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Is It Your Mind Or Your Conditioning?

By on October 4, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening
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Have you ever thought about the origins of your beliefs? Where do they come from? What would you be without them?

A belief is connected to words, and so its natural location is in your word-based left-brain. A belief is conceptual in nature—it is not reality, just potential—it exists in the quantum implicate.

A concept is an imaginal possibility, and it can trigger a manifestation in the quantum explicate (the quantum implicate expressed as matter). This is why the Controllers need you to have beliefs: they can use you—as an unconscious creator—to create the world of their choice, full of fear and domination. Once you “wake up” to your power, they won’t be able to use you anymore, so they really need you to accept the beliefs that they are feeding you.

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Left-brain dominance is very common in modern times, and it allows you to be easily dominated by outside forces. Belief defines something that doesn’t actually exist yet. A belief is a very creative thing; it is a strong, practiced thought—one that you either think over and over again, or one that you accept without question. At some level all beliefs exist as a kind of reality, especially when you apply a strong emotion to the belief. But, until it manifests, it is just a potential reality, a parallel reality—the quantum implicate.

When you get deeply into a belief, you are like the scientist who tried to objectively observe the first quantum experiment: if he thought he would see a wave, he saw a wave; if he thought he would see a particle, he would see a particle. When the scientist saw that his beliefs were affecting the outcome of his work, he finally realized that he could never be outside his experiment, because he is the creator of the reality he is witnessing.

The creator can never be outside his creation.

This is an immutable law of consciousness.

When we are forced into the left-brain by our conditioning, we find ourselves in an artificial world, like the residents of the Matrix. We are outside creation, separated by our beliefs from the natural world. The unconscious nature of our beliefs forces us to view nature as separate from ourselves; we can no longer see how we affect what we experience. The limitations of the unnatural separation of right brain from left renders us disempowered and irresponsible at the same time.

Psychiatrist David Shainberg and quantum physicist David Bohm believe that our thoughts are vortices in the river of our energy bodies. They tell us that a vortex is a particularly stable phenomenon; the stability of this energy configuration explains how our attitudes and beliefs can be so resistant to change:

“A particularly powerful vortex can dominate our behavior and inhibit our ability to assimilate new ideas and information. It can cause us to become repetitious, create blockages in the creative flow of our consciousness, keep us from seeing the wholeness of ourselves, and make us feel disconnected from our species … when we allow the same vortices to take form repeatedly he (psychiatrist David Shainberg) feels we are erecting a barrier between ourselves and the endless positive and novel interactions we could be having with this infinite source of all being.”

A person with left-brain dominance will often resist the idea that the reality they see may be based upon their belief system. For them truth is a self-evident absolute; they forget that their truth might have started as a thought in someone’s mind. The thought has become an apparent truth through repetition and agreement.

~Parallel Mind, The Art of Creativity, Aliyah Marr

The belief system is a very convenient tool for those at the top who wish to hold others in mental slavery (“governmental”= govern+mental), and emotional bondage. The Controllers who set themselves up as the gods of man have been siphoning off the creative energy of humans for eons.

Beliefs are very creative. Beliefs call up the power of consciousness to transfer a potential held in the quantum soup of the implicate—unexpressed potential—over to the side of expressed consciousness—manifestation into form. This is why beliefs have to be questioned by every person who seriously aspires to full conscious awareness—especially if the belief did not come from one’s own experience but from our social conditioning. Another term for belief could be “limitation,” for each belief represents a ceiling to our conscious awareness, and it has to be surpassed in order to advance to the next level.

The less beliefs you have, the higher the level of your awareness. And why are beliefs so bad? Because they keep you in a prison that is not of your own making.

—Copyright Aliyah Marr

About the Author: A creative consultant and creative coach, author of 11 books on creativity and personal empowerment, including Unplug From the Matrix, The Tarot Key, and The Avatars of Eden: her mission is to help people achieve the life of their dreams. She uses the Tarot as a tool in her coaching practice to help her and her clients access their intuition. |

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