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Cintamani – The Philosopher’s Stone

By on February 13, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening
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Cintamani – The Philosopher’s Stone

by Alan Vargas,
Contributing Writer,

In 2014 I found myself back at my childhood home after a traumatic event in my life. I was living in a small secluded town where I connected with a good friend. We united through the Sisterhood of the Rose group from the area. This friend had just recently found the location of a very sacred stone known as Cintamani.

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We chose the date and traveled into the desert for a few hours. During that time we both found a few small pieces, I found 13 pieces. I kept one piece for myself and decided to gift the remaining twelve as I found people that I thought could connect with it. The stone radiated a strange energy, within a few weeks of finding this stone my whole world flipped upside down and I found myself traveling to Colorado for a few months.

My personal cintamani, hanging by my heart along with my Larimar and Irgizite.

Since I found this stone, my healing has accelerated. My issues, traumas, projections, all of these came to the front and I was forced to deal with it. I removed all the negative things from my life naturally and I got healthier through instinct. It began with removing toxic people from my life. Then I took several months of my life to be alone in self reflection and healing. I then started to align with like minded people. I started to do all of the things I loved and only worked doing things that I enjoyed. I started to eat healthier, I became vegetarian and then eventually vegan. I drank only the best water, distilled, alkaline water. I am by no means a saint or think I am fully healed of my traumas, but at least I know where the issues are and am taking steps to address them. The reality I wanted to live in started to manifest. Now I am provided with amazing opportunities and I will use all of my abundance that is arriving now and coming in the future toward building an area of light.

Throughout the years I have heard of many powerful stones but one always interested me, the Philosopher’s Stone. I was interested in Hermetism and Alchemy was fascinating to me. I felt as though I knew it from before, but I also felt it was symbolic and most of what was explained was not literal. I kept looking in to the subject and found that many cultures revered a stone like this. In the Asian culture there is the Cintamani Stone- the wish fulfilling jewel, a stone that is said to grant the wishes of anyone who possess it. I was obviously immediately interested!


As time passed on I started to look deeper into the tales surrounding cintamani. I was guided toward Nicholas Roerich, a painter, writer, archaeologist, theosophist, philosopher, and a person who I believe to be very powerful. He was responsible for the Roerich Pact which protected cultural artifacts from government or military destruction.

 Nicholas Roerich

While researching I came across an article which spoke about Nicholas Roerich and the Holy Grail. It speaks about how he came in possession of the Cintamani stone. In his art he has depictions of the wind horse carrying the Cintamani through a mountain. This was very interesting for me. The connections between the Grail, the Cintamani, Alchemy, and several philosophies I naturally was guided toward, culminated inside of Nicholas Roerich’s work.


Throughout the article Nicholas Roerich and the Cintamani Stone on Bibliotecapleyades it outlines how the stone was brought to Earth from Sirius. I feel that summarizes the origins best. I find the connection with The Grail and Cintamani significant. I have found many articles throughout the internet outlining this connection. I then tried to make sense of this all, what is the Cintamani? How is it used? How can it help me in my spiritual journey? How can it help the world?

Cintamani Stone

I found many connections with the 144,000- the Order of the Star, Merlin and the Knights of the round table, Buddha and his disciples, Jesus and his disciples, teachings of the Cathars, Ganesha, Ksitigarbha, Alchemy, the Blue Stones of Atlantis, this Portal2012 article entitled; “Cintamani.” the works of Nicholas Roerich, Hubertus Koch, not to mention connections with Ashtar, and the Goddess Isis. These connections are significant, and although I have outlined them here in this post, I encourage that you look deeper for your own personally made connections.


Cintamani is extremely useful, especially for people with the maximum potential for good, people with a higher chance to influence something beneficial for the world. Many powerful souls such as King Solomon, Nicholas Roerich, Alexander the Great, Edward Bulwer-Lytton, General Akbar, as well as members of the Order throughout history have had a piece. The Cintamani is incorruptible, the dark can not get access to it easily, I feel guided to offer stones that I find myself to people as I receive them and am willing to offer several different locations where you can get a piece for free for yourself if you can not afford one as well as sources where tachionized Cintamani can be found at the end of this post.


When Cintamani is carried, it will help transmute your darkness by showing you what you need to work on. All your traumas, blockages, implants, belief systems will be shown to you in such an obvious way that you will have to work on this. Meditating with a Cintamani in the left hand has shown, for me at least, intense meditation sessions where I find the roots to many of my issues and am able to quickly work through my traumas. Healing is never instant but I have found that since I have found Cintamani, my healing was dramatically accelerated. I feel it is interesting how the stones appear dark but when light is shown through them they are translucent, I have seen shades of grey, amber, lavender, even green in the stones I’ve found. I have heard that river washed Cintamani are called pearls and have a soft feminine healing about them which help removing stubborn belief systems and patterns: Pearls.


I have found many sources that point to Cintamani as being used for gates or portals. At first I felt it was symbolic but I became more curious as time went by and I decided to look further. In my rebellious and adventurous nature I decided to experiment. I will not go into further details but I do feel that just one stone, any high quality piece over three grams, is all a person needs on them.


Cintamani has also been used as a sort of acupuncture on the planet. The theory is that these stones are a form of conduit for the energies coming in from the Central Sun, coupled with the energies rising from Mother Gaia. When used as a stone for burying, an angelic being is anchored into that spot and helps transmute the negative energies from those areas. For the best information on how to bury those stones, please refer to:

Cintamani will make your issues rise to the surface so you may better see the root and work on these issues. This will help with removing emotional and energetic blockages, maximizing our ability to do good in this world. In my case, and everyone that I know who has a piece of Cintamani, we begin to be more aligned with working and living our dreams. Our dreams became goals, our goals became plans, and our plans are in effect. I personally changed dramatically, from a former Financial Disbursement Tech in the USMC, to now working with holy herbs, sacraments, and crystals.


In conclusion, I feel that Cintamani must be personally experienced. I do not know if there is a set way of using it, a proper way. I feel that instead, there is a personal way, you develop your own relationship with it and work together with the stone. I just use my intuition and do what feels right.


Throughout my research and personal experience I have spoken with the largest sources for knowledge Cintamani in the world that I could find; the most frequent collectors, those who use it in furthering the healing of this planet, tektite collectors, many different people who love this stone. I have found many pieces and have sent many off to help in the mission, I feel that these pieces need to get to the hands of the most awakened light warriors and workers.

In my research and personal experience I have found several sources online which carry Cintamani stones, many private collectors. You can just google, “Cintamani for sale,” and find a plethora of different sellers and collectors on Etsy, Ebay, or with personal sites.

You can read about Tachionization Here: .

Below are sources for Tachionized Cintamani:

For cintamani bulk orders the cheapest source I can find is at: He currently has the largest collection I know of and has been actively connecting lightworkers and lightwarriors who collect the stone under one common place so the stones can get where they need to go at the lowest price possible. He can accommodate orders ranging from 100g- 40kg.

You can also contact me at if you are looking to get any pieces wrapped in Macrame or for any special requests regarding cintamani. Please visit my Instagram: @alfalfalalfa for examples.

For anyone unable to afford a stone, please contact: We will send you a free piece in the order that it is requested we just ask that you please pay for the shipping. Usually a piece around 3g is sufficient but the larger the stone, the stronger the effect.

I have a few Tachionized pieces myself and you can email me at for any specific Cintamani requests (for video or more personal pictures to chose the perfect piece). I also wrap any crystals in organic hemp macrame spiral wrappings. For examples check out my Instagram: @Alfalfalalfa88

If you are a lightworker or lightwarrior who can not afford a Cintamani please contact for a small personal piece. Just please be sure to cover the shipping costs!

**For artists who wish to use Cintamani in their art please be advised that metals that are compatible with Cintamani are: Platinum, Gold, and Silver. Crystals that are compatible with Cintamani are: Quartz, Moldavite, and Aquamarine.

NOTE- Tibetan Quartz creates an energetic interference so it should be separated, Herkimer diamonds and other clear quartz (the clearer the better) work well.

Here are a few pictures of Cintamani, just for fun as well as some of the pieces I have wrapped for myself and my friends:


In5D Etsy Shop



Thanks for reading.

Much Love


About the author: Alan Vargas is a collector of rare stones, tektites, precious gems and minerals. A Gnostic philosopher with Buddhist and Taoist beliefs, currently working toward creating a better world through the use of crystals, plant based medicine, and energy work.

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