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Calling ALL Empaths

By on March 1, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

Calling ALL Empaths

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by Zoe Davenport,
Contributing Writer,

If you are like me one of the first things you discovered along your awakening path was that you were an “Empath” – Perceived to be wired differently to the rest of the world. Being empathic and open to the energies around you of people, places or things can be a blessing when the energy is clear – joyful and love. But when the energies are low – fear and negative it can have detrimental effects on our well- being. Quite often it can be hard to know what is our energy and what is not – leading to overwhelm and sickness.


I was taught to shield these energies – to not let anything in to avoid at all costs those around me on a lower vibration…….this is great in theory but these concepts can lead us feeling even more overwhelmed as everyone is going through their awakening journey. Everyone inherently is empathic, I believe it’s the gateway to understanding the rest of our journeys – Being empathic gives us the spiritual tools to understand energy – to FEEL the vibrations around us and to help step into the concept that as much as we feel the energy around us we are also of that energy for we are ALL ONE.

To truly walk an awakened path – to embody oneness is to FEEL the energy of who we ALL are. This means the ability to show empathy when there is feelings that may not be up to the vibrations we would like. It is our responsibility to no longer shy away from these energies – to no longer let them effect our vibrations through using our spiritual tools to help heal – transmute and send unconditional love.

This can be done with the simple use of grounding – bringing in the light and daily heart opening to the person, place or things you are FEELING effected by. Don’t be shy anymore to use your beautiful gifts to show empathy and help to dissolve these lower vibrations into the light. Don’t be in fear of the FEELINGS you are feeling for another soul/s for we are all part of the same and we all deserve being sent love.

In this video I talk more about why it’s important to be empathic, and I wanted to share my experiences to help others understand it is ok to FEEL. My soul path requires me to transmute trapped karmic energy and lost souls – as much as I feel the pain of what they went through I also feel the joy as they are freed back into the light. Tears are a powerful conducer of the lower vibrational energies as well as your personal daily self care, grounding and heart opening.

We are ALL called at this time to assist with the planetary healing and raising the levels of consciousness through sharing our gifts to transmute the pain, suffering, fears, egos and all lower energies.

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It is ok to be an empathic, it is ok to feel – open your Hearts and this will help 150% to bring light through to where it’s most needed.


I love you all

Zoe Davenport

Zoe Davenport About the author: Zoe Davenport is an Author, Intuitive coach, Channeller, Crystal master, Grid worker & Shamballa Multi Dimensional Healer. In 2011 she went through a life changing spiritual experience and has spent the last 6 years working through what it means to truly live with an awakened heart. Zoe is currently taking enrolment for her Intuitive Business readings click here to find out more. Intuitive Business Reading

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