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Ascension Trouble – Panic Attacks And Anxiety

By on October 4, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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by Eric Vargas,
Contributing Writer,

Your heart is beating out of your chest, your mouth is dry, and it feels like your throat is closing up. Strangely enough, it also feels like you’re under the influence of a drug and you feel completely depersonalized. Your arms and legs start to feel cold and tingly. Intense terror and fear washes over you and you even feel like you’re losing complete control.

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You think to yourself:

Am I having a heart attack?

Am I going insane?

Do I need to go to the emergency room?

All of these questions race through our minds as we’re caught up in the throes of a panic attack.

If you’ve never experienced anything like this, it can be difficult to understand how deeply uncomfortable and terrifying panic attacks can be. The body fills with a surge of adrenaline and you feel as if you’re at the edge of a cliff about to fall. The problem is, you’re most likely in a perfectly safe setting but you’re overwhelmed with these emotions for no apparent reason.

The ascension and awakening process comes with a wide range of uncomfortable symptoms. One of the most common and terrifying ones reported by my clients are panic attacks. As our bodies take on a larger influx of energy and we begin to open up on a spiritual level, the logical aspect of our human brain has trouble making sense of what’s happening and sometimes begins to panic.

During this time, many of our emotional blockages are also coming up to the surface for us to heal. Most if not all of us have stored fear and trauma that we may not feel completely prepared to process at a moment’s notice. It’s almost like we’re in a fast paced emotional detox and we can’t seem to catch up.

The good news is that these symptoms will eventually pass and they aren’t something we will have to deal with for the rest of our lives.

Having gone through completely terrifying and often painful ascension symptoms (and survived!) I’d love to share my knowledge with all of you in hopes that you can get through this process with ease and calm.

Let’s take a look at a few simple methods to effortlessly get rid of panic attacks and anxiety.


I’m sure you’ve read about grounding on various spiritual websites and I’m also sure you’ve tried them and didn’t get much relief afterwards.

Visualization exercises where our feet begin to grow roots that dig into the earth are great for many, but for more sensitive individuals, it simply wont cut it.

What you want to do is ground on a physical and mental level. Many of you might not like what I’m about to recommend, but when you’re at your most anxious, it’s best to stay away from all things spiritual for a few weeks. Avoid channeling or speaking to high vibrational beings, take a break from giving energy sessions, keep meditation to a minimum, and please (this is very important) put away all your crystals and stones. What you want to do is be present with earthly energies and take a break from more high vibrational activities.

All of these activities stimulate your energy field while it’s trying to find balance. What you want to do is let yourself adapt to the new energies coming in before bombarding yourself with more energetic stimulants.

Once you feel that you’re more centered and level headed, by all means, continue with your usual spiritual practices.

You might also want to take more walks in nature, dip your toes in running streams and rivers, or sit at the base of a tree every once in a while (I personally enjoy reading a good book under a tree.)

Release Excess Energy

During a panic attack we may feel that we’re on the verge of bursting due to the built up energy within us. For those of us who do energy healing, this might come naturally, but for the rest of us, we need to learn to release this excess energy so that we find immediate relief from the panic attack.

An exercise you can do to release this excess energy involves a simple visualization paired with a breathing exercise.

Slowly inhale through your nose for 6 seconds, then slowly exhale out your mouth but while doing so, visualize the anxious energy in your body flowing down your left leg and into the earth below you.

You may have to do this 3-4 times, but I promise that the more you do it, the better you will feel.

Do the 4-7-8 Breathing Exercise

When we feel anxious some of us take more shallow breaths or even hold our breath without realizing it. Sometimes an attack might make us feel as if we’re choking or our throats are closing up, but we need to remember that this is not physically happening. It’s more of a psychological response to the adrenaline running through our bodies.

An excellent breathing exercise that calms a racing heart and takes your mind out of a panic state involves inhaling deeply for 4 seconds, holding it for 7, and exhaling slowly for 8. If 7 and 8 seconds are too difficult to do, reduce it to 6 and 7 seconds.

Do this breathing exercise until you feel your anxiety begin to subside. It’s truly a life saver when you feel like you’re losing complete control.

Speak to the Anxiety

I know this might sound strange,but hear me out.

The emotions we feel have a message for us. Our subconscious mind sometimes knows things we’re not entirely aware of during our normal day to day mindset. Our emotions always have important messages for us, but if we ignore them, the messages only get louder with time.

Next time you feel anxiety begin to creep up, try to sit with it and make your best effort to resist escaping the feeling. Out loud or in your mind say “I’m listening to you and I am present with you. I’m ready to hear what you have to say. What message do you have for me?”

Wait a few moments and be attentive of any words, phrases, images, or memories that come to your mind. Completely allow whatever has to come up to come up. Many times these messages will offer a clue as to why you’re experiencing anxiety.

Let Go of Resistance

Carl Jung often said, “What you resist persists” and this also applies to panic attacks.

The fact that we’re trying to escape our panic only feeds the attack even more. I know it’s challenging to not want to escape such an intensely uncomfortable sensation, but the more fear we feed our panic attacks, the longer they will last.

During an attack, be mindful of your breathing and tune in to the feelings in your body. Pay attention to any physical tension you might be feeling as well. Most of us tend to feel tightness in our chest which might send us into a paranoid frenzy where we think we’re having a heart attack. If this tends to happen to you, simply visualize a white light around your chest and gently massage the area. You will quickly notice that its your pectoral muscle that’s tense and not your actual heart. Do this with other tense muscles in your body as well.

Repeat the phrase “I am having a panic attack and I am not in any danger. I am safe and sound.” This will train your mind to understand that there is absolutely no need to go into the fight or flight state.
If you’re feeling brave enough, speak to your panic and tell it that you are not afraid of it. If you’re feeling extra brave, demand it to get stronger. You will notice that it won’t get stronger and in some cases your anxiety will even begin to dissipate immediately.

The key here is to not escape the feeling in any way and eventually (when you’re ready) show it that you are in control.

Replenish your Body

Stress and anxiety can deplete your body of certain vitamins and minerals. What’s worse is that a lack of certain nutrients in the body put a person into a vicious cycle, so to speak. For example: anxiety depletes magnesium levels, but low levels of magnesium cause feelings of anxiety. If you’re concerned about being low on certain vitamins or minerals, see your doctor and find out if you’re deficient in anything and if supplementation is necessary. During my most anxious moments I supplemented with magnesium, zinc, Omega-3, and a B-complex vitamin.

Other things you can take to get some mild relief are chamomile and linden tea, valerian root supplements, turmeric, and Bach flower remedies (I personally prefer Rescue Remedy.)

These are just a few effective methods to help you manage feelings of anxiety and panic.

Several of us following a spiritual path are struggling with these emotions, and it’s a very common phase to go through during the ascension process.

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Although these feelings are challenging to work through, I promise you that it will get better. Remember that you have more power than you allow yourself to believe and you will get through this difficult time.

About the author: Eric is an energy healer and Certified Holistic Life Coach who specializes in helping individuals through their spiritual awakening. As a child, Eric was highly sensitive and communicated with various spirits/entities which taught him much of what he knows now. With a background in Eastern Philosophy, Spiritism, and indigenous plant medicine, he hopes to offer spiritual guidance and healing to anyone in need. For a private session you can reach out to Eric at or e-mail him directly at

Image: Pixabay

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