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A Beginner Mystic’s Guide To Gemstones With Healing Properties

By on June 12, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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A Beginner Mystic’s Guide To Gemstones With Healing Properties

by Roxanne Burg,
Contributing Writer,

Gemstones and crystals have far more properties than simply enhancing your outfit. For thousands of years, humans have used mysticism to bring balance to their lives. When you are just starting to dip your toe, it can be a little overwhelming. While healing crystals are not a replacement for going to the doctor, they can help you find inner peace and solitude to live a more fulfilling life.

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A Beginner Mystic’s Guide To Gemstones With Healing Properties

Glossary of Terms

Mysticism – The belief that the understanding of the world comes through the knowledge of the self. There is a deeper awareness and there is an understanding that is inaccessible to the intellect, which can only be attained through contemplation and self-surrender.

Aura – The distinct atmosphere that surrounds a person or place and reflects their inner emotions, thoughts, and self.

Chakra – The centers of spiritual power within a person.

The Seven Basic Chakras

The Root Chakra – Located at the base of the spine, it represents your personal foundation and the feeling of being grounded. It is associated with survival issues, such as financial independence, and primal needs (such as food).

Sacral Chakra – Located in the lower abdomen, it represents our ability to connect and accept others and new experiences. It is also associated with our sense of abundance and well-being, as well as pleasure and sexuality.

Solar Plexus Chakra – Located in the upper abdomen, it represents our self-confidence and ability to remain in control of our lives. It is the center of our self-esteem.

Heart Chakra – Located in the center of the chest, from here we draw our ability to love, and it represents joy and inner peace.

Throat Chakra – Located in the throat, it is associated with our ability to communicate and the self-expression of our feelings and the truth.

Third Eye Chakra – Located on the forehead between the eyes, it gives us our ability to focus and see the big picture. It is also associated with intuition, imagination, and wisdom. From here we make our decisions.

Crown Chakra – Located at the very top of the head, this is the highest chakra, and it represents our ability to be fully spiritually connected to the world around us. It is also closely associated with inner and outer beauty.

A Beginner Mystic’s Guide To Gemstones With Healing Properties


Amethyst is the perfect gateway stone for beginners. Its beautiful lilac tones are what initially draw the eye, but this stone can offer so much more to the wearer. This is one of the gemstone beads that will purify one’s aura as well as provide spiritual protection.

Additionally, if you are looking for ways to break the cycle of toxic thoughts and addictive behaviors, amethyst will supercharge your resolve to do so. You will find yourself becoming more in tune with your inner self. The best way to take care of your stone is by cleaning it under running water and then leaving it to recharge next to a clear quartz crystal or hematite.


Citrine is known as the stone of luck and self-confidence and will bring financial prosperity (it has also been called the “merchant’s stone.” It will bring the wearer the crucial ingredients to self-confidence: joy and optimism. This is also a great stone if you are an innovative soul. This stone will also boost creativity by inspiring your imagination and clearing your mindscape.

Citrine is your new remedy to writer’s block. Citrine has also been used to ease digestive problems and strengthen the Solar Plexus Chakra (the home of our personal will and power). Most seasoned users maintain this stone does not need cleansing; however, you may occasionally want to hold it under running water.


When you aren’t using your hematite to recharge your amethyst, use it to recharge yourself! Hematite will aid in resetting restless sleep patterns and help you snooze more soundly. It is great for when you are jetlagged or just having trouble sleeping due to stress. Hematite will connect with the Root Chakra and help transform negative energies to positive ones.

Also, hematite is a very protective stone and will help you stay grounded in stressful situations. This is a versatile stone that can also be used to recharge your other healing stones.

Rose Quartz

With its soft pink tones, it is no surprise that rose quartz is known as the universal Lovestone. This stone is often believed to bring external love into the life of the beholder; however, this is a common misconception.

While it is not impossible, rose quartz primarily deals in self-love and self-acceptance by clearing and strengthening the heart chakra. This often means bringing unresolved emotions to the surface, which can be overwhelming. If this occurs, you may want to use a grounding crystal such as hematite. To recharge your rose quartz, run it under water and place it next to a clear quartz.

A Beginner Mystic’s Guide To Gemstones With Healing Properties


If you have trouble making plans and keeping plans, this stone may help you find that balance. This gorgeous turquoise stone is associated with the throat chakra; thus, it has a strong connection with communication. It will help the wearer with aligning their actions with their words by allowing the Universe to assist in manifesting your intentions into reality.

Additionally, it also has a strong association with truth, honor, hope, integrity, trust, and will enhance intuition. So, if you are constantly flaking on friends or, more importantly, flaking on yourself—let the beautiful cool green tones of amazonite sooth you.

Girasol Quartz

This stone is an ancient mineral that is used to soften any tension being held in the body and mind. It brings feelings of calm, relaxation, hopefulness, and optimism. It will bring a sense of balance to your emotions, which, in turn, will help increase control over impulsive behaviors.

Girasol quartz empowers the wearer and helps them find the inner strength to say “no” to hasty choices they may lead to regret later. Additionally, this stone can also contribute to amplify your creativity and thoughtfulness in every aspect of your life.


Healing stones combined with other healthy life practices will lead you to a more balanced and happy lifestyle. They can help you to connect to chakras and cleanse your aura. While we are just touching the surface, now, you will soon find yourself on the path to self-actualization and a deeper, richer understanding of the world and yourself. Healing stones can be incredibly rewarding, and here you have taken your first steps.



About the author: Roxanne Burg has recently fallen under the spell of crystals. She’s working on increasing her knowledge of their healing powers and how to use them for heightening her vibrational frequency. Roxanne also loves night swimming on Folly Beach and reading metaphysical books. She blogs for and

Image: Pixabay

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