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Why Raising Your Energy Vibration Is So Important

By on October 10, 2017 in Enlightening Articles, Spiritual Awakening
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Why Raising Your Energy Vibration Is So Important

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Founder, Webmaster, & Editor,

As we enter the Age of Aquarius, your energy vibration becomes more important than ever. In the near future, there will be a division of people into two groups, those who are service to self and those who are service to others. There will also be a division of those who are of positive energy vibration and those who are not.

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Now, more than ever, one should avoid watching television as it is one of the biggest mind controlling, negative energy propaganda machines on this planet.

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Television advertising is completely based on the unsustainable need to have the latest gadget while promotion controlled obsolescence (how things will break down quicker than ever before, creating the need to purchase the “newer” version of the same thing). Television “programming” is exactly that; the programming of our minds.  Reality TV is so far away from reality that people believe that it’s more real than fiction, when in fact, most of it is staged to elicit the shock factor from you, which is a negative energy vibration.

Every newscast is designed to drain your energy.  Have you ever felt good after watching the news on TV?  Neither have I.  Have you noticed that all newscasters speak in an urgent tone, as if their every word is crucial to your existence? This is not a coincidence as they are trained to speak this way.

So why is your energy vibration more important now than ever before?

This has been the great secret throughout the ages: Fear not only drains your positive energy, but allows you to be controlled by those who impose it.  Keep in mind that there are only a handful of energy vampires at the top of the pyramid who maintain this illusion.

If you look at the studies into cymatics, you can clearly see how sound (which is vibration) affects vibration:

This is one of the reasons why monks chant mantras.

It is time for us to choose our paths.

Questions to ask yourself

  • Do you have any bitter relationships in your life, such as a former close friend, a parent, sibling or relative?
  • Have you ever felt slighted in a relationship?
  • Do you tend to look at people with fear or defensively?
  • Do you feel depressed?
  • Have you lost faith in humanity?
  • Do you feel like there is nothing we can do to stop the powers that be from controlling us?

Examples of high energy vibrational activities

There are many free and simple ways to raise our energy vibrations.  Here a just a few:

  1. Meditate – many iof the people who say they don’t have time to meditate will find time to watch TV.
  2. Get out into nature – whether it’s a walk or planting a garden or bed of flowers!
  3. Stop watching TV – and meditate! … or simply do something else that gives you a positive return of energy.
  4. Play with your pets –  our pets give us the lesson of unconditional love which always raises our vibrations.
  5. Watch children playing –  try to remember the fascination of experiencing things for the first time, or the innocence of childhood
  6. Exercise – as long as your able to do so, then go for a walk in nature and you’ll get two benefits at the same time!
  7. Forgive yourself and others – none of us are perfect and there are those who either have hurt us, or that we have hurt. Forgive them but also remember to forgive yourself.
  8. Express gratitude – be grateful for the beauty that surrounds you, even if it’s a small tree in the middle of a big city.  Be grateful for the meal you are about to eat and anything else that has been blessed to come into your life, including some of the negative things that ended up being wonderful life lessons that expanded your spiritual growth.
  9. Face your fears and see them as an OPPORTUNITY to spiritually evolve – fearing anything always elicits a negative emotion.  There are reasons why these fears keep coming into our lives.  Once we face our fears, the fear disappears as this was yet another one of life lessons.
  10. Buy organic food and express gratitude before eating it – organic food has more nutrition than GMO’s, so that alone will increase your physical energy, which in turn will increase your spiritual vibrations, especially if you bless or express gratitude before eating your food.
  11. Do things or be with people who make you laugh – laughter is a very high vibrational energy, even if we’re laughing at ourselves!
  12. Ask your spirit guides and guardian angels (and/or the Universe) for help and direction – your spirit guides and guardian angels are eagerly awaiting your call for assistance, so ask them for guidance, assistance, protection and direction each day!

A couple other things I HIGHLY recommend include a “Walk of Gratitude” and a “Love Bubble Meditation“.

You can read more about both of these in the photo below:

I talk more about the Walk of Gratitude on one of my In5D Facebook Live shows below:

If you would like to join in on any future In5D Facebook Lives, simply “Follow” me on Facebook and join in:

Also, please keep this in mind: You’re perfect EXACTLY the way you are. It doesn’t matter if you are disabled or overweight or anything else that society deems as being different from the norm.  You are beautiful and perfect just the way you are!

Bruce Lipton noted that it just takes a small percentage of the population to become more coherent in their thought process, which in turn can alter the entire field and manifest change, and lead to humanity’s evolution. This means that our thoughts are more powerful than we could ever imagine!


In a paper published in 1976, it was noted that when 1% of a community practiced Transcendental Meditation, then the crime rate was reduced by 16% on average. At this time, the phenomenon was named Maharishi Effect.

We are at a period in time where positive thoughts and energy are needed more than ever.  While it may seem like those in power will continue to keep us living in tyranny and oppression, please remember that ALL empires eventually collapse and this is already happening right before our eyes through numerous worldwide revolutions.  Everything that is happening on the news right now is only going to awaken more people which in turn will create higher vibrations that will eventually topple all current regimes in favor of a world that is based on peaceful coexistence.

In time, we will look back at these days and will be grateful for the numerous opportunities we had to spiritually evolve.  In the meanwhile, always practice and maintain high energy vibrations because this will be the foundation of EVERYTHING that is coming our way!

Sending you all infinite LOVE and Light!


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Gregg Prescott, M.S.Gregg Prescott, M.S. is the founder and editor of In5D and Zentasia.  He co-owns In5D Club with his beautiful wife, Ali. You can find every episode of “The BIGGER Picture with Gregg Prescott” on Bitchute while all of his In5D Radio shows are on the In5D Youtube channel. He is a visionary, author, a transformational speaker, and promotes spiritual, metaphysical and esoteric conferences in the United States through In5dEvents.  Please like and follow In5D on Gab,  In5D TelegramIn5D Bitchute, Instagram, TikTok, Rumble, Twitter, and  In5D on Facebook!/

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