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Ascension Update – Trinity Months

By on October 25, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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Ascension Update - Trinity Months

by Ostariena,
Guest writers,

The upcoming months of November-December-January, will act as a catalyzer, months of Trinity Power Initiation, Transmuting and Clearing

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Higher Consciousness had been kindly nudging me of the importance of letting others feel through all that we do, the warmness Flame of Empowerment. Angels also pointed out that for the upcoming months of November-December-January, will act as a catalyzer, months of Trinity Power Initiation, Transmuting and Clearing. All misleading wishes or ideas made through projection onto others will completely dissolve, which might act as a `cold` moment of emotions for the souls that haven’t yet started their inner work. This energy will shake the very foundation of your belief as change is freely welcomed, pushing each and every one of us further down the road of earning our Mastery through lessons.

The rules of the old will not apply anymore; things will be renewed as you will gain brand new clarity. We will see suddenly more clearly than we ever had, as we will recognized the divine in another just like we do recognized the divine within us. We will journey into our Multidimensional Consciousness and there wouldn’t be any school of teaching that would be able to explain what had happened within each of us as we are Unique in our own ways and our paths are all different.

The Angels smile with enthusiasm, as it will be a joyous time, a celebration of blessing others through helping in mutual aid. Sharing our own personal journey could be helpful to others as it will act as a joining effort to raise the Planetary Consciousness to reach higher frequencies. These trinity months will bless many with fantastic recognition and connection of Soul Family or of Twin Flames; new person will step into your life which would help you to divinely experience the divine within your heart. It will feel like you had been showered with abundance and been gifted a treasure, which it is. It would be a true time of beauty, excitement, bliss and love.

May you come to terms with the ordinary mundane life and may you embrace what others often call blissful insanity. LOVE in its myriads of forms and facets.

About the authors: Ostariena (Aiena & Ostarel) is in a divine professional partnership since 2014, as Kindred Souls, they have a golden link that bonds them together. They are a team that offers a unique combination of Spiritual Insight, Intuitive Healing, Clairvoyance, Claircognizance, Clairaudience and Inner Guidance to provide you with the highest possible direction to reach empowerment. They are soul guides that had helped countless others to find their own inner callings. (

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