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Your Amazing Eternal Family – How To Easily Awaken The Connection

By on June 3, 2021 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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How To Awaken The Connection With Your Eternal Family

by Christopher Angel,
Contributing Writer,

How To Awaken The Connection With Your Eternal Family

When you develop beyond the concept of time, you will begin to remember your everlasting life. An abundance of Love will be triggered within, causing one to feel tremendous joy rippling forth. Exuberant strength overflows into excessive use, forcing one to plea for help. Next, one’s eternal family hears such a call and responds with energy provisions that will not only heal, though also helps one develop their life; allowing them extraordinary communication of Heavenly Ideas, which directs Earthly Actions… Generating ever more Love into the world.

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Time is the first challenge to overcome. How can the past, the future, and the current all occur in the same moment? Have you awakened your imagination beyond the limitations in this earthly governed system; the answer requires experience. The circumstances are equal to proving faith, you must be present and involved to quantify the data of the results. Belief leads to experience. Time is a construct of the learned to impose limits upon the non-taught; thus limiting the life’s potential. Eventually causing the creation of a caged and weak life. Expansion of belief will increase mind. Mind strengthens and we learn faster with each new challenge defeated or even lost. We are each a Master in some art or ability. We explore to rediscover and advance what we are a Master of. Words of Power create a gateway, that one may perpetually no longer be restricted by time within the eternal growth of their own master craft.

Memory ignites focus of the intent that one lives life with. This intent completes purpose whether known or not and exists for every life. Our purpose is exposed when the veils upon memory are lifted and disintegrated. As your consciousness transcends time, connection with the Universal Consciousness reveals our unity to everything else. Memory can also reconnect eternal family in bonds of another realm into this world. Memory is what our eternal luggage bags are filled with. In each life, we must unpack and re-pack our memories that are the Arms and Armor of the Master Knight’s abilities. The human species is in urgent need for a cure to feeling lost and alone. When burdens upon the mind lessen, our collective unity of past life consciousness (Kah-luh-ah-na) gives more mind to create. Our creations propel the advancement of solutions and ultimately, our species evolutional development.

Love comes from more then just other people. Our eternal family has fastened armor to our body and arms (weapons) to our hips. They will continue to support the endeavors of Loves’ incarnation. As is written in that ole’ book; “God is Love.” So too can we become Love. For if every ounce of strength allowed one to experience just a taste of the supreme beings presence, then every effort is worth such an expedition in life… To find that state of Heavenly bliss. To embrace such a quality, is to bond characteristics of such to our own consistent consideration, effecting every action. One may not be able to endure such an embodiment for an entire life-time. Though one only needs become what is needed till… no longer needed. To search, embody, and absorb such an energy as unconditional love, will cause kinetic action to occur. That action is the very life of loves existence. The teachers and elders of the wisdom of love need to take their position in guiding the youth of our species. Physical age bears no significance in this matter. For the teacher is aware, while the student is typically unaware in regards to sight of multiple perceptions upon a single subject matter.

Love is a Lighted Warrior’s primary weapon. To unsheathe the blade of love, is to unveil ones’ self and expose thoughts in words of wisdom as action penetrating both mind and the proverbial heart. Love is formable to any given situation and in loves defeat, does love become the victor. For Love does not die. Love learns, develops strategy, and becomes resilient to effect healthy continual life throughout the endless reincarnation of lives experienced. Love is immortal. Love does not keep account of injury, why? When enough pain is incurred, it has been over extended; emotional distress will begin. This will cause an internal reaction from the one causing the suffering. The experience will either teach someone a life lesson of consideration, will cause continued sufferance unto any end, or distance of connection with that association will commence. Love carries all that it can, until it becomes broken.

Joy is a refreshment that invigorates strength of many sorts. Strength that can protect, preserve, endure, and uplift. Love being a sword is ever effective when bathed in the antidote of joy. Once the sword creates a wound, the antidote causes a healing. The indication that the cure has spread throughout the body, is when the negative feelings sprout maturity of emotional consideration. Awareness of the effect of one’s actions upon another or others, creates behavioral change. That change is maturity. Maturity creates responsibility. We are each responsible to invigorate Love and Joy into this maliciously willed world. Such joy can quickly be followed with complacency, therefore one must become and remember to remain aware. If they are not already… intense happiness will deter awareness of certain healthy behaviors. The loss of awareness is a danger that requires attention from another. For that which one is unaware, is exactly what can hurt another. Stay aware and alert while being empowered with joy.

Help is provided when needed. Have confidence that you are not alone. That others listen to you and are aware of your needs. We feel alone, though in our thoughts we think in union with others. Inconsiderate humans will leave any life feeling lonely, even in a home with regular person to person interaction. We seek and yearn for someone to value our lives and people often fail to express and display the speech, patience, listening, and time required to cause self-worth to abound within another. Our eternal family as a whole, will not fail to create, nourish, build, and firmly establish with an eternal foundation: Our resilience of confidence.

Family support has been reaching you. Why is the concept of God rudimentary? Because secrets preserve power. Constant separation between source and self. You knew that humans are children? We each have a personal Eternal Father and Mother. The relationship will become as close to you, as one will embrace such a reality. Realize all that you have. The abilities one possesses and the mind to create them physically before yourself, is a combination of personal efforts, eternal family support, and your eternal Mother (moon and emotional) and eternal Father (sun and physical) combined guidance. This eternal family is vast, capable, and eternal. The impact we create upon this worlds inhabitants, is the culmination effort of a country, a land, a worlds’ intelligence in this realm or another; that in this life we commune with.

Development is the progression of advancing improvement and becoming different; its change. Our eternal family (Belleth) guides our course of life in what we should learn and when we should learn it. Our Belleth adjust elements in this world through the force of living, non-naturally seen energy, thus assisting us in our eternal development. Our eternal Mother and Father keep us connected with our entire eternal family. If you have experienced events that you were not prepared to endure, there is a high chance of likeliness that in the past: A choice was chosen to leave the eternal family they once were in. Disagreement of purpose arose within oneself and propelled self to seek adoption, becoming Kin of another eternal Family. An eternal family will always prepare their warrior for the battle about to arise. A wise King will not send an untrained combatant into war. As so, our eternal families will arrange incidents in our lives, that one may become strengthened for the upcoming engagement.

Your Eternal Family

The unspoken martial art of our lives today, involves mental and emotional transference that is equally as brutal as literal war with blood spilt and lives taken. The loss of ability to articulate the correct words, combined with uncontrolled releasing of emotions, can and does cause such trauma to the mind, that one becomes emotionally dead in regards of living life and this is what I have termed the experience, Lairisin. Human predators consume their prey by stealing the energy that emotions contain.

The ability to convince, out-wit, or render physical strength void with the intelligence of wisdom; is only the beginning of our supreme freedom. For many have become mentally and emotionally locked in a room, within a cage of cages. The minds of the masses have an exuberant amount of closed doorways within their mind, blocking Love’s incarnation. To allow wisdoms development to change our lives, will cause doorways to become unlocked. Then one will visually and physically comprehend supreme freedom. Allies have been formed and divisions continue to occur. May the martial art of Unconditional Love develop the future of our species to win the war for supreme reason, leading to our supreme freedom. Allowing such as; upholding love beyond the limits of financial currency (BawS’T’) to rule our species.

No longer weak, join the fight for Loves’ Life. No longer left alone in defeat, maliciousness will be disciplined into becoming considerate love, which shall suffice. Friction creates combustion for life. Vibrations generate the energy within everything. Specific matriarch elephants are capable of communicating over four miles, by using low frequency speech. Those vibrations upon frequencies that are tuned to our mind, can communicate ideas to our KahL’ahna; leading to our actions direction. All based upon a transference of energy.

Energy should be considered like water. When water contains elements that hurt the body, one would be wise to use filtration that purifies and then infuses healthy minerals 9into the water; allowing it to benefit the body. So too, we consume energy every day and just as any water from a public source, that energy is contaminated. By filtering the energy we receive, we are not contaminated by negative emotional attachments. The energy feeds our emotions and our consciousness breaths self-awareness. When we enrich that purified energy, does our awareness expound infinitely into capable action. Our energy is the strength of the arm(s) that wields the weapon, Unconditional Love. Learning to become aware and responsible of energy allows finesse in the art of war. Emotion is energy in motion. May we strive to create and pass on a positive energy, regardless of the negative intake we may have to daily endure. May our tears rain upon the vegetation and produce Loves fruitage.

Awareness allows Action with purpose. Communication can defeat failure. What we have learned in life, is how to suffer. Our suffrage is a price that allows understanding to dominate inconsiderate maliciousness. Untrained love is like an impure iron, which needs to be heated, compressed, folded, and repeated; in order to produce a higher quality iron/steel. If that metal had a true relation to humans, how much agony and torture would be endured. Producing a deadly weapon or a functional tool. Sadly, we are the iron, Love is the fire, experience is compression, memory becomes the layers, and many folds of layers are the many lives lived. Ever does the cycle repeat incarnated life on this world, until we become the fulfillment of the perfected representative replication of the Angel(s)/God(s)/Parent(s) that birthed us upon this world: the greatest initiation rite in all of life’s awareness’s.

Another government of species of this dimension or not, is heavily re-populating our world with their consciousness’s’ upon these human bodies. We are choosing a marriage of unity with other minds and one only needs decide the alliance to join. As is in Heaven, also upon Earth – that whole bible verse, yea; population assimilation. Though, not only one other world is involved in the future of this planets species. A war began long ago and most until now, have been completely unaware.

Communication is another weapon we are armed with. Communication teaches wisdom to the wise and transcends time. Wisdom is more valuable than gold and will never decay like physical possessions upon this earth. Communication will safeguard oneself while seeking after wisdom. Oh ye’ child of light, learn and listen.

Action is after considering the information given of Time, Memory, Love, Joy, Help, Family, Energy, Development, and Communication. Our Actions are the ripples of memory that creates causality in future events. We can emit love into the enemy as an antidote curing a contagious virus of the mind and body. Our Actions today are a combination of Mathematical Application Generating Incarnate Creativity, Kinetically… Or M.A.G.I.C.,K. that will develop the future of this species. Having complete consideration of every element in any given situation, creates the demand for reasoning upon species-interest. Our species needs actions that will determine our guidance. Fight, become assimilated, or hide till you die. We Warriors of Setchra will Fight with the vigor of the Warriors of Ancient Sparta through our Art of Love without violence or malicious result, we hold our position and fight in formation with the guidance of a higher intelligence; enabling us to conform maliciousness into Love. We do not desire death nor injury, we desire our eternal enemy to become wrapped up within Loves’ Embrace.

What Master are you? Have you chanted the word that will cause the deliverance of your name? If you have not found those answers: Remember the child you were, seek their company and you will. Realize the power you have possession of and unite as the single body that we are each apart of. No matter the connection, may our deeds coincide with the greater vision of the greater purpose: Love. After all the Angels unite the purpose of Universal and Unconditional Love, our concentrated energy will change the atmosphere we each mentally and emotionally breathe. Take up the sword of Love and Love shall evolve the Human Species Tribe.

Angels, Unite.

Christopher Angel

About the author: Since November 1st 2012 I have been activated into a journey of Walking by the direction of the Spirit/Universal Consciousness. All that I have learned has led me to the truth that was abundant in Ancient Egypt, otherwise known as Kamit. Its so amazing how The Sacred Truth has so many layers of the same tale being re-written. Christopher Angel,

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