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Characteristics Of ET Races

By on January 9, 2015 in Enlightening Articles, Extraterrestrials with 0 Comments

Characteristics Of ET Races

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The following are characteristics of numerous extraterrestrial races.



Amphibian like, semi-intelligent creatures who have been known to attack people without provocation.

Anakim / Giants

(also referred to as ‘Els’, ‘El Anakim’, short for ‘Elder Race’). Referred to in ancient Hebrew tradition, this race is allegedly tied-in with ancient humans who broke off from mainstream humanity because of their vast size which had developed over the centuries, possibly as a result of a genetic anomaly. They are said to range anywhere from 9-11 and in some cases even 12 ft. in height, although in configuration are remarkably similar to ‘International’ humans. They have allegedly been encountered in deep and extensive cavern systems from Alaska to Mexico, and are believed to have interstellar traveling capabilities.

The “Book of Enoch” from the Dead Sea scrolls says how these men married Earth women, who bore ‘giants 3000 cubits high’. (Note, a cubit is 1 Sacred Jewish inch, so 3000 cubits would be about 250 feet.). These people helped build the pyramids.

Origin : Nibiru, which is the twelfth planet which orbits our sun every 3600 years.

The Andromedans


The beings from Andromoda are friendly aliens. They are the oldest race in our galaxy and are very concerned about our future. They have light blue skin, but when they age, the skin becomes more white. The average age of Andromodans is 2007 years.

According to one source the Andromedans say on December 23rd of 2013 we will cease to exist as 3rd dimentional beings, and move up to 4th dimension. They say on Mar 23rd, 1994 an energy began radiating from black holes at the base of each galaxy to help in this transition.

They say the primate race was created by the Draconians, and first brought to Mars, then Earth. Back then, Earth was closer to Mars, and covered with ice. They say humans are part of a soul group which they call Paa Tal, which were opposed to the Draconian influence and have warred with them for hundreds of thousands of years. They say that Earth will be ruled by Draconic tyranny 357 years from now (about 2352 AD) and have traced the shift of energy to our solar system, specifically to the Earth, Moon, and Mars.

Andromodans say our Moon is an artificial satellite from a star system in Ursa Minor named Chauta. It was from the 17th of 21 planets of that system and was placed around a planet here, named Maldek, which is now the asteroid belt. It had nine huge domed cities on it and sustained life. The other moon around Maldek was Phobos, now orbiting Mars. The beings who lived on our Moon were Arians. The Pleiadeans moved our Moon from Maldek to Earth. Others say the craters on the Moon are too shallow to be made from a meteor impact and the whole Moon is hollow. It used to contain domed cities which were destroyed 113,000 years ago.

Source: History of the Moon site


Located in the constellation Bootes (one of the oldest constellations), it is a red-giant sun. Supposedly one of the most advanced civilizations in the galaxy.. They are said to have 3 bases on the Moon and several on Earth. Source : Spiritweb

Alex Collier: Arcturians

This group of beings settled in the constellation of Arcturius.

These races of humanity are very private, and for very specific reasons do they get involved with Earth. They think of themselves as healers. They carry a strong pride of technology in the arts of physical healing, and emotional and spiritual bodies.

They have been known to intervene in the ancient past to help resolve very serious conflicts in our area of the Universe by sharing their unique ability to show others how to integrate their belief systems and feelings to resolve conflict. They can be very silent, and can and will keep very much to themselves.

They as a group, have done much to help raise the overall levels of consciousness in our Universe. At this time the Andromedans have added little more than this


The Arianni (Arians) are inner-earth people, they now live in the underworld (underground in Tibet), which they call the Agharta. Note the similarity to the word Aryan. Their space fleet is called the ‘Silver Fleet’. They lived on the planet Maldek (now the asteroid belt) and were the lost tribe of Lyrae.

Some sources say these are Blond Nordic humanoids who work with the Greys. Said to be captured by the Reptoids and also have implants. They are said to have a tendency to switch their loyalties between the Reptoids and the Confederations of Humans.

Atlanteans – cfr. Lemurians

Bellatrax – cfr. Greys

Blues (Star Warriors)

The Blues are said to have translucent skin, large almond shaped eyes and small of stature. The main issue of their teaching was ‘persue your passion’, follow your own way, do your own thing, don’t be pressured into being anything but what and who you are.

The information about the Blues comes from Robert Morningsky a Hopi/Apache dancer. According to Morningsky the first alien contact started about 1947 – 1948 with the Greys contacting the U.S. Government to form a treaty with them. Another body of aliens arrived, called the Blues. The Blues advised the government not to deal with the Greys saying it would only lead to disaster. They told the U.S. to follow their own path. They said they would would teach with peace and harmony if men would disarm and listen. The military said no deal. So the Blues left, but a few decided to remain and stayed in Northern Mexico and Arizona and made a treaty with the Hopi Indians. These aliens are known by the Hopi as Star Warriors. Then the Greys started monitoring the Blues. So the Blues had to flee the reservations and go into hiding, and a few of the Elders went with them.

The Hopi legend is that there were two races, the ‘children of the feather’ who came from the skies, and the ‘children of the reptile’ who came from under the Earth. The children of the reptile chased the Hopi Indians out of the Earth, these evil under-grounders were also called ‘Two Hearts’.

Deros and Teros

These aliens are rumoured to live underground. The Teros are the more friendly race of the two whilst the Deros are demented and like power.

Deros : DEtrimental RObotS : Race of subhuman creatures living in underground cities with the Earth. The Deros were once slaves of an advanced civilization which had once existed on Lemuria, but had perished during the cataclysm that destroyed Atlantis.

Deros had control of the Lemurians highly-advanced technology, including mind-rays which they directed at humans on the surface of the Earth, causing mental, emotional and physical problems. Other devices caused earthquakes, volcanoes and droughts. Their sole pastime was to annoy and persecute the human race. Occasionally, they would kidnap humans and torture them, sometimes returning them to the surface, but most often hiding them forever.

Source : Original story “A Warning to Future Man” by Richard Shaver, edited and rewritten as “I Remember Lemuria” by Amazing Stories magazine editor Ray Palmer (published in March, 1945).

According to the Department of Interplanetary Affairs the Deros are the mutated descendants of the Atlanteans. They are dwarfish and hairy humanoids, with huge heads and large glowing yellow eyes. These sub-humans live in caves and tunnels below forests and swamps, they are incredibly strong, and surface at night to capture cattle or other farm animals, and sometimes even capture humans for food. The Deros fled into underground tunnels to escape the destruction of Atlantis, and couldn’t return to the surface for centuries due to atomic radiation fallout. When the radiation finally cleared somewhat, they had genetically adapted to the darkness in the tunnels and could no longer stand sunlight!

The Greys

The Greys are the most commonly described race by abduction victims. They seem to be abducting, studying, testing and using various individuals for reasons which are at present unclear. The Greys are considered to be hostile.

Some sources claim the Greys have a base on the other side (as seen from Earth) of the Moon.

1.  Zeta 2 Reticuli Greys

One group of Greys comes from a planet orbiting Zeta 2 Reticuli – probably its fourth planet. Zeta 2 Reticuli is slightly hotter than our Sun, but quite similar. Its fourth planet has a year that is slightly longer than ours (just over 400 days). Zeta 2 Reticuli, as seen from Earth, is near Barnard’s star in the next star system to Orion.

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The Greys are said to have some underground bases on our Earth.

Their skin is grey in colour hence the name `Grey` (their skin colouring and texture resemble those of a dolphin). There are two classes of Zeta Greys, the passive and the predatory. The passive are capable of getting along with humans whilst the predatory ones are more abrupt and abrasive.

They are short, humanoid, bipedal beings. Height may vary between 3.5 and 4.5 feet tall. Body is thin and skinny, almost fragile. Limbs are also extremely thin and long, out of proportion to the body. Three or four fingers per hand, usually with webbing between the digits. The head is very large with no hair, huge black slanted eyes, two tiny nostrils, a very small slit of a mouth, a tiny nose and no ears. Blood is reported as being a pale yellow or whitish substance. Some have a box on their bodies, which is a weapon which blasts some type of cobalt radiation energy.

It is said that the bodies of four or five Greys were recovered near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 by the US Government, as was their crashed spacecraft. One of these Greys was still alive and stayed as a guest of the US Air Force until he died (1952).

Subsequent contacts resulted in an agreement with the US Governmennt. The Greys would be allowed to do more or less as they pleased on Earth (such as abduct humans) in return for their advanced technology. The alien spacecraft and the (frozen) bodies found at the Roswell crash site as well as others that were recovered over the years are kept at Wright Patterson Air Force Base (Ohio) and Area 51, Groom Lake, Nevada.

2. Bellatrax Greys

These Greys originate from a star system called Bellatrax which is near the constellation of Orion . They are shorter than the Zeta’s, in fact no more than 18 inches tall. They are very similar in appearence to the Zetas but are more indirect than them, although they are equally vicious to humans.

3. Orion Greys

These are much taller than both the Zeta’s and the Bellatrax. standing at six to eight feet tall. The Orions are less aggresive to humans but they are hostile. They are hairless with a very small nose, and no discernable ears. Their fingers are often long in comparison to human proportions. These large greys are thought to have 2 brains separated by a bulletproof bony septum, thus a bullet to the head won’t kill them. Their blood is thought to be green, and when it makes contact with air, it dispels a noxious ammonia-smelling gas which can kill a person. Some sources believe that the Greys are genetically sterile and need new genes to make their race survive. These guys have bases in the Aleutian Islands.
These Greys are sometimes seen to give orders to the smaller type Greys.

Drunvalo says about the Orion Greys : “They took the sperm from the males and the ovums from some of the females, they combined them to their sperm and their ovums and put them back into the females. And when the baby was 3 or 4 months old, they would take the baby out and bring it onto the ship and raise them in test tube type situation, which is the only way they can reproduce right now. They have no ability to procreate in a normal, natural way.”

Drunvalo also says these Greys are setting up their basis on Mars. He also refers to the Orion Greys as being 4 feet tall, which doesn’t tally with other sources.

Other Grey Types

Another type of Greys are small robot like beings, stocky and little, with a smooth rounded hat on top, with dark deep set holes for eyes and a round O shaped mouth, square breastplate with concentric circles on it, they smell like burnt match heads and have a mushroom grey skin. These Greys are often said to act like security guards.

Other variations are described as Reptilian-like with claws or preying mantis-like. There have also been many report of cross breeds that are not exactly human and not exactly Greys. Of course there may be cross breeds with other types of aliens too.


Lemurians are also known as Atlanteans, Mu, and Muvians. The religious people of this race tried to warn the world of an impending flood. They went underground, and in the USA, emerged as the Native Americans. In Australia, they emerged as the Aborigines, and in England as the Druids.

The American Indians have a creation legend that says they came out of caves underground while the ‘reptile people’ were banished to underground.

The Andromodans say there is a large temple complex underwater, 150 miles south of the Easter Islands that belonged to the Lemurians – which may tie in with Atlantis. The Atlanteans were an ‘extrusion’ of 4 dimensional beings into the 3rd dimension. Some of their technology was ‘threshold’ technology, which could ‘slip’ you into an alternate earth. The Bermuda Triangle is the result of this disturbance which continues today. It apparently all went wrong because of the war with the Reptoids on Maldek. (Maldek used to be the fifth planet from our sun, it is now the asteroid belt. This is where our Moon was first orbiting, after it was taken from Chauta in Ursa Minor.)

The Department of Interplanetary Affairs says that Atlantis and Lemuria were two different civilisations, that the Atlanteans were high on technology, while the Lemurians were more interested in their psychic powers. According to them, in the intergalactic war involving Atlantis and Lemuria the Orion Empire, the Sirian Alliance, and the Pleiadean United Federation of Planets all fought each other on Earth. The Sirians won the battle


Lyra is the original star of the Nordic type aliens; all Nordic types may have originated there (cfr. Nordics)

Another Lyran race is the Lyran Redheads, which actually consists of two groups: one giant sized, and one average sized.

Lyssa Royal “There is another race that has branched off from this giant race, the red-haired Lyrans. Their hair was red to strawberry blonde in color. The skin tone very, very fair; these entities had a difficulty exposing their skin to certain frequencies of natural light, due to the planet they sprang from. Some of these were also giant in stature, though there were some who were average human size. Eye color was generally light to what you would now consider green, though it is a different quality of green than you see upon your world. These entities were some of the first Lyran pioneers. (Pioneers is a very kind word, for there are many worlds that consider the red-haired ones to be the invaders, marauders and the basic havoc-wreakers of the Lyrangenotype).

Are we speaking of what their current state is also?

Well, to some degree we are speaking about the distant past as they interacted with your earth plane. These entities still exist but are much fewer in number. We would say that your closest mythological remnants are in your Norse mythology – Vikings etc. Some of that mythology was about actual Earth beings who were either influenced by or interacted with this red-headed Lyran strain. This is not a very common interaction on your world, not as common as that of the giants, but common enough to have made it into your mythology.

Did they have any spiritual or energetic relationship to the few red-haired Pleiadians? Apparently there’s a remnant of a red-haired group in the Pleiades.

Yes, there would be genetic connections, most certainly. And if there is a genetic connection there is always an energetic connection.

It’s hard to think of someone living in the Pleiades who would be violent. But if that aggressive tendency somehow channeled into other areas…

It’s channeled into excitement. The Pleiadian version is much more watered down. (We can get to that later on if you wish.) But the purebred red-head was very aggressive, violent, passionate and, to some degree, very rebellious. They saw the giant Lyran race as their parents, and they were rebelling against that idea. They were rebelling because they felt that the morality of the giant race was being impinged into their reality. We do not perceive this was the case, but this was another expression that needed to be experienced in your galactic family.

Did these red-haired people naturally evolve as red-haired, or was there intentional manipulation somewhere along the line?

There were those from the giant race who left and went exploring. The primary group colonized one specific planet and over generations adapted themselves to the planet. They adapted to the specific mineral content of the planet as well as the atmosphere; the specific wavelengths of the planet’s atmosphere caused the mutation to lean toward the more red tinge. That, in combination with the more rebellious attitude, began to create a specific sub-genotype.

So that particular race must have felt somehow slighted within the family. Colloquially speaking, did they carry a chip on their shoulder? Did they feel they had something to prove?

We would say that’s pretty accurate, yes. We say this a little lightly, but this is the story of your entire galactic history. Most groups splintered off because they did not agree with the mother group. In this way most of your experience as a galactic species is based on conflict/disagreement and the attempt at rightfulness.

[Lyssa Royal: Excerpt of “Galactic Family, An Overview of Genotypes”]


Here is Alex Collier’s take on the Lyrans:

Alex Collier: Lyrans

The Lyrans are the original white Aryan Race and what is left of the Aryans is the Pleiadians and Andromedans. Birth of the humanoid race has all of the genetic DNA from this area. Ancient Lyrans were the Titans. The giants Bigfoot also descended from Lyrans. All life destroyed on Lyra and the ring Nebula eye Og God.

Lyra consists of 14 inhabited planets, three planets were destroyed during the wars Bila, Teka and Merok. 50 million were slaughtered. Lyrans started the Black League. The Black Dragon.

Lyrans grew into:

  • Sirian
  • Arcturian
  • Antarian
  • Pleiadian
  • Andromedan
  • Cignus Alphan
  • Alpha Centauri
  • Sagittarius A & B
  • Cassiopia
  • all human evolution

Based upon genetically human forms in higher realms and very highly evolved Universes, it was decided that many forms of life would be created here in Lyra because it appeared to be ideal as far as the age of the Suns and Planets and the length of probable stability.

As the human race fragmented, the races moved, traveled, and settled many different planets in many systems as space travel evolved. The human became aware of other planetary civilizations in theses systems. Different cultures meet and grew. Belief systems clashed or spread. New thoughts of Philosophy or technologies came into being. Mankind was evolving.

Moon-eyed (large-eyed) aliens

A race of peaceable humans some 7-8 ft. tall, with pale-blue skin and large ‘wrap-around’ eyes which are extremely sensitive to light. They MAY be the same as the large humans allegedly encountered on the Moon by our ‘astronauts’ according to John Lear and others, who in turn were silenced and not allowed to tell what they saw. These people may, according to some accounts, be allied to the ‘Nordics’ and/or ‘Blondes’. They claim to be descendants of Noah who traveled to the Western Hemisphere a few centuries after the deluge and discovered ancient antediluvian cavern systems and technologies which had been abandoned in the subterranean recesses. They have been encountered mostly in deep cavern-systems beneath the general region of the Ozarks-Arkansas and surrounding regions


Many abductees have described meeting european looking aliens, around 1.75m tall with long blond hair. These aliens are often referred to as ‘Venusians’. They were first described by George Adamski reporting a series of encounters in the early 1950s. He stated that they told him they were from Venus and the name has stuck since.

The terms ‘Nordic’ or ‘Blonde’ are not exactly accurate descriptions, since only the Pleiades aliens are blonds. The Sirius ‘Nordic type’ aliens have black hair and the ones from Orion red hair.

Genetically, they are very similar to Earth-born humans. Males average up to approximately seven feet in height; females, six and a half feet. They are extremely fine featured, pale in complexion. Eyes are almond shaped, slightly slanted with a natural black liner, much like the renderings of ancient Egyptian royalty.

This type of alien is most intriguing since it suggests that the human form is not native to Earth or that we may have common ancestors. These friendly aliens usually simply observe and ask questions, without harming people.

A group of Nordic females is in command of most Terran projects. Sometimes seen on the same craft as the Greys. Their association with them is unknown (i.e. helpers, partners, leaders, slaves, …? )

Lyra Nordics

Lyra is the original star system of the Nordic type aliens. Lyra was invaded by the Saurian type aliens, and the Nordics escaped to the Pleiades, the Hyades and Vega some 22 million years ago. These are ‘friendly’ aliens (i.e. non hostile to humans). Note that some Nordics have been seen under the control of Greys, however.

The Lyrans are built in a very sturdy way, Caucasian-like, very large. They usually have a light skin, and even though light hair and eyes are the most common, you would sometimes find Lyrans with dark hair.

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The Lyrans are authority figures. During the times they were most active on Earth they used symbols to depict their group; the most common symbols they used were of birds and of cats. Often throughout history they played a fatherly role, since they were very strict. You might say they were like father figures. Humans both loved them and feared them, much like they would a authoritative parent.

Sirius Nordics

Sirius is the brightest star in our sky and can be found in the Canis Major Constellation.

The Sirians have darker skin, darker hair and eyes, and are not as tall as the Lyrans.

The symbols the Sirians used throughout time were usually of serpents or dogs. As far as their personality characteristics, we would say that they were very devoted to serving mankind. Whereas the Lyrans were committed to ruling mankind, the Sirians were interested in helping or sometimes even saving mankind. They could be very zealous, and because of that trait, they often interfered where they did not belong.

Orion Nordics

Oiginate from Lyra too, probably. They have red hair.

Pleiades Nordics

The Pleiadians are a collective of extraterrestrials from the star system Pleiades (also called ‘the 7 Sisters’). The Pleiadian culture is ancient and was “seeded” from another universe long before Earth was created. They have formed a tremendous society which operates with love, ideas and ideals that we are yet unfamiliar with.

Physically they are similar in skin, hair and eye color to the Lyrans but much smaller.

The symbols of the Pleiadians were also at times birds or winged figures. They also used the symbol of the seven stars. The Pleiadians have a deep love of mankind, so often throughout history they have been drawn back to Earth in order to help humans. Not only do they have a genetic connection but they also have an emotional connection. Because the Extra Terrestrials often fought amongst themselves there were often territory disputes about the land and the people of Earth, and so often the Earth was divided into sections and certain ET rulers would be responsible for certain sections. Because of this Pleiadians also at times manipulated Earth humans.

One source says the Pleiadians started a project to contact and inspire Earth humans to take back their power and create a better reality for themselves. They are here as ambassadors from another universe to help Earth through her transition from the third dimension to the fourth dimension and to assist each of us in our personal endeavors of awakening, remembering and knowing. As this project has become more successful, more ETs have joined the group, some from other systems.

The Pleiadians say that their reasons for contacting us is that there is a chance of tyranny in the future and they are coming back to inspire us as much as possible so we will take charge of creating our own reality and change the future.

Billie Meier was contacted over 130 times between 1976 and 1982 by a female named Samjese who said she was from the star system Pleiades. She was the first to telepathically contact Meier and tell him where to go for the first physical contact. Meier had indepth conversations with Samjese.

The Pleiadians are rumoured to have a base on Venus.

Alex Collier; Pleiadians

The human species called the Pleiadians  evolved from Lyra.

The Pleiadians  are our far distant first cousins and ancestral forefathers of some of our races. It has been said that the Pleiadians  as we know them were Lyrans who migrated from Lyra in large space stations or arks exploring young star systems seeking the potential for stable longevity.

These Lyrans would send down scout teams consisting of scientists, engineers and agricultural specialists to explore the surface of possible habitable planets and then return data and information to the motherships.

Each planet was explored and based upon its unique nature, would be developed for colonies that were then sent down for settlement. Some these first Lyrans colonized our Earth for a time, while a larger group of Lyrans eventually found the seven sisters and other star systems during the Orion Wars. It should be noted that through the development of effective weapons of war, this helped sustain them through the Orion Wars and beyond.

So as you can see the Pleiadians  are very interested in our world and our races here. They have been visiting Earth for at least 79,743 years, establishing and maintaining many large settlements. They have come and gone throughout our planets history. We are very similar to them in many ways, however, they are emotionally and spiritually more evolved than us at this time. They too have gone through their growing pains, as we are experiencing right now.

They have and continue to make attempts to share with us the benefits of their experience so we ourselves don’t have to experience the same kinds of setbacks and possible destructions. At present, not enough of us are listening.

The Pleiades is an open star cluster consisting of 254 stars and many times that in planetary bodies. Many of the stars are very young. The Pleiades is located in the constellation of Taurus. The Pleiadian and Earth alphabets are both very similar. This was noted about 11,157 years ago.

The script form was developed here on Earth and carried back to the seven sisters. The original script form is the parent of most of our present day alphabets. All of Earths languages are derived from a ancient Pre-Sumerian language called Tamil which was spoken in Lyra and latter in the Pleaides.

Three of the Pleiadian star systems have human life as we know it, with the most advance system being Daneb of Taygeta. Another system is Taro which circles Alcyone. Most of the Pleiadians  look like us in size and stature, build, color of hair, etc. They are also very affluent and articulate when speaking any of our languages, or discussing our sciences, history, and so fourth. We have inherited our aggressiveness towards each other from them.

Their life spans far exceed our own by at least 10 times our norm. Their technology has made it possible for them to travel anywhere in our Universe at speeds faster than the speed of light. They are capable of using our oceans for undersea operations. They are very concerned about our current misuse of our sciences along with our complete loss of our spiritual center and harmony with our sciences.

They have no use for money, politics or religions, clearly stating that the later two – politics and religions are really the same. The Pleiadians  are worried that, as other benevolent races visit, we will destroy our planet and ourselves and expose their failure to help create a conscious shift.

The Pleiadians  like other groups, have left descendants on the Earth in the past. They have said they are willing to help us but not to the point of changing our own evolution and then therefore becoming responsible for us as a race.

They say, that we create our own future as we go and so we need to take responsibility in correcting our own mistakes ourselves or suffer because of them.

Epsilon Eridani / Tau Cetian Nordics

The Epsilon Eridani and Tau Cetian star systems are inhabited by Nordic type aliens originally from Lyra.


Taygetans are aliens are from the star system Taygeta, in the Pleiades star cluster, in the constellation Taurus. So they’re probably also Nordic types originally from Lyra.


This constellation is about 1400 lightyears away from Earth

Both good and bad aliens are associated with Orion, namely the red-haired Nordics and the Greys. There are rumours that the Draconians are active in that area too.

‘Orion Empire’ : This alien group is born out of negative energy such as the Reptoids and the Greys.


Reptilians or Reptoids (usually the Saurians are included in this group) are said to have several underground bases on Earth, and seem to be unfriendly. Various bizarre reports can be found on these entities and should be taken with a pinch of salt! For example, it has been said that the Shoemaker-Levy 9 comet that impacted Jupiter was actually a Reptoid invasion fleet that was thrown off course by a ‘friendly’ alien race to save Earth!

Description : Tall 6 to 8 foot creatures with scaly, green, reptilian like skin. The large eyes are usually yellow or gold in colour with a vertical pupil (like a cat’s). It is interesting to note that this entity is similar to what the dinosaurs may have evolved into had they still been around!

Draconians : These are lizard-like hostile aliens. Variations include insectoids (mantis-like), reptilians, saurians (dinosaur-like), and cross-breeds of the above. These are master geneticists who have been in the universe the longest. The Draconians (who now mainly live in the Draco constellation) don’t know where they came from – they believe that they are the original ‘owners’ of the galaxy, and they see humans as their subjects. A Draconian has a lack of respect for free will.

Another source says that the Reptilian race from Draco is bent on conquest, They are said to be controling the Greys by means of an implant, the same one that the Greys are implanting into humans. They are also said to be the master minds behind the abduction plans. Their master plan involves using the newly created ‘Half-breeds’ with implants to defeat the Confederations of Humans. These Reptoids also use humans as food. (Quite like the Reptilians of the TV series ‘V’)

Alex Collier: Draconians

The Draconis race is probably the most misunderstood. I have witnessed a deep respect for this race which is generated out of admiration and fear.

The Draconans are the oldest reptilian race in our Universe. Their forefathers, somewhere in our most ancient past came to our Universe from another separate Universe and/or reality. When this actually occurred no one really knows.

The 11 (Council of Eleven) have said that the Draconans themselves aren’t clear how or when they themselves got here, but what is interesting is that they declare and teach to the masses that they were in this Universe first, before humans beings, and that they are the true heirs to this Universe and, as such are all royalty.

Most, if not all, human races don’t recognize this claim as truth but, none the less, they don’t debate the issue with them either. Alpha Draconans have colonized many star systems and have created many races by genetically altering the life forms that they encountered.

The most densely populated area of sub-races of Draconans is the constellation of Orion, Rigel, and the star system known as Capella.

Here lies a very dangerous part of the Universe for human beings. The mind set or consciousness of the majority of the races in this region is service to self and as such they are always subverting, invading and manipulating less advanced races using their technology for control and domination.

This is a very old and ancient war with the peace that does exist always being tested by these beings that believe that fear rules and love is weak, that the less fortunate are meant to be slaves.

This belief system is created at birth in the reptilian races as the mother, at the time of birth will hide the young and then abandon them to fend for themselves. Most of the time they are cared for by the warrior class that uses the children for games of combat and amusements.

They believe that in their ways that if the young ones survive they were meant to and in the process they have had to fight all the way and at a young age they are full warriors, used to depending on no one.

Alpha Draconans are very suspicious of all life forms including their own, but not of course to the extent that they would be of humans. They are taught that Draconan history of the Great Galactic War.

The version or opinion that the humans were at fault for the invasion of the Universe and how we selfishly wanted the Draconan race to starve and struggle for the basic materials for their society to exist.

Therefore they are brainwashed at a young age just like we humans have done to our younger generations by all human races in the galaxy.

Draconian Mothmen : These are draconic, winged reptiles, usually tall, about 6-7 feet. They are reported to fly, but don’t have to flap their wings to do so. Their eyes are large and red and glow in the dark (they are nocturnal), and most people report they have an inescapable hypnotic stare. Merely being around these types causes uncontrollable feelings of fear in humans. Perhaps this is just how their negative energy life force manifests itself They reside in the constellation of Draco.


Sirius is a star in Canis Major. Although most sources refer to Sirians as Nordic types, some sources say these beings are Cetaceans (dolphin/whale types).

The Sirians tend to be taller than we are, with larger and more fully-developed brains, and they live much longer than Earth humans. In fact, the Sirian brain has another lobe above the frontal, much like dolphins and whales have. It allows them to have stereoscopic vision: in other words, they can see inside of an object as well as the outside and opposite side in the third dimension. Also, the Sirians, as well as cetaceans, have tremendous telepathic and psychic abilities.

According to Spiritweb Sirians are four dimensional beings, originally from the star system Vega. To them Sirius is associated with reptilian people, who were the record-keepers of the Lemurians. Bit of a contradiction, since Vegans are Nordics and not Reptilians.


Ummites are humanoids from the planet Ummo claiming to hail from the general area of Wolf 424, some 14-plus light years distant from the Earth-Sol system, and possibly having ancient ties with the ‘Lyran’ colonies.

The Ummites are, like the Lyrans-Pleiadeans, said to be ‘Scandinavian’ in appearance and therefore may tie-in with the so-called ‘Nordic Blond’ societies

The Ummites say their planet is quite similar to Earth. The Ummites are extremely telepathic. They very much believe in the existence of the soul and in a Creator God. At the age of 13.7, Ummite children leave their families for teaching centers where they are prepared for adult life. They make practical use of at least ten dimensions of reality and are aware of far more. They say one of the reasons they are able to travel such far distances in such a short time in their spacecraft is that they use folds and warps in the space continuum. They have sophisticated technology, and their craft can exceed the speed of light. Although similar to humans in appearance, one marked physiological difference is that their fingers are very sensitive to light and other forms of radiation. For this reason they find it difficult to use light switches and electrical apparatus of all kinds.

Vegans – Nordics from the Vega star system. Benevolent beings.

Zetans – These are Greys, the inhabitants of Zeta 2 Reticuli. Cfr. Greys.

Human/Grey Hybrids

One of the main ET projects, now in the completion stage, is the hybrid program. The goal of this project is to produce a being combining the best physical and mental qualities of both races. The following description is of a hybrid female, approximately fifteen years old. Height is five feet, three inches; skin color is pale white/grey. the head is slightly larger and rounder than normal. Hair is dark, high above the forehead, and worn in a very long ponytail. The face is very fine-featured, and attractive. Her main method of communication is telepathic. This has allowed a deeper understanding of her intellectual and emotional make-up.

The Hybrids consider themselves human, not Grey, in almost all respects. They care about the Greys, as any child would a parent, but find them agonizingly boring. The desire for human contact is greater than all others. Their capacity for emotion is as great, if not greater than, humans. Any physical attribute more human than Grey is a great source of pride. Their intellectual capacity is well above human standards. It is very likely they will exceed the capabilities of both races.


Gray TYPE #1– This is the type most commonly referred to as the greys. Also known as Zeta Reticuli from the Zeta Reticulan star system (the Bernard star) neighboring the Orion area. They function in a mode that is apparently military in nature with a rigidly defined social structure that holds science and “conquering worlds” to be the prime movers. They are normally about 4.5 ft tall with large heads and black “wrap around” eyes. They have limited facial features, slit mouth and no nose to speak of. They have evolved beyond the need for reproductive systems or digestive systems and reproduce by cloning. Their genetics is partly based on insectoidal genetics.

Gray TYPE #2– Tall Greys from Orion. Usually about 7 to 8 ft. tall (reports often exaggerate their height as being 9 to 12 ft.) with facial feature somewhat similar to grey type A with the exception of the large nose found on type B greys. These greys also have technologies that allow them to perform certain actions that appear “miraculous.” These greys are less viscous Toward humans than type A greys (but are still considered “hostile”.) They tend to influence more through political controls and negotiated agreements with those in power. Their main bases seem to be in the Aleutian Islands.

Gray TYPE #3– These are the shortest of the greys and tend to be about 3.5 ft. tall. Their facial features are very similar to the Zeta Reticuli greys and are of the same “root race.”. They are just as hostile to humans as the Zetas. They are from a star system near the shoulder of Orion called Bellatrax.


The Reptiles: these are highly advanced entities but viewed as being of a negative, hostile or dangerous disposition since they regard humans as a totally inferior race. They would perceive us much the way we would perceive a herd of cattle. They are carnivorous in regard to humans. There is supposedly a “driven” planetoid or an asteroid inhabited by 30 million of these lizard-folk that is to enter our solar system in the mid 90’s if the present schedule is kept.

Alien Species: Human Type Aliens

Human Type #1: These are of a genetic base similar to humans of earth. They appear of “normal” height (5-6ft?) and tend to be fair-skinned with blonde hair. These entities have been abducted by the greys or are the offspring of abductees and have been trained by the greys as servants. These entities are totally subservient to the greys.


Human Type #2: These are aliens of similar genetics to earth humans and also, it seems, of the humans that serve the greys. These are from the Pleiades and are also of the blonde, fair-skinned appearance. This type is of a genuine highly evolved, spiritual, benevolent variety and have a kinship toward humans and are the only aliens to be truly trusted by earth humans at this time. They had at one time offered to be of assistance to earth leaders in dealing with the alien situation here but were rebuffed and so have taken a kind of “hands off” approach for the time being. These aliens are supposedly the forefather race of humankind. These are apparently not on earth much at this time due to serious problems in the area of their home.

Human Type #3: Very little is known about these. They are supposedly another of the highly evolved, spiritual type of great benevolence to earth humans. I understand that their appearance is similar to other human-type aliens. They are from Sirius and don’t appear to be much involved with earth happenings at this time other than being concerned about the Grey scenario. They could desire to be of help to humans. There are other known human type aliens of this “more highly spiritually evolved” nature that are apparently aware of the situation on earth and considering some possible course of action. These are from Arcturus and Vega.


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