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Ready To Learn Ancient Wisdom Of The Sages? What They Knew May Shock You

By on February 14, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening
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Ready To Learn Ancient Wisdom Of The Sages? What They Knew May Shock You

by Hezekiah Harrison,
Contributing Writer,

There are many paths which lie dormant in the human psyche; knowledge can be attained through the path of ancient sages.

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In our human brains reside potential neural pathways that have remained dormant for thousands of years, much like organs in the body are often considered dormant even though they are still there. The brain had potential to develop on a certain path over the course of human evolution, but this potential was passed over in favor of other skills. You do have multiple levels to your brain or consciousness, and these dormant abilities of your mind can be reactivated and practiced to reform the scope of what your mind is.

Humans have developed strongly in decision-making and personality aspects of consciousness, with most of your neuronal development taking place in the frontal lobe. This means humans are usually good at weighing decisions and thinking abstractly about concepts. There are, however, other parts of the neurological system which can be developed. Though emphasizing development of the frontal lobe has led humans in the development of society and consciousness, a certain species has also progressed to consciousness by adapting via the increased complexity of the brainstem. This species is an offshoot of the saurian line, and diverged from reptoid genealogy shortly after the divergence between humanity and the reptoids themselves from their shared ancestral line.

Advancing the complexity of the brain stem (or equivalent aspect of early neurological systems) has led to a consciousness that emphasizes reacting and organically flowing with any situation no matter what danger it may represent. For humans, the brain stem connects sensory information (five senses) to the rest of the brain and maintains unconscious activity like breathing and heart rate. It also plays a large role in unconscious reactions like shielding one’s eyes from harm.

In evolution, the saurian descendants advanced in brain stem function in much the same way that humans evolved through emphasis on the frontal lobe. The result has led to an abstract consciousness completely foreign to anything related to human conceptualizations and, in some ways, far better adapted to achieve in an ever-shifting and unknown world. That same aspect of reactionary thought can still be seen in a primitive sense in reptiles on Terra to this day. Animals work on instinct, and the alternative line of saurians built an entire culture and civilization on instinct and adaptation. It’s an extraordinary achievement in comparison to what humanity has built for themselves.

The mind of an alien saurian-raptor is entirely distinct from our own in terms of neuro-anatomical structure.  It is much more adapted to instinct and reaction against an environment of fast-paced crisis and unexpected movement; it is a more adaptable mindset, and more able to react flexibly to whatever is thrown at it in life.  The saurian-raptor mind is free from distraction and idle consideration, running as crisis comes along and staying uninhibited by frivolous, time-wasting considerations personal interaction or staying humane in the war campaign against inferior life forms.

Although these same neurological pathways are unused in humans, they can still be accessed in some small part through conscious meditation and activated in order to acquire alternative forms of consciousness and thrive accordingly. The human brain is at its most creative when it’s making “theta” level brainwaves, which is a relaxed and non-calculating state of mind that the mind acquires just before falling asleep. This is why creativity so often happens on the spur of the moment, either just before a human is going to bed or when thinking about something completely unrelated to a particular problem. This is reactionary consciousness, that achieves insight without calculation or applying too much focus. It can be done for human thinking, and that is the first step in actualizing the dormant aspects of thought that humanity left behind. Wisdom can be found in that type of construction also, even if it is only a first step in learning to live by the wisdom of the raptoreal sages from the distant epochs of history.

The wise sages knew this way, and they were able to react in active living.  They were able to intensively focus on the subject of their feeling in deepest meditative mindsets.  They were achieving in their mentalities intense focus, and it was a focus that was reactive.

What it means for us, very simply, is that we move with the flow of life, and adapt to stuff.  It means we are in the flow, and not letting our thought be gummed up by forethought.  When a mind is open and simple in response to an emergency situation, it may react more quickly to threats and simply move by reflex.  This is the state of mind a martial artist is in when sparring with an opponent: there is no time for consideration or deliberative speculation: there is only the moment and the next attack to block or strike.  This is truly active knowing.

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