important to individuate as well. It feels as if some of us would rather jump into oneness as if we are trying to drown out our authentic and unique inner voices and hearts, therefore not feeling our own uniqueness of being and our unique gifts we are here to offer the world.

It doesn’t feel to me that we are being asked to forget about who we are or who we’ve been shaping up to be. There is so much more to our purpose in being here than that. It feels to me that we are here in order to experience and in that process, learn, un-learn and re-learn. Our deepest place of learning is in finding and harvesting love and compassion that is rooted deep within our healing hearts and souls. It feels like the gift of ascension is that it expedites this process, or can if we let it. We must be open to the signs and signals the process is sending us, showing us the roadmap to those places inside of us that still need love and the places where we need to let love flow through us and to others.

We have a choice in this re-emergence and rediscovery of the self – to focus on it being a rough ride, or choose to surrender to it with the humility we find in admitting that until now, we’ve had perhaps only a few valid ideas of who we really are. There is nothing wrong with the different images and ideas we’ve had about who we are. We’ve needed all our belief systems in order to have ground to stand on in this life. The important piece here is to let in that our belief-ground we stand on, just as the literal ground beneath our feet, is forever shifting, changing, evolving, and adapting.

Today is another new day and another chance to feel who we could possibly be on the other side of our assumptions and those dark corners of our hearts we’ve yet to explore. We have a choice in every moment for what path we’d like to take into healing our pain and into ascension. Holding our journeys in self-loving ways has never been more important or called for than it is now.

Now is our time for growth and movement.
Now is our time to realize that we are not our conditioning or the messages playing over and over again in our heads.

Star beings, guides, anything you consider a part of your personal guidance system, both inside and outside of you and yet ONE with you at all times, are here in service to you if you are feeling the call to finally be of deep service to yourself, with the intention of one day serving others with greater passion, clarity, and above all, love. For this is an aspect of why we are even here in the first place… to serve our re-emerging selves first and have that move us organically into an expression of service to others through our conscious, full-hearted, sacred human BEing-ness.

Kalayna ColibriAbout the author: Kalayna is an indigo-crystal bridge, energy healer, writer, poetess, and facilitator/teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information about sessions, online group calls and circles, community, videos, and more.

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