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Stunning Announcement – Cabal Has Surrendered! Evil Plots Exposed And Prevented!

By on May 10, 2016 in Awareness with 0 Comments
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Stunning Announcement - Cabal Has Surrendered! Evil Plots Exposed And Prevented!

by Will Walker,

As is being reported by multiple sources, the U. S. Army has seized control of the Federal Government and President Obama has no actual authority. Furthermore, the so called ‘Cabal,’ or ‘Khazarian Mafia,’ backed by United Nations infiltrators has surrendered and their files have been seized. Multiple agents have been arrested and are being interrogated, but many more have decided to switch sides and work against the evil plots against humanity which had been planned beginning next month.

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There is disturbing information contained in these files about plans that had been in place, and the treasonous government officials which had been participating in these plots. Apparently, the core of the plan had been to ‘depopulate’ the planet by any means necessary. The most disturbing aspects of these plans had been the overall theme of using various techniques to ‘trick’ people (especially religious people) into believing these are the ‘end times’ as described by various religious texts. Evidence of this can be easily seen by the futile attempts to portray President Obama as the so called ‘Anti-Christ’ and even the Islamic ‘Madhi.’

According to files that are now being reviewed and analyzed at the Pentagon, along with this elaborate deception that has been occurring for years, there had been numerous plans in place to fake an ‘Apocalyptic Event’ lasting for ten days next month. From June 6 to June 16, a wide variety of events had been planned to trick the masses into believing it was witnessing prophesied events so that the majority of people world wide would go insane and destroy themselves. Most of these plans have now been shut down, but a few may still occur. Pay no attention to these events and continue with your daily lives. You may also get emails and messages from agents, or perhaps computer programs pretending to be friends and loved ones claiming crazy things are happening all around them. Pay no attention to these impostors.

These are some of the events which HAD been planned but are now cancelled:

  1. Holograms in the sky– Multiple 3D holograms projectors had been placed around the globe both by satellite and ground mounted devices to project various images in the sky. What they would project depended upon the local populace and what would be the most effective. In some areas, people might have seen Jesus or Lord Krishna, while in others people might have seen UFOs or even floating cities. Most of these projectors have now been deactivated or destroyed, but there may be some still active and set to go off automatically. If you see any such strange things, ignore them and go back to what you were doing. Discourage others from paying any attention to them.
  2. Hijacking MSM broadcasts– This idea was first tested by Illuminati agent Orson Wells in 1938 with a radio broadcast of his play, ‘War of the Worlds.’ Between the above mentioned dates, and in conjunction with the scheduled holograms, the plan HAD been to take control of the broadcast signals of all major television networks. The truly sinister part of the plan was to have different story lines broadcasted to different channels, thus adding to the confusion and chaos. The ‘Cabal’ could then control what demographics received what false messages. Fortunately, this plan has now been cancelled and all major television outlets have blocked access to their internal servers. If for some reason you see any odd reports during that time, turn your TV off and go outside to verify that everything is OK.
  3. Faked Military Invasion– In some areas, the holograms would not have been visible, so the plan was to hire actors to dress up as foreign military, local militia groups, and in some cases even as ISIS jihadists. Most of these bunkers and hide outs have already been raided by the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI, so this will not happen as planned. If you do happen to see any military presence during this period, verify that it is legitimate U. S. soldiers before complying with ANY orders.
  4. HAARP generated weather events- The vast antenna array in Alaska has been used to manipulate weather events over the past several years, but with full Pentagon takeover of ‘Cabal’ activities, the planned disastrous events which had been planned for June have been cancelled. It will be tornado season in tornado alley of course, but all tornadoes which do occur will be completely natural events. Furthermore, the seismic inducing satellites that were in place have been either deactivated or destroyed so there will not be any sort of major earthquake or global coastal event.
  5. Nuclear detonations under major U. S. cities– This is by bar the most disturbing part of the plan. It has come to light after reviewing ‘Cabal’ files that some fracking operations were a cover for inserting nuclear devices directly into the bedrock deep beneath 27 major U. S. cities. Fortunately, the ‘Cabal’ kept detailed records about their nuclear activities, so every one of these devices has been located and deactivated. This part of the plan would have been the most disastrous and deadly as entire cities would have suddenly disappeared into giant sink holes.

But now that the ‘Cabal’ has surrendered and their plans have nearly all been prevented, there is nothing to worry about next month. General Dunford has secretly taken over the Federal Government, and this will NOT be announced by the Main Stream Media. The agents who were responsible for planning, directing, and executing these plots have been rounded up and will not be seen again. Some of them are public figures, so they are being replaced by look-alikes. Be sure to look a little closer at everyone you have ever known for subtle differences so that you can figure out who HAD been a part of the plan. More information about what HAD been planned will be reported on here at as the information becomes available. Stay tuned!

About the author: Fighting the powers that were, one revelation at a time. I am Will. I write articles that change the world. We are tearing down the matrix of domination and control to build a brave new world of free thinkers and deep lovers. Join us! Or don’t… It’s up to you, but we’d hate to see you miss out on ‘Heaven on Earth’

In5D Addendum

Gregg Prescott, M.S.

The five examples given by Will Walker in the above article are spot on.  You could also add the North American Union to the list as well as a New World Order, neither of which will come to fruition.

I cannot validate the above information in the video, so please use your own discernment.  For example, while there are many earth changes going on including a magnetic pole shift, I doubt a physical pole shift will occur anytime in the near future.  I live near the Gulf of Mexico and have no plans on leaving.

Also, some of the pole shift intel provided by the guest on the video is from Nancy Leider and Zeta Talk, which I personally find unreliable. Another source is Benjamin Fulford, who I find very intriguing but his information is hard to differentiate between truth or wishful thinking.

On April 18, 2016, China officially went to a gold backed currency.  Meanwhile, the rest of the world is acting oblivious to it while pretending their fiat currency is still actually worth something more than the paper it’s printed on.

As for the US dollar, Greg Hunter recently interviewed economist John Williams, who stated that last month, the Federal Reserve met in private and did not announce what they talked about.  Several days later, Janet Yellen of the Fed met with President Obama and VP Joe Biden in secrecy under the guise of national security.  It’s become blatantly obvious that the US dollar is on the precipice of collapse and it could be brought down any given moment.

Hunter also interviewed financial expert and gold expert Bill Holter, who added that the US dollar could collapse in 2 days, 2 weeks, or 2 months.  He couldn’t give a specific date but stated IT WILL collapse…. soon.  Holter stated, “It could be any time.” The financial situation is so bad that Holter believes there’s less than a 50% chance that there will even be an election this year in the United States.

While moving to a gold backed currency would provide a better alternative to our current system of fiat currency, ideally we need to move away from money and economic subservience in order to progress to a Type 1 CivilizationMoney, government, and religion are all holding us back from our true galactic and personal potential as a global society.  With Pluto in Capricorn until the year 2023, we will continue to see a collapse of money, government, and religion, which will ultimately give us the opportunity to replace these systems with systems that benefit humanity.

In the meanwhile, fasten your seatbelts!

P.S.:  The video below shows us the potential for what we can be and provides solutions to current issues and problems:

Image: Pixabay

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