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Bridging The Gap Between “Here And There”

By on October 30, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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Bridging The Gap Between “Here And There”

by Patrick Davis,
Contributing Writer,

Is the shift of consciousness into a permanent 5D state (The Shift) going to happen automatically or is there something that we still need to do to complete the process?

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To answer this question, we need to understand the basics of how the Shift was created. Our eternal souls were all created as expressions of the Source/God/the Universe (or whatever other reference resonates with you). From the moment of creation, our eternal souls were gifted with unconditional and absolute free will. In this state, each one of us created our own journey, continuously expressing and exploring our existence without any material interference whatsoever (only guidance).

Individually and collectively, we have been on this journey for eons, during which we have continuously evolved spiritually. A point has now been reached where a large number of souls have, through their own free will, individually elected to shift their state of consciousness to a higher state. The Shift is a physical energetic process that has been created by the coming together of like-energies (which energies emanated from each of us individually). The Shift is not the cause of a process being imposed on us by anyone else. It is something that we have created ourselves. It goes without saying that we are receiving divine guidance and assistance from beings beyond this realm during this process, and much hard work is being attended to by a massive number of these divine beings (for which we must be very thankful).

The physical energies that make up the Shift are, through our own collective election, now accessible to us on Earth. It is now up to us to access these energies and to physically and actually implement the Shift on Earth. Once the Shift is fully implemented the state of existence on Earth will be completely different. For example, the subjects taught at schools and the basis for which corporates exist and conduct themselves will be founded upon a higher state of consciousness. Generally humans will exist in all facets of life in a higher state of consciousness.

But look at the current state of the world. Is the world currently existing in that higher state of consciousness? The answer is a big NO! Through the eons of time we have created the main “body” of the bridge (we have created the energies that have caused the Shift), but we now need to complete the construction of the bridge so that the bridge can finally be connected to the “land” (we need to access and implement the energies of the Shift to realize and finalize the process).

So what do we have to do? The implementation of the Shift is a very responsible and momentous task. It is the culmination of lifetime’s worth of effort from a majority number of souls. Do not underestimate the magnitude of the task at hand. Don’t make an instant change to your life for the purpose of implementing the Shift. Be patient. This is going to take time. Connect to your higher-self, communicate with your guides, your archangel and the Ascended Masters. You will be guided to an opportunity, appropriate to you and your eternal journey, to access and implement the energies of the Shift.

I look forward to our already planned reunion when we get back Home (after this life) to discuss and celebrate our efforts on Earth. But until then, shoulder to the grindstone, keep your minds clear and divine, seek your opportunity and then attend to whatever you will be doing to implement the Shift, responsibly. And give yourself time – do not be too hard on yourself.

Good luck all.

Patrick Davis

About the author: I am just a person with a normal job that communicates with “people on the other side”.

Image: Pixabay

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