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Energy Update – Quantum Love Wave

By on October 30, 2018 in Energy Updates

by Razzy Schoolfield and Randel Renaud,
Guest writers,

Great big wave of Quantum love enfolding. The whole mind, body and soul is being upgraded! The quantum frequency is love, which transcends time and space that expands, evolves us, enchants us. This is evolution baby, and what a ride! We live in this wonderful universe and it lives in us. Therefore we are being upgraded from the inside out and outside in. Space time is quantumly enfolding.

This is a major whole body upgrade, very intense, and extensive.

To support, we are taking:

  • Vitamin C for adrenal support, (to balance cortisol and therefor an antihistamine)
  • Msm, assists body in rejuvenating itself, muscle joint, any kind of pain
  • Bacopa, amazing brain, neuron, connectivity, pineal gland support.
  • Quercetin for sinuses, overall support.

Anything you can do to support your whole being, whatever your process is, we are having to play more to allow for this great big unknown, embracing it !

Other awakening light body symptoms we are experiencing are:

  • Solar plexus, felt like a bowling ball going through
  • Teeth
  • Lower back
  • Spine, I can feel movement going up and down it
  • Brain, big time wow!
  • Hard to breath, lungs this is intense
  • Sinuses

Very deep waves moving through body, plasma, feels like the body is wavy even when at rest. Hard to walk, feel really really heavy, like gravity is 200%!

Extreme fatigue and confusion as we change into more of who we are, even more of who we have dreamed and more of what we could have never dreamed of even being possible. Randy saw 50 scissor tails this morning… he usually sees just a few!

This is so very exciting and a little nerve wracking all at the same time. Remembering these are the changes we have been dreaming of.

Letting it enfold, unfold and be!

Multidimensional living in the Quantum being of now.


Razzy and Randel


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