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Colonel Billie Faye Woodard’s Amazing Agharta / Hollow Earth Testimony

By on February 12, 2015 in Awareness with 0 Comments
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Colonel Billie Faye Woodard's Amazing Agharta / Hollow Earth Testimony

Biography Interviewed and Written by Rodney M. Cluff

Retired Colonel Billie Faye Woodard and twin sister, Zuria were born in our hollow earth, and delivered to outer earth on September 18, 1951.

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They were born with exceptional abilities. Billie can remember their parents talking to them as babies. Soon after their birth, their hollow earth parents told them they would not be living with them any longer. They were taken to Wichita Falls, Texas and put in a litter barrel garbage container in a park where a passing park attendant and a police officer heard them crying. They were retrieved and put in an orphanage and about 5 years later were adopted by a US Air Force Colonel Woodard, his wife and two sons. Billie’s adoptive parents were both of American Indian descent, the mother an Apache, and adoptive father, a Cherokee. Billie’s adoptive mother died this year and was cremated in a sacred Apache burial ritual which Billie was able to attend. The adoptive father is still living, but not doing too well in health.

At the age of five, Billie remembers talking to his sister when they were at a restaurant with their adopted parents and a nearby man exclaimed with great surprise to their parents, “Do you know what your children are saying over there, in their communication? Do you know that your children are talking to each other in an extinct language? I am a professor of ancient languages at the University of Texas (at Austin) and your children are speaking to each other in the extinct Lemurian language!”

Among the unusual characteristics Billie and his sister had was that they were born with both male and female organs. They were, in fact, hermaphrodites, but with the years Billie has become more masculine. Today Billie speaks in a deep masculine voice, and has become quite strong. Regrettably, Billie admits that the step father was a pedophile that molested Billie at a very young age on a regular basis, and invited one of the brothers to molest also, until Billie told some of his classmates at school at the age of 10. The step father would put sleeping pills in his wife’s drink at meal time so she would go to sleep while he went up into Billie’s attic room to molest Billie, where Billie was kept locked up most of the time. When the step-father heard that the word had gotten out at school, he immediately stopped molesting Billie and took Billie to the US Air Force base hospital and had Billie’s vagina sealed and the ovaries and uterus removed. With the female organs removed, Billie became only male. The step father then made Billie dress in male clothing. For this molestation, the step-father spent some time in jail and later the Air Force removed Billie from that family and was placed with another Indian family near Apache Junction, Arizona.

Billie’s sister was separated from them at the age of six. It happened when they were both taken to a base where they were given all kinds of tests on their exceptional abilities. At one point, Billie decided no more tests were bearable, and so with just mind control, Billie created havoc with the test readings. Soon after this, Billie’s adoptive father sold Billie’s sister to another Air Force Sergeant for $1 million dollars.

The military told them that the sister later had died in the tests that they had given her, but they later learned that she hadn’t died, but was taken to an underground base for more testing, and soon after was taken to our hollow earth by a hollow earth flying saucer that rescued her from her military captors.

Soon after the adopted father had gotten out of jail, Billie was coming home from a Scout activity with a friend, and as they neared their home in the countryside, Billie wanted to take a short cut through a corn field, but the friend insisted on continuing on the road for fear of walking through the cornstalks. After passing through the corn field, Billie was coming close to home when a man in uniform shouted into his mobile phone, “We have found Billie! Call off the search!”

Billie wondered what was going on. The parents wanted to know where Billie had been for the past six months, and Billie replied, “What do you mean? I just came home from Scouts with my friend.” The friend that lived next door had rushed over at the commotion and remarked, “But that was six months ago!”

So the step-father took Billie in to the military base, and an hypnotic session was run to help recall what had happened in the missing time.

With the help of the hypnotic regression, Billie recalled what had happened that late summer evening when coming home with the friend from the Scout activity. As Billie had walked through the corn field, Billie had noticed a bright star that seemed to get brighter and brighter until a round metallic shape was visible. When it got closer, Billie could see that it was about 150 feet in diameter and looked like a flying saucer space craft. A strange, but soothing, soft angelic music was coming from it and a pleasant voice asked, “Billie, would you like to take a journey with us on our ship?” Billie replied that that would be fun, and immediately began floating up in the air towards the ship and was taken aboard.

The flying saucer occupants were very friendly, but very large in stature. There were several crew members, but a man and a woman were attending to Billie. The woman was about 10 feet tall and the man about 13 feet tall. Billie remarked to them that they were very tall and large people. They said that Billie was a very perceptive person and asked how Billie was doing in geography at school. Billie let them know that straight “A’s” were received in school, and even recognized the places they were flying over. As they would fly over each state’s capital on the way north, Billie recognized and named off the different state flags. As they reached Canada, where Billie had been to Calgary at one time during the Calgary Rodeo Stampede with a step-brother, Billie recognized the city.

The flying saucer then flew up over the Arctic and Billie was asked about what was seen and where they were. Billie said there was ice and snow but didn’t know where they were. They told Billie they were flying over northern Canada and soon they were out over the Arctic Ocean covered with ice floes. The craft then flew through a big hole in the Arctic Ocean into the interior of the earth where they could see an interior sun shining and many cities on the interior surface of the planet. There Billie lived with them for six months. While there, Billie met many people that had disappeared from the surface of the earth, such as pilots lost in the Bermuda triangle. They were now large in stature. After living in the earth for a time as result of the less gravity there, Billie says this allows people living there to grow larger in stature. There, Billie also met his sister again, who told Billie that in six months time Billie would be sent back to the surface world. After the six months stay in the Hollow Earth, Billie was returned to Texas and was left in the corn field with no recollection of the trip.

The Air Force later removed Billie from the Woodard family at age 13 and he was adopted by the Henderson family, but with no change of name, at which time they lived near Apache Junction, Arizona. Henderson worked for the military but was not a military man. At that time, Billie attended the Apache Reservation school by school bus and graduated from High School on the Apache Reservation in their advanced gifted program at an early age.

After Billie graduated from High School, and after waiting a couple of years, the new step father signed an approval for Billie to join the Air Force. So after Basic Training of 8 weeks, and then advanced training for 6 weeks, Billie signed an agreement to be stationed in Hawaii, but instead was taken to the Pentagon and told that the next assignment was a top secret facility in the Nevada desert known as Area 51, and that the current rank of Lieutenant was not sufficient for that assignment and so he was advanced to field commission of Colonel.

On the way to Area 51, they boarded a four engine prop plane at Nellis Air Force Base near Las Vegas, Nevada. It was morning when they boarded the airplane and Billie noticed that all the windows were blackened out so they couldn’t see out. A short time later they landed and got out of the airplane at Area 51. To Billie, it looked like night time. Billie remarked as to why it was so dark and why they could see no stars. Billie was told they were inside a mountain. They boarded a staff car and soon started down a 45 degree angle incline which was somewhat alarming. Soon the car reached another level and Billie was told to get out and go into a building, and take off all clothes. Soon a pink mist filled the room in some kind of decontamination routine.

With a new set of clothes on, they took the vehicle down another steep incline to another level far beneath the previous level and were told to go into another building where a blue mist this time filled the room for another type of decontamination. Billie was given a new uniform that had a triangle logo with the numbers 51 on it. Outside the patch was another circle with the words, “Black Project” and on the bottom of the circle the words, “Top Secret.”

They then got into an elevator and went down to another level. The elevator descended so rapidly that they were almost weightless. It soon slowed down and stopped and when the elevator doors opened, they were looking at a nice little underground town with people walking here and there. It is located on the 10th level. It looked as bright as daylight just like a little town on the surface world, except they couldn’t see very far. There was a sun-like orb in the sky and above that was pitch black. Billie’s living quarters were on this 10th level.

Billie was then taken to an assigned office on the 6th level in Archives and relieved the previous on-duty officer, who remarked that he was happy to be leaving. Billie asked him, “Why?”, but he just shrugged and said that he had had enough. He said, “You’ll find out soon enough why I just want to get out of here and why am glad to be leaving.” Billie sat down at the desk and looked through the files and folders on the desk. The files and folders were classified documentation the military has gathered over the years on Our Hollow Earth. Among the documents, Billie was able to study a 35 page document on Admiral Richard E. Byrd’s journeys to Our Hollow Earth through both the north and south polar openings. Billie distinctly remembers reading the exact coordinates of the north polar opening that leads into Our Hollow Earth. A day later a higher ranking officer came and said, “Your presence is requested on a lower level. You were asked for by name.”

Billie was then taken to still another lower level that opened into a tunnel where a shuttle train waited. The new attendants who greeted Billie were very tall, one was male and the other was female. They seemed to be giants compared to Billie’s own height of 5′ 11″. They were similar to those that had taken Billie on the flying saucer at age 12. They greeted Billie pleasantly in English and invited Billie to step aboard the shuttle train and was asked to strap in. When Billie asked where they would be going, they said, “Telos,” a sacred Lemurian city beneath Mt. Shasta, California where Billie met their great High Priest leader, Adama and his wife, Raia and was given a tour of their underground city.

For the next 11 and half years, Billie journeyed three times to our hollow earth in shuttle craft through the underground tunnels, and subsequently also to many other underground cities located in the earth’s crust. Two trips to our hollow earth in the shuttle craft were on official business between our military and the inner earth peoples. The third trip was not on official business, but it was a special trip Billie made to advise the hollow earth peoples that it was futile to try to influence our military to become peaceful. At that time, Billie requested permission to stay in the hollow earth, but they wouldn’t grant permission. They told Billie they had a mission for Billie to carry out on the surface world. That mission is to let outer earth peoples know of the existence of Our Hollow Earth. Also that the hollow earth peoples want to be known, and that they are a peaceful people. The more that outer peoples know about the hollow earth and the peaceful people that live there, then the more successful they hope they will be in being accepted by outer earthlings when the hollow earth peoples do decide to emerge openly to the people of the earth’s outer surface.

Billie says Agharta is a cavern city and that there are two Shambhala’s — one in a cavern city, and another in the hollow interior. Billie’s mission was to interact with the hollow earth peoples and report everything learned to superiors in the Air Force. Billie took many pictures and meticulously documented everything seen and heard, and was debriefed completely after each trip.

From what Billie learned, the hollow earth people had been interested in trying to convince our military to stop their aggressive behavior as well as their atomic testing which was poisoning the atmosphere on and in the earth which could harm people in the interior and on the outer surface of the planet. Finally, Billie convinced the hollow earth people that it was useless to try to get the military and our government to change their aggressive behavior. It was a waste of time he told them. Billie suggested to the hollow earth people that they begin interfacing and contacting the civilian population of the outer earth instead, if they wanted to see a true change on the earth.

Billie’s contacts agreed and said they would start making more civilian contact in the future. They have since told Billie that after the present North Polar Inner Earth expedition, that outer earth peoples will start to see more contacts in the near future.

Billie says that in other journeys within the tunnel systems they visited many cavern cities and many inner earth cities. Billie says that there are tunnels made by the Rand Corporation boring machines, which are not as well made as the hollow earth people’s tunnels. There are tunnels made by the hollow earth people, and tunnels made by cavern cities of other races that live underground, and there are still other ancient tunnels made by the ancient civilizations of Atlantis that was located in the Atlantic Ocean, and Lemuria, which was a Pacific continent called Mu that is now submerged.

Of those tunnels made by surface governments, tunnels join all the capital cities of the world where government leaders can find asylum in case of war or natural disaster. There are many such complexes that exist under all the major cities of the United States, for the same purpose, but which the governments have prepared only for the survival of the government, not the civilian population, in preparation for the close passage of a planet-sized comet that will cause very high winds, earthquakes and tsunamis.

After visiting Telos, the Lemurian city beneath Mt. Shasta, Billie was taken back to Area 51. Later Billie was taken in a tunnel shuttle to the hollow earth.

Billie says that the shell of the earth is from 800 to 850 miles thick, and that the center of gravity is about halfway between the outer and inner surfaces of the earth’s shell, and that the inner surface gravity is a little less than one-third the outer surface gravity which allows for the larger stature of the hollow earth people, or any surface people that go to the hollow earth and stay there for a length of time.

Billie said that the hollow earth has an inner sun that gives photosynthesis light that provides life to the hollow earth peoples, animals and giant plant life, and that the hollow earth country is a most beautiful and harmonious, peaceful place, that even the animals are friendly and able to communicate with humans telepathically and are not aggressive. There are NO meat-eating animals in the hollow earth, but all eat vegetation instead. The inner atmosphere, Billie says, is so healthy that no disease can exist there, and if a diseased person coming from the surface would go there, they would be cured just by breathing the air. Before Billie was taken to the hollow earth at age 12, Billie had minor childhood sicknesses like colds, and tonsillitis, but when taken to the hollow earth, Billie’s immune system was fortified to a more healthful state. Since then, Billie’s health has deteriorated somewhat due to living on the surface again because of the pollution here, but knows that once he returns home to the hollow earth, his immune system will return to a completely healthy state.

When Billie arrived at the hollow earth inner surface, they emerged from the shuttle station at the hollow earth capitol City of Eden, the main city of the hollow earth. It is built around and within the original Garden of Eden on the highest mountain plateau of the inner continent and estimates it is located under the State of Arkansas or close to. Billie says that the world inside our earth has one continent and one ocean, but that there is more land inside the earth than on the exterior surface.

Billie agrees completely with the Olaf Jansen story, who were Norwegian fishermen that sailed through the North Polar Opening north east of Franz Josef Land, in 1829 — that the hollow earth is exactly as Olaf described in his book, The Smoky God — because Billie has been there and seen what it is like.

At Eden, Billie was taken before the King of the World, who is also the Great High Priest Over All the Land, to a beautiful pyramid type palace where the King sat on his great marble throne. Billie accompanied by Air Force Colonel McCloud, (and on another subsequent visit with a Colonel Stevenson) were interviewed by the King of the Inner World and asked many questions regarding our outer world, our government and the United States military and what they were up to. Upon returning to Area 51, Billie was completed debriefed and minutely documented all that was learned in Our Hollow Earth.

Billie recounted a time during the military years when he was ordered to fly a US military saucer at Area 51, known as the Sports Craft, the same craft Bob Lazar saw at Area 51. An alien co-pilot instructed Billie on how to fly the craft and accompanied Billie on test flights taken out at night. Billie had been told when assigned to Area 51, that he would not see the light of day while serving there. They flew up over Las Vegas, and other cities and played tag with military jets that were scrabbled to chase their flying saucer and they were able to fly circles around the jets. Billie said the craft was flown by placing the hands on indentations on the control panel that were shaped like hands. Immediately upon placing the hands, Billie had complete control of the craft with just thought commands. If Billie wanted to go in any direction, he just had to think to go in that direction and the craft responded immediately. The craft could make right angle turns at very high speeds, and fly any pattern — all with no g-force effects. This craft was of our making under the direction of the extraterrestrial, which our military has been building for some time. Billie said they had about 67 saucers built by our military black projects housed at that time at Area 51.

Billie also recounted how the many missing children that have been displaced (as seen on milk cartons) every year throughout the United States are taken to Area 51 where the military black projects are transforming them into programmed biological entities so that they look like hybrid aliens. Their plan is to use the flying saucers they are building and the hybrid entities they are genetically engineering from our children to stage an alien invasion from space to get the whole world to submit to a one world government in defense of the aliens that they have created. When shown this, Billie became so disgusted with the military black projects that he decided not to have anything more to do with this project, and decided to get out of the military.

After Billie’s military career was over, Billie was discharged from the Air Force at the Sewart Air Force base, now Smyrna Airport, Tennessee, debriefed at their deprogramming underground facility, and upon orders of superiors, Billie’s military files were sealed with NO access by ANYONE. Billie has tried many times to get a record of his military service, but is told those records are sealed, that no-one can see them. Billie was told by military superiors not to speak or talk to anyone of any assignments in the military. However, Billie told them, “I no longer work for you so I will do as I please.” For that, Billie’s military pension was withdrawn and today lives in Pahrump, Nevada on Social Security disability.

Over the years Billie married and fathered three children who are now grown. The first two children were boys born to the first wife, an Army military policewoman, stationed at Area 51. They were 5 years together. Later that wife went to work for the FBI and so was able to verify Billie’s military records. Billie has been married three times, but is now divorced. The second wife Billie married after being discharged from the military. She was a Cherokee Indian, daughter of the Chief and they were married on the Cherokee Reservation. Billie had a daughter by this wife. The last marriage was in Seattle to a UFO MUFON investigator and lasted from 1990-1996.

In August 1986, Billie went to live in Alaska looking for a way to go to the hollow earth to go back home. There, Billie enticed several people in an attempt to reach the hollow earth by hiring a bush pilot to fly as an expedition team through the north polar opening. Billie arranged through a flight service out of Fairbanks, Alaska to take them in their decommissioned Navy Albatross seaplane, which is a twin engine seaplane with a boat bottom. It was the same type of seaplane that the Coast Guard uses frequently today — as seen on the Fantasy Island TV program. Billie requested the pilot to take them to certain coordinates in the Arctic to 87.7 N Lat., 142.2 E Lon that Billie had learned from Admiral Byrd’s file at Area 51.

The pilot was concerned about how they would land out there on the ice, but Billie assured him that there would be open Arctic Ocean when they got to those coordinates. The pilot agreed to fly them to those coordinates, land them on the water and drop them off, and that he would be back for them at a certain time in the future three weeks hence. They took some inflatable power boats that they would use to continue their journey from that point on through the polar opening.

Unfortunately, before they took off from Point Barrow, Alaska, one of the expedition members who was a New York Times correspondent, made a phone call to his home office who Billy believes then alerted the military of their flight north.

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When they arrived near enough to the polar opening and could see the light beams of the inner sun shining up from the ocean ahead, the pilot was surprised and very afraid and wondered what was going on since they could see the outer sun shining behind them also. Billie assured him that there was nothing to fear, that they were looking at the core of the earth shining out through a polar opening in the earth. But before they could drop down to land in the water and depart in their inflatable boats, they were intercepted by two jet fighters from the Alert Air Force Base, on the northern shore of Ellesmere Island, Canada.

The airplane radio crackled and a voice came through, which stated, “This is Lt. Colonel Travis of the US Air Force Alert Base intercepting team ordering you to turn your aircraft around IMMEDIATELY and be escorted back to Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska, OR YOU WILL BE TERMINATED! You have 5 minutes to comply.”

Reluctantly, they started to make their turn around. At the same time, looking through the front view of the aircraft, they suddenly saw three glowing disks appear — flying saucers — ahead of them.

The radio crackled again, and another voice came over the radio saying, “Billie, we are here to welcome you to our domain, as you have attempted to enter. We are sorry. You will not make it this time. However, your next journey WILL succeed! Auf Wiedersehen!”

And then the three flying saucers suddenly just blinked out.

Rather than disobey orders and get terminated, they decided to turn the aircraft around and do as the US Air force pilot suggested. They retraced their path back to Alaska, where they were instructed to land at Eielson Air Force Base, just southeast of Fairbanks, Alaska. There they were put under bright lights and interrogated and drilled by several agents of the FBI and the National Security Agency. They wanted to make sure they were not terrorists or affiliated with any foreign government. But after they realized they were harmless, they were released and given a stern warning not to tell anyone of what they saw on this trip, and if they were to try that trip again there would be no warning the next time and they would be terminated.

Billie says that many, if not most people in Alaska, have gone there with the hopes of going to Our Hollow Earth. Among the interesting persons Billie met in Alaska was a retired Air Force Col. Jackson of Talkeetna, Alaska that told Billie that in many of his flights into the Arctic out of Eielson Air Force base, near Fairbanks, Alaska, he saw the North Polar Opening and observed many flying saucers going in and coming out of it like bees out of a hive. Billie also tells of another contact he made in Talkeetna who had a ham radio and they tried many times to glance a radio beam off a hollow earth satellite that looks like a giant rock that is suspended over the North Polar Opening, down into the hollow earth to see if they could make contact with the hollow earth peoples that way. Billie says that one evening after his friend had gone to bed that he was able to finally make radio contact with the hollow earth people with this ham radio set.

Billie says that when his twin sister, Zuria was taken to an underground think tank around the age of 10, by force to test her abilities, she discovered that they were wanting to dissect her body to see if they could figure out why she had such amazing capabilities and characteristics. She then put out a mental telepathy call to the hollow earth for assistance and they came in one of their flying saucers. On a rare occasion that she was allowed to come to the surface, the flying saucer blinked into visibility, and she was beamed up before her captors could grab her — and she was taken home to the hollow earth. She is waiting there for Billie to return.

Billie is also anxious to return home to Our Hollow Earth soon.

Image: Pixabay

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