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Awakening To Your True Self

By on March 10, 2015 in Meditation with 0 Comments
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Awakening To Your True Self in5d

by Karen Benson
guest writer for

Why do we meditate? Most will respond with answers like: health, calmness and clarity of mind, to get ‘present’, inner-guidance or to experience oneness.  But, when someone answers with: ‘to find inner-happiness’ or ‘to realize True Self’, do you ever wonder if they really get what they are saying.

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While, most understand, conceptually, what inner-happiness and True Self mean, many do not have a tangible idea as to what they are and where to find them.

And, frankly, neither did I until I had the following awakening:

While working on a creative project, and in stillness of mind, I felt the emergence of an ego reaction.  Because, I was in heightened state of clarity I could ‘see’ that this reaction was not originating from me, but rather, it was coming at me.

Next thing I knew, I was in a moment of ‘no time’.

I saw, and felt, two distinct cylindrical energy sources surrounding my body.  The outer cylinder I immediately recognized as my ego.  It was about 3 feet away, completely separate from me, and rotating counter-clockwise.

I recognized this energy was a creation of the 3rd dimension and it had no awareness or knowledge of God/Source.  In an instant, I understood the ego.  It simply does what it does to survive – what any other energetic body would do.  I no longer felt anger or shame towards it, but empathy and compassion.

The second cylindrical energy surrounding me was emanating from inside me, from my heart, and rotating clockwise. I quickly proclaimed: THIS is the REAL me! I am NOT my ego! And, ohhhhh, this is the ‘true self’…it’s an actual thing!

This internal energy was not at all connected to the ego and I could ‘see’ that it existed in every dimension.

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I then began seeing the people of Earth walking around in straightjackets and being suffocated by their own ego energies.  I soon understood that lifetime after lifetime of no awareness and focus on our inner ‘God Self’ has reduced our energetic flames or light to about 1/16th of its original size.

A huge sadness came over me.

I then realized the purpose of meditation.  It is to focus our attention on our own actual energetic flame in order for it to grow and return to its original size.

When we do this, we can permanently raise and expand our vibrational frequency, which then draws in and transforms the lower energies of the ego personality:  Transformation from the inside out!

If we try to dismantle the ego with unfocused meditation and by trying to figure out ‘why this reaction, why that reaction’, (outside in), we remain in the same frequency range as the ego itself.

This can keep you locked in the ‘like attracts like’ cycle, creating the ‘yo-yo effect’ of change; thinking you dissolved an issue only to have it return days, weeks or months later.

With daily meditation on True Self, your frequency raises higher, faster.  True Self then draws in your disruptive and healthy ego aspects and transforms them into higher versions of themselves.   This is a more efficient and natural way of creating change by allowing True Self to do the work for you– power over force.

And, while the action of balancing out the lower energies into their higher forms is experienced as ‘upheaval’, the quantity and quality of the discomfort is significantly reduced due to your alignment with True Self.

When you are aligned with True Self, you are able to witness the upheaval in its purest form, from the Highest Perspective.  You will have clarity about its origin and reason for being.  This clarity gives you the power to release and detach, either fully from the ego aspect, or from the portion of the attitude that is suitable for release – as you know, there are many layers of attitudes and emotions connected to one ego belief.

Perhaps, this information isn’t new to most of you, and some may even disagree.

It is, however; how I perceive things and how I needed to see things in order to have a direct experience and knowing of what ‘inner-happiness’ and ‘True Self’ is.

Awakening to True Self

  1. Awareness of your external environment – hidden truths, not-so-     nice agendas, thoughts create your reality, etc.
  2. Awareness of your ego personality.
  3. Awareness and focus on your True Energetic Essence.

Simple, however, does not mean easy.

Hopefully, this personal story will be the ‘ah-ha’ for someone, as it was for me, and ultimately makes your journey to True Self a little bit clearer.

About the author: Karen Benson is an Awakening & Metaphysical Coach.  She has been privately (aka ‘in the closet’) counseling people for the last 10 years and has recently started her on-line presence at: New Earth Commons offers unique partner-based coaching (think ‘spiritual concierge’) into Awakened Awareness, as well as, intuitive guidance, messages, activations, etc.  However, a huge component of our site is to be a source of community to anyone, no matter what path they are on, including individual chat sessions as well as weekly Group Video chats for people all over the globe to connect, share and discuss all things spiritual.   Our current group chat is on Sundays at 3:00pm CST.  For anyone who has read this far and would like to join a group chat for free, please contact me through the site!  We are also about to launch a fun and creative new blog for all you channels out there…so stay tuned!

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