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Ascension Toolkit #4 – Boundaries

By on April 18, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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Ascension Toolkit #4 - Boundaries

by Michael H Hallett,
Contributing Writer,

Developing healthy boundaries is a significant component of the Ascension journey. In this context, what are boundaries?

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If we own a property, that property has a boundary. It delineates what is part of the property and what is not. Energetic boundaries are similar. They demarcate what energies are yours and what are not yours.

There are two potential issues with boundaries: us imposing on others and others imposing on us. For most people on the Ascension path the latter is by far the biggest issue, so let’s focus on that.


In 3D societies, energetic boundaries are weak. Our energies merge with those of surrounding individuals and groups. As a result, we may develop unhealthy attachments to:

• Family members, significant others or friends
• Sports teams
• Artists
• Tribes, clans or communities
• Political parties
• Nations
• Religions
• Ideals or causes

Typically, we have varying degrees of attachment to multiple of these. Because of our poor boundaries we merge into their energy fields and feel like we belong to them. We revel in their successes and ache at their failures. This makes us both dependent on outside events for our wellbeing and liable to manipulation.

Historically, our poor boundaries have allowed us to be manipulated into giving up our lives to save the abstract notion of our country. In Britain in World War I, this was done using a poster of an authoritarian man pointing an accusing finger at you, with the caption ‘Your country needs you’. Watch the mainstream news and you will see that same manipulation in constant overdrive.

These attachments may be multi-levelled. While many people may identify with a singer’s music, some will go further and fixate on the singer, possibly including an element of sexual obsession.

Creating boundaries

The Ascension process requires us to form healthy boundaries. This can be a painful process, particularly when it involves our ‘nearest and dearest’.

Perhaps there’s someone in your family causing problems for you, but you’re dodging the issue because you don’t want to cause any fallout? Get over it. Say no. Do whatever it takes to stop that person in their tracks. Why? Because that’s what it takes to consolidate your boundaries. When you have sound energetic boundaries, people don’t mess with you.

What about the fallout? If someone is imposing on you, you have every right to erect a boundary. You are not responsible for how they feel or how they react.

So go ahead. Create that boundary. If it helps, imagine a ball of light or low wall that surrounds and protects you. Step inside it. Do whatever you have to do. Yes, you will be tested—perhaps even two or three times. But you will win through: poor boundaries always give way to strong boundaries. Remember, you’re the one aligning with the planet’s rising energies, empowering yourself and creating the potential for others to do likewise.

That brings us to the second issue with boundaries: imposing on others. As you gain insight, you become increasingly aware of the ways others harm or sabotage themselves. The temptation to step in and ‘fix’ things can be strong. Don’t, unless they ask. Respect others’ boundaries as much as you respect your own.

Michael H Hallett provides Ascension guidance. He writes on emotional intelligence and the mechanics of Ascension.

Published under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial (CC BY-NC) licence. Can be freely shared for non-commercial purposes.

Image: Pixabay

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